Karen Bevan

Well stated. Thank you.

Thank you Joyce. It needed to be said. I find it interesting how people can look at the same situation and have opposing views on what they see. Thankfully facts cannot be disputed though they can be twisted.

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Thank you for the timely reminder.

And, I'll add, they make a few varieties of delicious classic donuts that no chain can compare to. They bake in the wee hours of the morning so you need to get there before noon before they're sold out.

A not-for-profit organization to run an educational program for preschoolers?? I also understand that subcontracting for after school programs is also the norm in NC. Did 'anyone' think to leave education (and these programs) under the umbrella of the State Department of Education and in …

Does the Moore County Hounds participate in a live or a drag hunt?

Yes, there is a problem now. But remember a time when there wasn't one? Before the overuse of plastics became the norm basically because it was a cheaper way of creating containers which ultimately brought more profit to the manufacturers and created more garbage. Yes, recycling has to be de…

If determent and public service are truly the goals, the sight of a marked police car always makes a driver slow down. To state that reflective graphics which blend into the white paint “allow” the vehicle to be classified as a marked police car illustrates the department’s intent to trap. T…