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Who was the coordinator? Name?? Hey Pilot, get crazy and interview them!

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Please stop dusting off the original article....unless you are trying to stir things up?? Tired of all the cliche stuff MCS and PC throw out there.

What a pity that MCS chose a mega school at a wildly expensive cost to taxpayers and located it far from the homes of students. Better would have been multiple smaller schools of identical design located within neighborhoods so kids can walk or ride bikes to school again, I coulda built t…

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It is a tough job, and I would expect this to weaken the already weak (in some schools) TA pool. No chance in heck Id be forced nicely to do a bus route after a trying day in the classroom. I would politely tell Dr Bobsy to kiss my arse, Ill seek employment elsewhere.

Hope the team they face in the championship doesn't get the “we’re unstoppable” quote.

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Tell that to the wimpy kids with no coats that have to stand in below freezing tempatures to catch a bus to school.

It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”. ― Mark Twain.

Where does homosexuality come in to play here?

You’ve mistaken, glass can be recycled endlessly.

Why you so bitter bro.....every post it seems like. I picture you as the " HEY YOU KIDS, GET OFF OF MY LAWN " kinda guy too.