Susan Thomas

In this case, I would question it being a good fence.

Exactly. Stop making a health crisis Into a political issue.

My prayers to his family. What a sadness to lose such a young man.

Well done, daughter. I just lost my mom in October at the age of 92. It’s alays tough, no matter how long we have them.

We have just been through this with my father and late mother in the past year, too. I was just saying this to my husband the other day.

As long as your speaker has an open mind, I'm sure they would be invited. Someone with a preconceived idea of only one network in the entire country telling the true news would probably not be invited.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m cautiously excited. We do have the population to support an nice, clean, upscale theater complex. I’ll still go to the Sunrise, of course.

More business for Boles Funeral Home when tracking starts. I call conflict of interest!