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County Commissioners have established a task force on homelessness after hearing a presentation from TEAMWORKZ founder Cliff Brown. Contact him at:

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My daughter needed 3 references to rent an apartment. To purchase a gun?

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I should have added, the last time we voted in favor of a $120,000,000 bond issue to build new schools, our 46.5 cent tax rate went up to 51.5 cents. I did vote for that bond issue and I'll be in favor of the next. I'm hoping the BOE will be as frugal as possible, without reducing buildin…

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If that tax goes up I hope it's to build some tourism related infrastructure. The tax can be used to both promote tourism and to build tourism related infrastructure that will bring more visitors to our County. I'd love to see our CVB develop a list of such infrastructure, If they can't c…

Skip, you need to talk with your village council about your local tax rate. They have open meetings and will give you the floor I'm sure. Also, Commissioner Picerno did say that our County Commissioner's will be trying to reduce taxes. I have every reason he will be true to his word this …

The tax rate has nothing to do with the valuation. You aren't appealing how much you're going to pay in taxes, you're appealing your valuation if you appeal.

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Nonsensical? As those new homes come, so will more demand for services, schools, policing, county health and social services. Homes return 75 cents on the dollar per County costs. You suggest existing residents should subsidize newly arriving residents?

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While you're at it you can investigate the cost of the courthouse addition. I think it was originally estimated to cost in the upper $30 millions, it's over $75 million now I believe.

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Actually, the 2022-2023 County budget showed $71,300,000 raised from property taxes. Adding $20,000,000 to that, which is where the money you mention will come from, if it comes, will represent about a 28% increase in property taxes. I doubt if that's going to happen.

John Misiaszek

Mr. Hensley, that $20,000,000 / year you're suggesting the Board of Commissioners put aside annually equates to about 6-8 cents / $100 of assessed value on whatever the new tax rate is they will be setting I think. That's indicative of probably a 15%, or more, increase in the property tax…