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This annual golf event hosts and honors area first responders. If you are not golfer, you can still support these brave men and women by spons…

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Pinehurst Foodie commented on Fourth of July Parade Called Off in Carthage

It's Independence Day. Let us demonstrate that we are! That we are not subjects. Parades are "essential".

The executive order is unconstitutional. Time for a rally at this park. Take it back! We will not live in a police state Chief Temme!

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Coronavirus: Phase 2 FAQ for Moore County

South Carolina bound in the AM. Get me outta here. And when we come back we will visit a different restaurant every day. No masks. Just smiles.

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Letter: Think of Others

The presumption of safety to which you cling suggests you lack the resolve that makes America great. Stay home. The rest of us are getting on with our lives as free citizens.

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Letter: From the Front Lines

Incorrect. If you have not been terminated your employer is eligible to pay you full wages under the federal Employment Protection Plan, but, if you choose to quit your job you can be paid $600/week above your normal unemployment benefit. Stop complaining. Your employer can't stop an invi…

This lame directive absolutely does NOT carry the force of law. The Governor works for us.

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Restaurant Workers Ponder an Uncertain Future

We are blessed by these courageous restaurant owners and all who love and work in the business. That a governor would summarily wipe them out to cover his rear amid a highly manageable “virus” will make history, and not the kind he might have envisioned.

The implication here is that the dining area is generally not sanitary. That’s an astounding admission.

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Letter: Support Cooper, Bloomberg

"President Trump has not done a good job" is a patently false statement across multiple performance criteria for a presidential administration.

Pinehurst Foodie commented on Editorial: Amendment Talk Just a Big Show

The Pilot once again stares down between its horn rimmed lenses to dismiss citizens who openly embrace our Second Amendment rights, who celebrate the right to fair and free elections and the people willing to make the sacrifice of seeking elected office. The Pilot despises such expression…