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Jaymie, by not explaining why the governor and Mandy Cohen chose to reduce the number of businesses that could open, do you have left it to the imaginations of the readers to interpret their reasoning. They clearly explained how the data was not strong enough for riskier Indoor group gath…

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Agree, though I was actually responding to Lynn's letter to the editor in this case.

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After reading the premise that states led by governors of one political party were better off, I became interested in finding out if there are any correlations yet between degrees of restrictiveness in states and death rates and “curve flattening” (lowering new case doubling rates).

Thank you for reminding everyone about what is really important. As a few people begin to minimize the danger and want to open the economy again, I hope they will read your words and rethink their casual attitudes. I am really sorry for your pain and loss.

Thank you, Jamie, for working hard to keep us informed on COVID-19.

People take risks all the time without awareness that someday the risks will outweigh the benefits. When the euphoria and the numbing of drug use seem better than life without them, using again seems logical - that is, until addiction sets in and robs people of control. I hope everyone with …

Though military participation is one option for young women and men, your suggestion seems to carry a "challenge" within it that suggests women need to "prove" ourselves to be equal. Sounds like "poll tax" reasoning to me.

How wonderful to read such passion in a young woman developing her interest in public life! When I was your age my older sister first introduced me to feminism and civil liberty – or the lack of it. I share your concern that many people today – young and not - seem blasé about unequal opport…