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Please, no more of these ludicrous call for background checks. It is so hypocritical of those who suggest it to be a solution to the problem.

Sally, you contributed the article, so you must believe it to be true. I have no real interest in the debate, other than the fact the young lady I mentioned received no recognition, and with the so called interest in our educational systems, I found that to be very unusual. Have a great day.

Hopefully the parents of Karly Jordan, the SCC graduate that was awarded the Prestigious Goodnight Award Scholarship, did not read your vile, condescending, rhetoric about home schooled students. The Pilot, May 23, 2023, most notable, not one comment, offers of congratulation, from the ca…

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Wasn't quite sure, most popular were the lyrics that pushed the anti-war movement.

I believe that if one was to research voter fraud, it does not take a MENSA membership to Google and locate, information that will validate their case. Unfortunately for those using it, it can be a disappointing source, revealing it exist, not only of those they politically oppose, but al…

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When was " back then "?

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Much similar to a Swiss knife, a tool for every need. WOKE has been redefined to meet every social issue, and if there isn't one, they will create one.[wink]

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Don't you just hate it when someone drags politics and the NRA into the issue, as if to blame that organization for the weapon related deaths. If that be the case, then let us accuse the auto manufactures, and the UAW members for the number of cars and trucks speed related deaths. Why doe…

Not a column, more of regurgitating bile, a common reaction most often by those that have dined on the Democrat menu presented as prime rib, accompanied with a goblet of Cabernet Sauvignon. In reality, what they are served, the decaying carcass of roadkill, and a mason jar of cat urine, a…

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While you are directing attention to Merriam-Webster for definitive explanation and definition on the issue, I suggest you also direct your attention to Merriam-Webster for a definitive explanation and definition of a " narcissistic personality disorder ", it will define what type of indi…