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This annual golf event hosts and honors area first responders. If you are not golfer, you can still support these brave men and women by spons…

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Steve Woodward commented on Letter: I Support Law Enforcement

The reference is to the body cam in Columbus, OH, where an officer is being condemned for shooting a girl as she lunged at another girl with a long knife.

Steve Woodward commented on Letter: Wrong Reaction To Curriculum

Inclusion and dignity is the American story. In what America do you live?

Mr. Shaw,

Ms. Bruno organized a bus trip to Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, because it was our duty as Republicans to support President Trump. None of the passengers went to the U.S. Capitol that afternoon. Not one from the Moore County contingent. The "severed ears" banter on my Facebo…

You nailed it! They represent taxpayers. The four others represent Superintendent Bob Grimesey and the NC Association of Educators.

Why don’t you listen and engage? We are in the same era as German Nazism. Thanks, Libby for shutting down debate. “Personal attacks” happen when people speak truth. You are a disgrace. I suggest you not attend another Republican Men’s Club luncheon. You are a mole and you are not welcome.

Steve Woodward commented on Letter: Indoctrination Cuts Both Ways

It is worth noting that the 21st Century Left decries Jim Crow laws with no sense of irony. Jim Crow laws were instituted by Democrats, the party of slavery. The story of America's history does not begin and end with "racism", as the proponents of "new" social studies standards profess. T…

Steve Woodward commented on Letter: Race Worthy of Study

The author presumes that American history as taught through existing curricula does not present "true facts". Our country went to war to end slavery. The evolution of America is a tapestry of one event after another condemning racism and discrimination. Our nation has led on this front li…

Steve Woodward commented on Letter: Race Worthy of Study

Your comments presume that American history as it is presented in existing curricula ignores "true facts". That is not the case. The timeline of the American evolution is a tapestry of one event after another condemning and ending racism. No other nation has led as we have. In my lifetime…

Wrong. The State Board of Education voted 7-5 to adopt standards that embrace Critical Race "Theory". It's more than a suggestion. It is on the verge of being mandated unless our legislators can stop it dead in its tracks.

Ms. Carter seems to present a circular argument. We dare not micromanage teachers and, yet, we surely can’t have them “force-feeding from a position of authority.” Both she and Mr. Dennison chose to shy away from getting into the weeds on curricula that would distort American history and …