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Tracy Carter

Our wonderful DA will once again plea them down and they will be out on the streets very soon coming to a house near you.

I guess we should check homes for servers in the basement.

Whiplash commented on Arrest Made in Fatal Hit and Run

It won't be the Troopers or Law Enforcement that drops the ball. It's the next step where the pleas happen.

Really, most of the Southern good ol boys in this county are very well educated by a university such a N.C. State to take care of their farms and animals or it has been passed down from generations. I think if you visit the North end of this county where the real country is you would see we …

This has to change and Vest and his cronies are a big problem in this county. vote

Sherwood I never thought I would agree with you. Good job

Good job Mr. English, now you can pay your workers less, such as Police and then employee so the people can see a tax break that they will never notice. This is a great way to get and keep quality people. Too bad you don't rely on your pay to feed your family.

I agree the DSS workers are good people for the most part as in every organization. They are like other organizations over worked and over paid, but you know this going int the job. We need changes so they can help people, but right now, not much help.

Sooooo, let me get this straight, DSS investigates DSS. Ok so where is our famous DA on this one.

Sherwood Park I think it i true that more times than not Alcohol is involved in these type of accidents, also no operators licenses and no insurance among other things. That is a big reason they don't stop. If they are not caught quickly it may not happen, but you know what they have to li…