Diane Galusky

In NC you do not have to get the vaccine in your home county. Try some of the surrounding counties, they are open to 65 Plus.

I know 2 people who work in the medical field, but far from the frontline, who have gotten their shots here. Meanwhile I think they are still calling the 90 …

Ladydee commented on Vaccines Begin For Seniors

Why can't they tell us how many people over 75 are to be vaccinated, how many have been done, how many are scheduled?

Remarkably for a man about to run the Labor Department, Pizzella is a former sweatshop lobbyist. As Judy Conti of the National Employment Law Project noted in 2018, “He has a lengthy and well-documented history as a highly-paid lobbyist who advocated to perpetuate conditions for workers i…

I am so disappointed with this endorsement. Placing high value on the seniority of a member of the Assembly was a mistake with Rep. Boles. Why would the Pilot repeat that error? McInnis' campaign has been negative and mud smearing. He would fit well into our current disgusting GA, but that…

Bonds have to be spent for the expressed purpose regardless of who is in office. Bonds are not renewed automatically. Another issue with another vote from the people would be required.

I think one of the reasons the sales tax didn't pass is because that increase is forever and the school construction plan is specific and therefore time limited. That said, the numbers Picerno quotes as a reason to not use a bond issue, do not add up.

If the sales tax would raise $…

Isn't that the American Dream? What is different about that path than any other pol seeking the Oval Office? Trump hasn't been elected or appointed to anything, but he is seeking the office because he wants more. So what?

From operating income over 20 - 30 years, the term of the bond. Why?

In case that wasn't clear, I did vote for the bond, but not because of Boles!

I did not say that you were blackmailing me. State and local governments who do not do their jobs and then where the crisis comes tell me I have to pay them now this much in this way to fix the problem, that is the blackmail or more properly the extortion.