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Yes, it is indeed very sad.

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Now that’s an interesting theory. I have been reading his vitriolic letters since we moved here. Responses like yours help remind me that there are a good eggs here, too.

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Dan, I completely agree with you. I recognize William Muller’s name more than anyone else’s. William, you continue to complain about the same issues! Believe me, we hear you - loud and clear! I think the Pilot publishes both viewpoints. I am not a fan of the Trump administration. However,…

I can’t help but cringe when the editorial board criticizes McInnis for his bad decisions, considering they endorsed him during the last election. 🙄 Nonetheless, I am glad they are calling him out. Hope they have a good memory in a year or so!

While I am glad you had the same reaction that many of us did to McInnis's comments, I have known him only to act this way. You made the wrong call in endorsing McInnis, and many of us believe that it had an impact on the outcome. Hopefully you learned something as well. Your shaming of him …

Pilot - what a missed opportunity. Your endorsement of McInnis is completely condradictory to your criticism of the GOP and its unconstitutional super majority in NC. McInnis is toxic. You have lost a subscriber and fan of the Pilot in me. Thanks for pandering to the GOP base here. Can’t ima…

Mr. Washington - thank you for speaking up as a Republican and for your friends who happen to be Democrats. You give me hope that civil discourse is still alive and that eventually it will become normal again. Voters will make it so.