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Matthew 7:1-3

Judge not lest ye be judged.

John Misiaszek

Lack of County run facilities in the Southern part of the County? This County has only 60 some acres of County owned / operated parkland in the ENTIRE County. That needs to be changed.

John Misiaszek

Contact our Commissioners. Other than advocating for funding allocations for services provided by the district,the School Board and the school district administration has nothing to do with the amount of funding they are allocated from County tax revenues. Our 5 Commissioners make all loc…

I'm with you. We need to properly compensate all school district employees, not using just Cares money on a one time basis, but every year.

John Misiaszek

Many of you may have read my comments before about our County Commissioners eliminating at least $2,000,000 from District budget requests in each of the last 2 years. Support staff increases were not implemented as a result. County employees, on the other hand, did get increases. Why? Obv…

When will enough be enough for you and Woodward? When absolute mayhem breaks out at a School Board meeting?

John Misiaszek

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Virtual learning is clearly a problem. Not only in Moore County but throughout the entire country. All the more reason for everyone eligible to be vaccinated so we can, maybe, get back to unobstructed, in person learning. Kids most certainly DO transmit the virus. Do just a little researc…

So, I'm guessing you won't be voting for Cawthorn? Sounds reasonable.

John Misiaszek

Ivermectin, Hydroxy? That's what you're talking about. do you have worms? So Sorry.


I'm in!

John Misiaszek