Matthew Gritzmacher

I loved every word of this editorial. As a person of faith, I have long struggled with the "pro-life" movement that picks and chooses the ways in which it supports life and the ways in which it abdicates its name. Thank you, Mr. Sonnenberg, for your message.

Looks great! Can't wait to visit

I'm not surprised, but sad, to see this change. Pre-COVID I rode the train roughly once a month for work and hope I can again soon. Hopefully Amtrak does not further reduce service in the future.

To Kent's concern, the grand majority of passengers I disembarked with on the southboun…

How disappointing that we are even in a place where this article needs to be run, that there's a small chance a local specialist will get through to those who have put their heads in the sand to the recommendations of much louder calls for mask use.

This graf is the kicker, despite any additional comments from Ms. Watkins:

"O'Linda Watkins, president of the Moore County NAACP, said many of the county’s Black and Hispanic residents can’t afford health insurance and have jobs that can’t be done remotely. Not being able to work fr…

I agree with the sheriff that the order is practically unenforceable, but that can be said for so many other laws on the books.

Given how clear the effects of masks are on limiting the spread of the virus, I am disappointed to see someone in a position of leadership in our community…

It has been a humbling experience to participate in the events this weeks. My many thanks to the organizers and law enforcement officials for their efforts, to fellow participants, and to the Pilot for the coverage.

I am glad to hear that you have advocated for things you care deeply about.

Disagreement on this platform is in now way oppressing your thought or speech, as evidenced by the fact that you are still free to comment.

I've just returned from the caravan and have to say it was a humbling event to participate in. I'm grateful to the organizers for all their work, and to law enforcement who staffed the route and kept the event safe. Looking forward to coverage in the coming days.