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Any anger should be directed at those who created the necessity for a shutdown in the first place, and prolonged and exacerbated the shutdown, and now require it's re-imposition in some places, by refusing to take the simple precautions that prevent transmission of Covid-19, ie: masks, so…

Obviously public health requirements, best practices and recommendations by epidemiologists are no obstacle to self-absorbed, willful ignorance and silly opinions.

If Kent dislikes the "...Nanny State" so much why is he still here instead of South Carolina?

"...junk science from an unelected bureaucrat..."?

Real fireworks?

"Normal" indoor seating at restaurants?

Somebody went shopping in South Carolina and they were out of common sense.

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Thus normal people think it a good reason to social distance and wear masks.

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The Confederacy and it's supporters committed treason. It started the Civil War. The Union ended the Civil War. The Confederacy lost. Get over it.

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Our disapproval extends to people who think the asinine excuse of "liberty and freedom" trumps public health and common sense.

This comment from Kent speaks volumes about him. Making America Contagious Again.

That's why Kent refers to the Civil War as "The War of Northern Oppression".

Wearing a mask is so simple but no, Kent supports MACA = MAKING AMERICA CONTAGIOUS AGAIN.

If Kent hates wearing a mask he is really going to hate wearing a ventilator.

Classic Dunning-Kruger eff…

Not a boomer