Roger Glass

3 strike law...largest incarceration of minorities...Bill Clinton law.

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Actually, sworn testimony under oath is where I heard it. MIKE DROP.

Not a fan of either choices, but Trump's comments about the military are directed at the beuracracy and ineffectiveness of our fighting forces because of unclear rules of engagement. He always praises the soldiers...he dings the administrations fighting constraints. As for McCain...he ding…

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Jimt...I don't need a congressional hearing to uncover HRC lying. She (and her State Dept surrogates) were on TV and in print as saying the Benghazi attack was a result of a video and they would prosecute the maker of the film. She said same at the UN. Nice try...please feel free to get yo…

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Clinton is labeled as a liar because she has a rich history of it. Spiral landing and running for cover under fire, named after Edmund Hillary and...lying to the parents and citizens about Benghazi...btw, the film maker she said was responsible for the uprising is still in jail. You vote f…

Both candidates are flawed. But to think that you could vote for someone who looks a grieving mother in the eyes and lie to her about her dead son in Libya and then lied to the entire country, your moral compass is broken.

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Most of America can tell you what's on tv tonight...clueless as to what's on the horizon tomorrow.

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Coney had to modify a definition in the statute that governed this process to come to the conclusion he did. Same way John roberts manipulated the constitution to come to the conclusion that ACA was a tax.

CEO Kastner nails it when he says it's better if this is done by the business as oppos3d to a mandate. From the comments of the employees it seems they feel valued and are compensated fairly. Good move boss.

Your support of HRC is noble but if you can vote for the SoS who was more concerned about offending Libyans than rescuing our citizens, then you are not worth the ink this paper uses to cover you.