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Frank, I knelt when I asked my wife to marry me, I kneel when attending Mass and neither action has ever been interpreted as disrespectful. The fact is the action taken by those kneeling during the national anthem was explain by them as a peaceful action to draw attention to an issue they…

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Mark, some were told by recruiters that enlisting gave them a better chance at not being deployed to the war while others enlisted because at the time they believe it was the right and patriotic thing to do. Unfortunately, many of those that enlisted later found out they were mislead by r…

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Jim, could the invasion of a peaceful Island two days after 241 military and civilian personnel be related in any way? Seems to me the administration at the time claimed to have just missed what they were looking for or could it have been a distraction from 241 lives being lost?

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Jim that was 2 days after 241 Marines, Navy and Army personnel were killed in Beirut by a Lebanese terrorist.

Sally, wearing a mask is not a political statement it's an IQ test.

I wonder if there was an order to evacuate because of fire, hurricane, or a gas leak would Sheriff Feilds have the same response that the order was not constitutional or unenforceable thereby ignoring the order?

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Thank you Dr. Dempsey for bringing this to the attention of the people of Moore County and also to those of us who no longer live on Moore County. Thanks to Mark Elliott as it people like Mark that make Moore County great.

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I thaoght two greatest commandments that most Christian Denominations believe and teach are First to Love God with all thy heart, soul and mind and the Second is like unto it, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Calling countries S...hole nations, placing derogatory monikers on peopl…

Was there really a need or reason to identify the women. Tell me how doing so improved the story. I guess you just didn't consider the family and loved one's prior to writing the piece.