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Grow Up!!!!!!

My daughter loved her class, Excellent teacher who will be missed

it was two days between regular classes and and the start of online based learning for students. faculty continued to work those days and since then

For once I find myself in agreement with Kent, this is being completely overhyped, to shut down the world for something that is a virus, which while it is serious, is hardly life threatening to 99.9 of the world, and by the way corona has been around since the 1970's and we seemed to have…

Actually conservatism is about limiting federal power and the power of the executive branch, not expanding that power, so you got that wrong, not to mention Washington warned of partisan divisions in his farewell address

There are no teachers unions in the state of North Carolina has right to work laws, that do not allow for collective bargaining. This idea that there are teachers unions here is not accurate.