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Biden is nothing more than a sock puppet for the socialist progressive left. He hasn't had an original thought in decades, not to mention all the plagiarism in his past. But hey, that's ok because he is a democrat.

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Even the pilot has turned political. You cannot name the country where Covid came from (begins with Ch), nor can you name the city it was unleashed (begins with W). You get an error message telling you that those names are profanity. So much for being accurate on postings.

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Connie, you are wrong.

According to Joe Biden, the number of flu deaths in the US is 120 million. And a couple of days ago he upped that number to 200 million.

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Hey Ken, where is the socialist candidates son these days? You know the one, Hunter Biden. The one that raked in millions from Russia and China while daddy was VP. Why isn't he out on the campaign trail supporting sleepy Joe? It would seem that another huge payday is in order for him.

Seven years is about right.

Give us taxpayers a chance to absorb the monumental property tax increase from last year. Mine went up a "measly" 26%!!!!!

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Not to mention that Kamala was the most liberal senator for 2019 according to GovTrack. Further left than Bernie.

Anybody heard from Hunter Biden lately? You know the son who raked in millions while daddy was VP? You would think Hunter would be out campaigning for daddy and another huge payday!

Had to laugh at the title of this piece vs the vehicles cited.

English Ford - I presume non-US

Honda - Japanese

Toyota - Japanese

Datsun (now Nissan) - Japanese

Mercedes - German

All non US brands and none built in the US at the time.

Hardly "appl…

Just look at what happened to the democratic party since JFK.

He is spinning in his grave.

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Yesterday in Kenosha Wisconsin, Joe Biden claimed a black man invented the light bulb, not Thomas Edison. You can't make this stuff up, and it is worrisome that the liberals might rewrite human history to match their narrative.