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Moore County is preparing for what will be the last expansion of its construction and demolition debris landfill off N.C. 5 near Aberdeen.

Chip Vanderzee (left), president of the North Carolina chapter of the American Public Works Association-Solid Waste Division presented the 201…

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Thank you for catching that and sorry for the misattribution. I misread the information poster from the Village Heritage Foundation. We have corrected it online.

The village has not provided that level of detail in the data at this point. But once the study to concluded, the full report will be available to the public and we will be doing a more in-depth story. That will contain much more detail. This was basically reporting that the Village Manager …

John Allen, of Kuester Cos., made that statement during the meeting.

The U.S. Attorney's Office won't comment on anything beyond what is the documents on file in the case. Our initial story last September on the actual criminal complaint stated that they flew to South Lake Tahoe; Reno, Nevada; and San Francisco to get the marijuana. The name of the supplier h…

We will certainly post more details as we receive them. This is a preliminary report based on information provided by the Police Department. Based on what the chief told us this morning there was nothing to indicate there was an attempt to commit murder or a suicide.

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Just for clarification, the county's cost also includes the $5.75 per ton transfer fee referenced in the story.

Scott B, the county has about $22 million in a capital reserve fund that it has built up from setting aside a portion of its annual surpluses each year

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The U.S Attorney's Office, which is prosecuting the case, has not provided mug shots. We have tried to get them. Our local law enforcement agencies usually provide mug shots when they send out releases on arrests, or we get them from the Moore County Detention Center website.

The Sheriff's Office sent out a news release on the arrest this morning.

We have downloaded them and are working on a follow-up story on the Boles-Zumwalt race for state House.