Richard Wright

Is this a scientific fact -- or an opinion? There are but two sexes.

Do the laws on murder and stealing come from the secular world or from the religious world?

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Actually most experts believe that a border wall can help slow illegal immigration. And had Congress been responsible, then there would have been funding through the normal appropriation and authorization process. The Democrats are solely to blame for this diversion.

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The VOP needs a public library. Surprisingly, the VOP continues to authorize the use of property taxes to provide funding for a non-public library. NC 160A -209 (c) (20). As the revenues collected by the VOP, regardless of the source, go into a single pot, the VOP cannot separate the reve…

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When Israel was created by the "two state" agreement, the Arab nations refused to agree. There never has been a nation of Palestine.

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You might want to post the exact reference as you appear to have a number of facts you claim come from the study are incorrect in your letter.

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Jimbo - Actually the WaPo on 20 Nov 2017 called for an investigation of the Uranium deal and the $145M given by Russia to the Clinton Foundation. The NYT, and are rather left of center. Obama did not kick Russia out of the G-8 (what punishment)-- and Trump did …

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What exactly is the damage President Trump caused Dan? We are pretty much over Obama and the chaos he brought - $10T in new debt, class warfare, huge increases in welfare. You will live Dan.

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Jimmy - You know this is made up stuff. Remember Hillary agreeing, when working for Obama, to sell uranium to Russia. Or that Russia through proxies gave the Clinton foundation more than $100 million? Or that Putin took the Crimea when Obama was President? The left, and you being a primar…

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Ken: The analogy is just plain wrong. Were the Jews allowed to just walk out of concentration camps and return home? What part of illegal do you not understand? The parents, walked with their children a thousand miles, putting their children in grave danger knowing that they were subject …