Doug Champion

I think they are going to make booze from ag products?

So industry and agriculture both then?

I wish her luck and I hope she will wear a mask and demand that everyone working there do so until this crisis is behind us.


"mask required" signs at the first health gym in SP. YET, there are indoor classes where even the instructor doesn't wear a mask. This from a hospital group. Are they trying to generate patients?

I wish the good doctor would explain his position to the first health fitness folks, who have opened the gyms and are not requiring masks.


Newleaf commented on Letter: Open to Purchase Offer

' and return the funds to taxpayers in the form of debt and tax reduction.'

Say what? Where is that decreed? in the land of Kent?

Thrill seeker. Needs attention. Misstated the police. Army officer...

'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds'

Technically that doesn't mention 'non invasive quick check of temperature', but sheesh I would like to hear the post person's explanation. Makes little sense …

Kent, even your dear leader disagrees with you.

Your comment is akin to yelling fire when there is none...

But since you are known to spout nonsensical stuff, I doubt it is dangerous...