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Masked are not mandatory. I wear one when I am going to be in more crowded conditions, when I can’t maintain socials distancing and where businesses require them. I care for my fellow man. Some only care about themselves.

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Wear your mask in appropriate situations and observe social distancing. The wearing of masks can’t be mandated.

The Governor can’t mandate masks in public. He should have strongly urged everyone to wear them in public when in crowded situations and urged businesses to require them. There is no law to wear them. It is selfish of people not to wear them in such situations. Just make sure you wear one…

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Less policing equals more crime, more murder and higher gun sales.

See my response to the Editorial

That’s what the Governor could have said.

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To the contrary. It is the Democrats who have done nothing to ease the pain of the pandemic. After the curve had been “flattened “, the President wisely turned over to the States the ability to reopen the economy. In most cases the Red States reopened faster than the Blue States and have …

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What about the black on black crimes rates in cities like Chicago run by Democrats for decades. That is the real tragedy. Why don’t the NAACP and Black Lives Matter get involved in helping these citizens?

This nation is a Federal Republic. The Tenth Amendment very clearly says the Federal government has certain powers and the States do not have. The rest are held the the States and people. The power of policing in the States belongs to the States. The article doesn’t tell the full story of…