Joseph Clarke

When you "warn" in the most self-righteous way possible, are you REALLY making a good-faith effort to actually save someone?

Front page story= shoved down your throat? And you read the whole long article, then bothered to comment about how it was forced upon you? Sounds like you were asking for it to be shoved down your throat.

Was this comment deleted by the author or The Pilot staff? Just curious.

Why do you support this newspaper by paying for an online subscription?

Let us know when you've solved that one.

Given that you are paying this" left wing rag of a newspaper" monthly just to comment online, I suspect I'll see you in the Target weekly.

Glad to see the board working together for a reasonable cause. No other state robs local school boards of their power as much as NC does, and that's under both parties. This is better for students - so why can we only get this approved by the state when it's about the US Open and not when…

This seems counterintuitive but would likely work out well.

Who peed in your cornflakes?

I may be tired by the 3rd paragraph seems to contradict itself?