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Suzanne Martin

Show me the study that supports that.

suzannempsyd commented on Letter: Wrong Understanding

Well gee. Why stop at COVID and the flu. What about the 14 or so other vaccinations that the military are required to get? Is it possible that the COVID vaccine is related to military readiness? Hard to deploy if your lungs are shot from long term COVID complications or you're hacking you…

suzannempsyd commented on Letter: Wrong Notions of Jan. 6

We clearly live in 2 different realities. Facts and alternative facts.

Thank you Mr Simon for the concise summary of the past year which we all hoped would begin to heal the country and resulted in continued division. I especially appreciate your ability to bring it down to the local community level. What is clear to me is that we continue to live in a world…

suzannempsyd commented on Letter: Think of Others

Let's all remember that the former president completely abandoned interpreters and foreign nationals who helped us. There was no airlift of over 100K to help them start new lives knowing their lives, and the lives of their families were now at risk. Plenty of blame on both parties. Take a…

I have to learn not to read the comments. Excellent editorial. Well said and we can all learn the concept of civil discourse. There is a red line and this lady certainly crossed it.

True enough. The only thing keeping me from flying now are the customers who insist on acting out and making the flight a misery for everyone - especially flight attendants.

Just curious. What would Jesus do?

suzannempsyd commented on Letter: Glaring Reality

Interesting. You know where I was taught what some now called Critical Race Theory? I my very non-government Catholic school in 1968 in Pennsylvania. It was called history.

This is an excellent column Mr Harter. I especially appreciate the historical context and the tone of your writing. It's an important concept that needs to be seriously considered if we expect this country to thrive and not be forever stymied by partisan mud slinging.