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I hear an echo of Neville Chamberlain.

It’s not as if the golf equipment industry has never heard of Pinehurst. What has changed that makes Pinehurst more attractive in recent years? Eaton could make a bold statement by bringing its grip production back here from Asia. It is probably highly automated so low labor costs in Asia…

For $73m one could easily build 10-15 brand new schools housing 500 or more students each. Ask anyone running a charter school how this is done.

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Illegals break the law by their presence in our nation. Employers break the law when they knowingly employ them. Chasing cheap labor is a spiral the the bottom. It is a disincentive for businesses to use better processes and equipment to improve productivity. Machinery exists today to rep…

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Flags are often seen at half-mast in our area for no reason. Today for instance. If there are no rules for this act of respect, it has lost its meaning.

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Examples, please? The Clintons, The Obamas, Lois Lerner, Comey, Clapper, Schiff, and the rest of the DC Swamp?

Democrat FDR caused the Great Depression. Lincoln was a despot and puppet of Northern industrials, especially the railroads.

Such extreme cases of failed human beings acting in the name of Christ is one of the reasons that orthodox, independent Catholic and Evangelical Protestant churches have grown by leaps and bounds since the liberals infiltrated the Catholic Church during Vatican II.

The Commissioners will not need to spend one cent on the fastest growing schools in the county - the charter, home, and private schools, built and run at a fraction of the cost of government schools but with significantly better academic results.

There is surely plenty of fat that c…

Great work and a prime example of what engineers do - solve problems while at the same time improving working conditions, lowering costs and generating profits for all. The company Oxbo International in Wisconsin builds modern equipment that replaces field labor for many crops, including …