Holes-in-One: John Condon, a member at Pinewild, carded his sixth ace May 8 on the 12th hole of the Holly Course. John used his 8-iron to cover the 121 yards to the green. His playing partners were Glenn Manich, Scott Sutherland and Bob Weber and all enjoyed the celebration and high fives for this special shot.

Jim Heine, a member at Foxfire, recorded his second ace May  14, as well as making an eagle and several birdies on his way to a win in a four-ball match of the Foxfire Men’s Golf Association.  Jim hit a 6-iron on the 155-yard second hole of the Grey Fox Course. His playing partner was John Quella and their opponents were Dave Swick and Jason Panuthos. Jim and John won the match.

Jim’s eagle on the day on the fifth hole was accomplished by hitting his 6-iron to the green. Truly two great shots in one day.

Interclub II: Competition was held at Pinewild May 6, with the following results: Pinehurst Main Club – 38; Pinehurst No. 7 – 37.5; Pinehurst No. 9 – 37.5; CC Whispering Pines – 34.5; Pinewild – 34.5; Mid-South – 34.

Competition runs for six months and the most points carded by a club for the season wins.

Pinetop Tournament: Competition was held May 7 at Seven Lakes.

Flight 1: gross – Sherry Bowman, Mid-South, 77; net – Becky Parr, Seven Lakes, 64, Karen Fitch, Pinewild, 65.

Flight 2: gross – Ginny Siedler, Foxfire, tied at 91, with Roe Lyons, Pinehurst; net – Margret Endrigat, CC Whispering Pines, 73, Chris Novak, Pinewild, tied at 74, with Franny Stewart, Pinehurst.

Flight 3: gross – Jan Marshall, Whispering Pines, 90; net – Judy Dickerson, Foxfire, 68, Lynn Dawson, Pinehurst, 71.

Flight 4: gross – Linda Strohmenger, Seven Lakes, 86; net – Charlotte Kennedy, Seven Lakes, 86, Rae Dennie, Seven Lakes, 75.

Flight 5: gross – Ro Kachel, Pinehurst, tied at 97, with Sue Wagner, CC Whispering Pines; net – Terri Birkhauser, Pinewild, 73, Frankie Marsh, Mid South, 74

Flight 6: gross – Kimi McDevitt, CC Whispering Pines, 99; net – Kathy Samchalk, Pinewild, tied at 67, with Joyce Charles, Seven Lakes, Jan Behnke, Pinewild, 69.

Club standings – Whispering Pines, 11; Seven Lakes, 10; Pinehurst, 8; Pinewild, 7; Foxfire, 5; MidSouth, 4.

Longleaf: The Longleaf Ladies played April 26 in a two best balls of the foursome contest.

18-holers results: first - Susan Rouse, Lynn Dunn, Ellen Leslie, Sandi Fischer, 116; second – Jan Fisher, Betty Bahler, Sandra Eriksson, Suzanne Schenkel, 121.

9-holers results: first – Ruth Hansell, Ann Crisafulli, Betsy Hunter, Karen Gideon, 25.

The Longleaf Ladies played an individual net game May 2, counting only holes beginning with T & F.

18-holers results: Roberta Williams, 30; Lynn Dunn, 31; Sandi Fischer, 32; Alane Lennon and Sandra Eriksson, 33; Diane Steele, 34; Betty Bahler, 35; Ann Baukhages, Mary Olech, Susan Rouse, tied 36.

The 9-holers played individual net scores on par-4 holes only and the top finishers were Betsy Hunter, 19; Ann Doster, 22; Deb Hogan, 25.

The Longleaf Ladies played May 9 in a two best balls of the foursome on even holes and one best ball on odd holes.

18-holers results: first – Alane Lennon, Darlene Luppino Lynn Dunn, Susan Rouse, 106; second – Ruthie Borrell, Ellen Leslie, Sandi Fischer Lynn Dunn, 114.

The 9-holers played a “tee to green” game and the top finishers were Betsy Hunter, 23; Deb Hogan and Kay Curlee tied at 29; Ruth Hansell, 30.

Pinehurst: The Birdies played May 13 in a par-3 challenge.  The format was two best balls on par 3s and one best ball on all other holes.

Results: Nancy New, Cathy Pierce, Mary White, Cathy Hamblen, 70; Laurie Greuter, Barbara Tencza, Janice Kuklok, Nancy McNally, 71; Sue McDermott, Ann Bourne, Joan Ayersman, Linda Querec, 72.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf Association played in an ABCD team event May 8 on course No. 7.

Results: first – Marti Rust, Cynthia Tew, Joyce Harter, Judy Gemme, minus 26; second – Judy Gais, Roe Lyons, Pat Blank, Sigrid Gross, minus 25; third – Lisa Bomkamp, Peggy Poole, Queeney Tang, minus 23; Dianne Yelovich, Diane Nogle, Carol Mulcahy, Susan Lagraff, minus 23.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf Association played May 10 on course No. 7, in a two best balls on holes five and 10 and one best ball on all other holes.

Results: Dianne Yelovich, Marti Rust, Roe Lyons, Silvia Bisbe, 63; Lisa Bomkamp, Debbie Sizer, Franny Stewart, Jean Jordan, 65; Jackie Nyberg, Diane Tate, Gretchen Nelms, Helen Ozment, 66.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf League played an individual game May 1. A Stableford challenge on course No. 9.

Results: flight 1 – Judy Gais, 41, Marti Rust, 40; flight 2 – Laurie Velett, 40, Peggy, 39; flight 3 – Lana Yee, 45, Helen Ozment, 40.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf League played May 3 in a one best ball on odd holes and two on even holes. Competition was held on course No. 7.

Results: Queeney Tang, Gretchen Nelms, Leona Brittingham, Leigh Ann Eshelman, 89; Marti Rust, Judy Biddle, Dorothy Brown, Judy Gemme, 92.

The Men’s Golf Association played May 7 and the game was two best balls of the foursome. Competition was held on course No. 3.

Overall results: Ron Sundstrom, William Noggle, Garth Laidlaw and Bryant; Doug Green, Howard Milligan, Jay Levy, Ken Pepper, 119; R. Van Laningham, Paul Mago, Philip Manhardt, Ted Owen, 120.

Front-nine results: Tony Prestipino, William Mountcastle, Kurtiss Cross, Jim Truemper, 56 (MOC); Mitch Fox, Mike Walker, Craig Applequist, Ted Brawner, 56 (MOC); Gary Petersen, Sterling Stetson, Stuart Vos, Jim Lucey, 57.

Back-nine results: Mark Bernel, Jack Laflin, Bruce Monteith, Paul Hoban, 60; William Norris, Robert Dauenhauer, Mike Heishman, Bill Neal, 64; Ronald Reynolds, Laurence Harter, Joe Sernak, 65.

The Chippers played May 8 on course No. 6, in individual, odd holes only game, with 100 percent of each player’s handicap used for scoring.

Results: Martha Irvin, 11; Rebecca Deaton, 14; Barrie Reynolds, 15.

The Men’s Golf Association played May 14 in a bookends game on course No. 5.

Overall results: Rick Gagliardo, Bill Lawson, Bill Clark, Linn Shorb, 130 (MOC); Wayne Ricks, Clifton Johnson, Bryant, 130 (MOC); Rick Ensele, Joseph Kasko, Jack Owens, Guy Veni, 133.

Front-nine results: Garrett Walsh, David Kinney, Bill Moore, Noel Wren, 66; Thomas Embrey, Ron Milam, Gene Horvath, Dick Moore, 67 (MOC); Gerald Kolster, Lonnie Wright, Mike Stevens, Jerry Horn, 67 (MOC).

Back-nine results: Peter White, John McPhaul, Jim Mikus, A.R. Lowrie, 66; William Noggle, Ron Sundstrom, Garth Laidlaw, 67 (MOC); Douglas Adams, R Van Laningham, Paul Mago, Dennis McCann, 67 (MOC).

Whispering Pines: The Pinettes played May 14 in a low putts contest.

Results: flight 1 – Elke Phillingane, 31; flight 2 – Sandra Hallet, 31, Daryl Pierce and Judy Woodward tied at 33; flight 3 – Anne Gerwig, 32, Dee Kirschke and Hope Dugenske tied at 35; flight 4 – Be Schilling, 31, Doris Lanning, 36.

The Men’s Golf Association played May 8 in an “up and back” game, a two best ball net game — each team starts from the gold tee, and if a member scores a net birdie, he moves back a tee on the next hole.  If he scores a net par, he stays on the same tee and if he shoots a net bogey, he moves forward a tee on the next hole.

Results: Dick Mills, Jerry Leary, Jim Kelley, John Harte, 120; Jim O’Malley, Jim Phillingane, Jim McDevitt, Bob VanPoppel, 122.  


Invitational: The Ninettes and the Beaconettes of Beacon Ridge hosted an invitational tournament for the Chippers of Pinehurst May 15. The game was two best balls of the foursome on the front nine of the River Course.

Results: JoAnn Boron (Ninettes), Clara Karnish and Pat Price (Beaconettes), Barrie Reynolds (Chippers), 58; Deb Leisure (Chippers), Judy Loughlin (Ninettes), Sarah Swicewood (Beaconettes), blind draw, 58; Mary Price and Terry Rudziensky (Beaconettes), Carolyn Thompson, Carol Wyatt (Chippers), 58.

Pinewild: The Men’s Golf Association played May 9 in a “peer play” event.  Competition was held on the Holly Course.

Results: gross – Bruce Fitzpatrick, 71, Stephen Smith, 77; net – Jack Farrell, 66, Gary Krasicky, 67.

Gold tee results: gross – Pete Nehlsen, 78, Bob Watt, 80, Tom Clark, 80; net – Bob Livingston, 65, Tom O’Day, 67, Ted Kenny, 67, Bob Behnke, 68.

Red tee results: gross – Ed Rackowski, 82, Fred Hoffecker, 88; net – Gordon Rednour, 63, Roy Register, 70.

Closest to the pin winners were Jack Farrell on the third hole; Tom Clark, eighth; and Chuck Marrale, 12th and 17th.

The Women’s Golf Association played its annual Holly versus Pines event.  The 72 players were either on a Holly or a Pine team.

The Holly players won by 167 to 157.  It was a great day for golf and also for raising monies to support our local LPGA Girls Golf Program.

Closest to the pin winners were Deb Chuderewicz on the third hole; Talie Tufnell on the eighth; Ann Leonard on the 12th; and Brenda D’Onle on the 17th.

Beacon Ridge: The Beaconettes played a team game with the lowest net score of the foursome recorded for scoring.

Results: Sue Franklin, Gail Deal, Clara Karnish, net 16; Diane Kuhn, Becky Graham, blind draw, 17.

Diane Kuhn won closest to the pin on the 14th.

The 18-Hole Ladies played for their Beacon Cup, a monthly net competition: trophy winner – Lindy DiBella, net 67. Sara Swicegood, Mary Snead and Sue Frank all tied at net 37. Barbara Card won closest to the pin.

The 18-Hole Ladies played in a captain’s choice game May 14 and the winners werecBarbara Card, Nancy Cunningham, Linda Dunning, gross 77. Sue Sikes won closest to the pin.

The 18-Hole Ladies played April 30 in a low gross game. Scoring was overall, front nine and back nine. Sue Frank won overall with 98 gross. Sara Swicegood won the front nine with 49 gross.  Mary Snead won the back nine with 46 gross.

Barbara Card won closest to the pin.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played 18 holes at Carolina Trace, on the Lakes Course, May 12. The format was threesomes counting only net scores below par.

Results: Susan Thomee, Peggy Jordan, Mike Young, 14 under par; Patty Booze, Norm Farnham, Bernie Vanderwark, 10 under par; Martez Norris, Charlie Davis, Dan Gaynor, 9 under par; Patty Allan, Lynn Walker, Ira Schugar, 8 under par.

The Pinehurst Chapter played May 7 in a nine-and-dine combination on Pinewild’s Magnolia Course. The format was individual competition utilizing the Peoria Handicap System.

Results: gross – Mike Young, 42, Ed DeWitt, 46, Kathy Schlagel, 49; net – Peggy Jordan, 32, Cheryl Luc, 33, Nancy Vaitkevicius, 34.

Nancy Vaitkevicius and Ed DeWitt won closest to the pin honors.

Southern Pines: The ParSeekers played May 14 and the format was to count all par 3s, except No. 4, and all par 5s with 50 percent of each players handicap used for scoring.

Results: flight 1 – Jean McNeil, net 32, Bonnie Quesenberry, net 34, Elaine Workman, net 37; flight 2 – Kathy Waldron, net 27, Holly Meystre and Shirley McIver, net 32, Louise Pierce, net 42.

Midland: Debbie Presser at gross 42 won the third Annual Helen Kramer Crown Tournament.

Results: flight 1 –  Sara Conti, gross 49, Susan Ray, net 37; flight 2 – Linda Piechota, 49 gross, Paula Hill, 36 net; flight 3 – Carol Linthicum, gross 61, Colleen Conroy, 41 net.

The Midland Skinners played May 4 in a skins game with the following winners: Steve Presser on the first hole; Art Gula on the second; and Henry Castro on the fifth.

Art Gula, Dave Brunscheidel and Henry Castro tied at net 31. Henry Castro won closest to the pin on the fifth hole.

The Midland Ladies played May 2 in a low gross, low net and a side game of low putts.

Results: flight 1 – Deb Presser, 42 gross, Penny Higgins, 34 net; flight 2 – Dee Hancock, 47 gross, Paula Hill, 32 net; flight 3 – Pat Gannaway, 52 gross, Tracy Thomas, 35 net.

Dee Hancock won low putts with 13.

Mid South: The members played a Cinco de Mayo nine-and-wine contest May 5 and the format was a captain’s choice. Teams were assembled according to handicaps.

Results: Andy Vincent, Linda Hanlon, Frankie Marsh, Carolyn Womble, 27; Gary Podlogar, Len Murry, Gail Clakeley, Cindy Strohm, 28.

Seven Lakes: Kristen Foster, with net 63, won the Women’s Golf Association’s Cordial Cup an individual net scores only competition.

Results: flight 1 – Marti Elliott, net 68, Becky Parr, net 74; flight 2 – Joyce Charles, net 64, Margaret Arning, net 79.

Knollwood: Sandblaster Golf scores for May 14 are as follows: Tim Smith, Ron Flock, John Powell, Derrick North, 25 (MOC); Ken Batchelder, Dave Owens, Dick Baird, Jim Aanrud, 25 (MOC); Ken Pomeroy, Paul Cottam, John Mannion, Richard Lawrenson, 25 (MOC).

Ron Flock won low gross with 41. Jim Aanrud won low net with 26. Derrick North won closest to the pin.

The Rainmakers played May 14 in a low net and low putts competition.

Net results: flight 1 - Beth Hill, 32; flight 2 – Sara Conti, 33; flight 3 – Lois Vollmer, 30 (MOC); flight 4 – Colleen Conroy, 34.

Putting results: flight 1 – Tina Burns, 13; flight 2 – Barbara Brazer, 13; flight 3 – Mary Chapman, 13; flight 4 – Sue Barry, 14.

Foxfire: The Foxfire Ladies played May 8 in an individual game of bogeys or better on the Red Fox Course.

Results: Kim Spaulding, 43; Sandy Burger, 42; Jean Brown, 40.

The Foxfire Ladies played May 15 in a blind draw team game on the Grey Fox Course. The format is that on completion of the hole a player’s name is drawn and her net score is recorded for the foursome.

Results: Judy Rankin, Diane Cray, Martha Marshall, tied at 70, with Marion Bereznoff, Sonja Nelson, blind draw.

Contact Nancy O’Connell at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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