Justin Bradford

If only we had had any idea that Lydia Boesch acts poorly in her role as elected official. Oh, wait...

what's ironic is that when I brought up ethical violations committed by Boesch I was libeled and had my first amendment right trounced.

It's called survival of the fittest. Kent's generation is the generation that decided they had to give all their kids trophies because they couldn't bear the thought of their talent-less offspring going home sad and empty-handed. so, now you have an entire generation that expects to be re…

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The swamp has been thriving in pinehurst ever since Boesch and Strickland took over. It will only get worse as the local Qanons clamor for power in the village. In ten years, this won’t be a place any thinking person would ever want to live.

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I think people like you with no kids ought to be gagged concerning telling people with kids what to do with those kids. Your propaganda only serves to detract from out community. If you don’t like it here, go back to wherever you came from, Steve. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

that's funny I own more property in connie's neighborhood than he does. LMAO.

Connie, that isn't true at all. I was just out there, the place is very well kept.

Steve, as a person who attended a terrorist attack on our nation's capitol, with no kids in our schools, who uses violent rhetoric against our our fellow citizens, please DO stay out of it. Every time you open your mouth, our property is devalued.

I’m half tempted to look up your address and post about $1,000 worth of signs across the street…clown.

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One of the “top” local Christian schools puts out students who then have to take 18-24 months of remedial classes in college to be up to speed with their peers from public schools. Stop lying Kent. Stop schilling for church schools. America doesn’t need religious indoctrination institutions,