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Jaymie Baxley is an award-winning reporter covering public health, social issues and general news for The Pilot. He previously worked at The Robesonian in Lumberton and The Daily Courier in Forest City.

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The State House District 52 race finds Republican incumbent Jamie Boles again facing off against Democratic challenger Lowell Simon.

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Jaymie Baxley

Jaymie Baxley commented on Letter: Dangerous Transmission

It is correct that “WuFlu,” for reasons I hope are obvious, is also in violation of our comment policy. Comments containing this deeply inaccurate name for the disease have been, and will continue to be, deleted.

Jaymie Baxley


I appreciate your reliable engagement with our journalism. As one of multiple staff members with permission to moderate user-submitted responses to our content, I must inform you that I intend to swiftly delete any future comments from you referring to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan f…