Hole-in-One: Bob Watt, a member at Pinewild, recorded his sixth ace May 18, on the 146-yard 17th hole of the Holly Course. Bob used his 6-iron to reach the green.  He missed seeing the ball fall into the cup because he was picking up his tee on the tee box.  Witnesses were Scott Parker and Mott.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers played May 11 and the game was low net.

Results: flight 1 – Sara Conti, tied at 30, with Beth Owens; flight 2 – Lois Vollmer, 34, Linda Piechota, 35; flight 3 – Barbara Woodruff, 31, Joan Mangrum, 33.

Beth Owens had a chip in birdie on the eighth hole.

The Rainmakers played May 18 in a team event – scoring was two best net balls.

Results: Tina Burns, Charlene Huff, Dee Hancock, 60; Peggy Jones, Carole Huber, Barbara Woodruff, 62; Beth Owens, Judy Smith, Colleen Conroy, tied at 66, with Susan Ray, Carole Skue, Tracy Thomas.

Midland: The Midland Ladies played in a low gross and low net competition May 7.

Results: gross – flight 1 – Peggy Jones, 44, Deb Presser, 46; flight 2 – Doris Stone, 49, Linda Piechota, 51; flight 3 – Christine Leo, 53, Pat McMahon, 55; net – flight 1 – Sara Conti, 38, Beth Owens, 40; flight 2 – Diane Myers, tied at 43, with Tracy Thomas and Paula Hill; flight 3 – Carole Linthicum, 40, Colleen Conroy, 45.

The Midland Men played May 13 in an individual low net contest.

Nine-holers results: flight 1 – Charles Gallagher, 37 net, David Owens, 38 net; flight 2 – Charles Childers, tied at 37, with John McMahon.

18-holers results: Emmett Callow, 75 net; Mitchell Sharpe, 79 net.

Ken Pomeroy won closest to the pin for nine-holers and Chad Buckley won on the front and back nines for the 18-holers.

The Midland Ladies played May 15 in a flag tournament – each player was given a flag and a number of strokes when the number of strokes was reached, they planted their flag.  The players that did not place their flags after nine holes continued play till they could plant their flag.

Susan Ray placed her flag on the 12th hole and Linda Parke placed her flag on the 10th hole.

Pinehurst:  The Signature LGA played on May 8 in an individual Stableford tournament.

Flight 1 results: Nancy New, 37 pts; Cheri Ziebka, 36 pts (MOC); Donna Tanner, 36 pts (MOC).

Flight 2 results: Peggy Poole, 35 pts (MOC); Franny Steward, 35 pts (MOC); Jane Lee, 34 pts.

Flight 3 results: Kelley Fiala, 35 pts; Joyce McWane, 33 pts (MOC); Patti Dellovade, 33 pts (MOC).

The Signature LGA played May 8 in a competition of one best ball on holes one to six, two on holes seven to 12 and one best ball on holes 13 to 18.

Results: Rita Weeks, Jean Coble, Mickey Scarborough, Roberta Kachel, 80; Diane Yelovich, Jane Wilkinson, Joyce McWane, Gretchen Nelms, 81; Laura Stamm, Lauren Leeker, Diane Negley, Kelley Fiala, 83; Gail Ford, Pamela Carracino, Patricia Ironside, Emily Hauslohner, 85.

The Signature LGA played May 14 and the game was ABCD – one best ball on holes five and three and two best balls on all other holes.

Results: Marti Rust, Bonnie Pisarski, Debbie Levy, 116; Donna Tanner, Peggy Poole, Linda Carrier, Susan Fogarty, 123; Lisa Bomkamp, Gloria Sectish, Margaret James, Ro Kachel, 125; Rita Weeks, Paula Zellers, Betty Lynch, 125; Norma Hyland, June Eichele, Judy Gais, Erin Maggio, 130.

The Women’s Golf Association played May 14 on course No. 6, in a game of O.N.E.S.

Results: Jeanie Daigre, Mary Aiken, Marti Rust, Barbara Tencza, 91 (MOC); Jan Kuklok, Joan Yue, Louise Eichhorn, Joyce Arnott, 91 (MOC); Pat Anderson, Patti Dellovade, Shirley Potter, 92; Tass Jones, Sandy Sackmann, Linda Swensen, Brenda Atkinson, 94; Aime Richards, Nell Neal, Susan Bierer, Mary Woodford, 95.

The Women’s Golf Association played May 7 in a Cha, Cha, Cha contest.

Results: Patty Moore, Kendra Muir, Murrie Ives, 109; Nancy New, Sue McDermott, Deb Hockman, Diane Tate, 111; Jeanie Daigre, Mickey Scarborough, Marilyn Yesensky, Deb Levy, 113; Silvia Bisbe, Maureen Reeves, Myrna Spencer, Patti Dellovade, 114 (MOC); Diana Staley, Bonnie Dingman, Marie Schneider, Jean Coble, 114 (MOC).

The Birdies played May 11 and the game was one best ball of the foursome and throw out four worst holes for scoring. Competition was on course No. 4.

Results: Jean Coble, Joyce McWane, Sue Boynton, Darlene Skinner, 44 (MOC); Diane Negley, Laurie Velett, Brenda Thomas, Kelley Fiala, 44 (MOC); Cornelia Neal, Rhonda Brooks, Joan Ayersman, Nancy McNally, 45 (MOC); Pilar Page, Jackie Tucker, Patti Dellovade, Susan Hulbert, 45 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played May 12 on course No. 5. The game was Cha-Cha-Cha.

The Men’s Golf Association played May 19 on course No. 1, odd and even holes.

Overall results: Mike Heishman, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield, 97; Mike Caswell, Lee Pisarski, John Harpole, Mike Mauney, 98; John Zimmerman, Gerald Ayers, Gary Gee, Robert Friedrichs, 100.

Front-nine results: Rick Gagliardo, Ron Sundstrom, 51.

The Men’s Golf Association played May 12 in a Cha, Cha, Cha front-nine game.

Overall results: Terry Lane, Dale Siemer, Tony Prestipino, Buddy Mannix, 126; Mark Bernel, Jack Laflin, Sam Poole, Paul Hoban, 127; Harvey Kettering, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield, 128.

Front-nine results: Gary Petersen, Stan Rohwedel, Dutch Briel, Sterling Stetson, 62; Wayne Ricks, Dan Bryant, Ron Sundstrom, 65; Rick Gagliardo, Bill Clark, Bill Lawson, Linn Shorb, 66.

Back-nine results: Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Pager, 64 (MOC); Noel Wren, Robert Friedrichs, Bob Edens, Gerald Ayers, 64 (MOC); William Noggle, Clifton Johnson, Don Marchetti, Garth Laidlaw, 64 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played May 13 on course No. 6 in a Cha, Cha, Cha contest.

Overall results: Barry Lyons, John McNeill, Jay Carothers, Peter Gross, 123; Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman, Louis Mongelluzzo, 125; Jon Chase, Hal Schneider, Anthony Viola, Ronald Cordeau, 131.

Front-nine results: Gary Shannon, Robert Mosbrook, William Case, Ray Martin, 63; Mike Fusselbaugh, Steven Robinson, William Andrews, Guy Veni, 64; Robert Blackwell, Bill Hauser, Michael LaGraff, Tony Persico, 65.

Back-nine results: James Swain, Ernest Krutzsch, Mike Spinner, Michael Jumper, 64;  Richard Cowell, Bill May, Skip Kendrick, Michael Tencza, 65 (MOC); Preston Hardage, Paul Conover, Patrick Haggerty, Mike Curran, 65 (MOC).

Foxfire: The Foxfire Ladies played May 13 in a game where after each hole a player’s name was drawn from a cup and it was that player’s score counted for scoring.

Results: Leslie Frusco, Diane Cray, Lucille Cardelle, Connie Hochstetler, 66 net; Ginny Siedler, Barb Smart, Pam Reyes, Connie Hochstetler (blind draw), 71 net.

Whispering Pines: The Ninettes played May 18 in their Founders Day tournament. The format was net scores with full handicaps for scoring and play was on the River Course.

Be Schilling won with a net 31. Judy Loughlin was second with net 32.

Be will receive an engraved Jefferson pewter cup at the closing banquet.

Longleaf: The Women’s Golf Association, 18-hole players, held a team event May 14 and the format was two best balls with everyone playing from the same tees.

Results: Ruthie Borrell, Darlene Luppino, Jan Fisher, Ellen Leslie, 128; Susan Rouse, Suzanne Schenkel, Larraine Schwerin, Becky Hallman. 131; Ann Thornton, Nancy Cherosnick, Sandy Carroll, Ellen Leslie, 133.

The 9-Hole players held an individual net counting strokes from tee to green, no putts and the results were Ann Doster, tied at 16 with Kathy Davis; Betsy Hunter, 17; Kay Curlee, 18.

Beacon Ridge: The Beaconettes played a team event and the format was counting the best net ball of a threesome only on par-4 holes.

Results: Barbara Brazer, Barbara Card, Carole Skau, 14; Pat Price, Clara Karnish, Carol Dube, 15.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played at Beacon Ridge GC May 17.  The format was foursome competition with only net scores counting.

Results: Pat Hruska, Cheryl Drury, Jim Legg, Scott Smith, tied at 20- under par, with Carole Skau, Lynn Walker, Ed DeWitt, Robert Doerr and Phyllis Kenny, Kathy Slotter, Tom Carrier and Andrew Poot; Susan Thomee, Dan Gaynor and Sonny Tu at 18.7 under par; Nancy Peterson, Renee Miller, Cheryl Luc and Mike Young at 18 under par.

Closest to the pin winners were Lynn Walker and Bob Flesca.

Contact Nancy O’Connell at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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