Tommy McDonell


Tommy B. McDonell is an award winning artist living and working in Pinehurst, NC. She is a studio member of the Artist League of the Sandhills.


October 11th, 1951

Home town

Pinehurst, NC


I don’t know whether it is constitutional or not. But I do know that it will Not Hurt anyone to wear a mask. On the other hand, not wearing masks could kill people. I support the Governor not the President. I’m disappointed in this sheriff and in others. NC has more cases. What does this …


While I disagree with you about Clinton, comments about President Trump have nothing to do with that election except he won only the electoral college not the popular vote.

I’ve heard since I moved here now Obama embarrassed America. No one has ever done a worse job for our country.…


Just because some states are open doesn’t make it correct and it definitely doesn’t make it safe. I choose science. I am an adult and I read well.


This virus has already killed more than the flu has. And the flu has a shot and pills you can take if exposed.


The digital divide has been an issue for many years. I moved here in 2008 from NYC. There I worked in online education and incorporating it into face to face classes. Both my master’s and doctoral research at NYU examines this. SCC has online classes for high school and college classes. I…