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My daughter lives in NJ; another relative in PA. If you visit from states with high virus counts,you are required to quarantine for 14 days. We have nothing like this in place. As a result short terms rentals are full with golfers coming from other states. I am very uncomfortable with peo…

Hope WP will take note of what's happened in Pinehurst regarding short term rentals. We had a lovely, quiet neighborhood until a house was sold specifically as a short term rental. Changes the entire tone of the neighborhood and I wonder if it doesn't decrease value of property to have th…

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Freedom from masks apparently.

Hasn't affected short term rentals - I have one in my neighborhood which is full every week. Over the 4th - cars all over the place, looks about 15 people, none wearing masks or social distancing.

Miriam King of the Moore County Health Department said “employers and businesses are not required to notify staff or patrons if a staff member has tested positive” for COVID-19. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE and should be changed immediately.

I am wearing a mask simply because Moore County is pushing tourism and people are coming here in droves from other states to golf. Resort at 100% occupancy; rentals full. Golfing per se, not the issue; not shuttering our county is. All about $$$. Better mask up if you want to be safe.

Sanborn said when police arrived, “they did the best they could” to get the music turned down to “an acceptable level.” He said given the size of the party, officers did not want to do anything that would have “incited violence.” This is concerning especially since article mentions illega…

“If we can have Presidents’ Day, we can have Juneteenth as a day dedicated to African Americans and the struggle,” Jackson said. I thought we celebrate that during Black History Month and MLK Day.

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Pilot ran an excellent editorial "Short Term Rentals must be Shuttered" on Apirl 3 - good read.

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Pinehurst Resort was closed if that is what you are referring to. Other hotels -

Hampton, a B&B in my neighborhood and other establishments like Holiday Inn Express were open.