Ellen Leslie

Ellen Leslie, a member at Longleaf, got her first hole-in-one July 7.

Holes-In-OneEllen Leslie, a member at Longleaf, recorded a hole-in-one on July 7  from the front tees of the 72-yard third hole. Leslie is one of Longleaf’s senior women golfers, and her score of 81 that day matched her age. This was her first hole-in-one. Sharing in the celebration were her playing partners Diane Steele and Sandi Fischer.

Pat O’Malley, a member at Whispering Pines, recorded his second hole-in-one on the 14th hole of the River Course. O’Malley used his 8-iron to cover the 132 yards to the green. For O’Malley, it was 20 years between holes-in-one. Bob Flygar, Larry Clapp and Hal Dugenske were his witnesses.

Jean Conroy, a member at Pinehurst, recorded her fourth hole-in-one, on July 21, while playing with the Silver Foils. Conroy used her pitching wedge to cover the 73 yards to the second hole of Course No. 3. Her playing partners for the day were Sandy Smith and Jackie Dominquez.

Whispering Pines: The Men’s Golf Association played a game of 123 on July 15. The format was that the team used one best ball on par-3 holes, two on par-4 holes and three on par-5 holes. The winners were:

Peter Pahk, Peter Kwon, Chris Reitler and Bill Saylor, 21 under par; Pat O’Malley, Jerry Leary, Bob Adams and Dick Harris, 20 under par.

The Women’s Golf Association played on July 21 in their annual Founder’s Day Tournament.  The format was individual low net competition with an overall winner as well as flight winners.

Sandy Hallet shot a net 70 to win the tournament and the Jefferson Cup trophy.

Flight 1 – Isabelle Daley, 71; Karen Hobbs, tied at 73, with Marsha Paff; Elke Phillingane, 75. Flight 2 – Sandy Hallet, 70; Debbie McCormick, Gladys Wade and Margret Endrigat, all tied at 75. Flight 3 – Sue Brammer, 71; Daryl Pierce, 74; Judy Woodward, 76. Flight 4 – Linda Anderson, 73.  Joyce Reitler, tied at 75, with Mary Steffan.

 Pinehurst: The Birdies played on July 20 and the game was Ham and Eggs with the first two players on the scorecard Hams and the second two Eggs, using one best ball from the Hams and one best ball from the Eggs for scoring.

The winners: First – Mary Akin, Judith Gais, Leigh Ann Eschelman, Nancy McNally, 142 (MOC).  Second – Blind Draw, Jean Coble, Carol Showalter, Myrna Spencer, 142 (MOC). Third – Barbara Derr, Janet Dill, Arlene Diosegy, Patty Dellovade, 143 (MOC). Fourth – Blind Draw, Gloria Sectish, Anna Jones, April O’Connor, 143 (MOC).

The Scramblers played on July 13 in a two best balls of the foursome contest. Two best balls on par-4 holes, one best ball on par-3 and par-5 holes for scoring. 

The winners: Alan Greenblatt, Mike Stevens, Jeff Mengel, 101; Dan Bryant, John Hamblen, Joe Kasko, Eric Bluemke, 103; Paul Conover, Peter Blick, Bob Mosbrook, , Bob Nielsen, 105; and  Larry Cox, Mike Jumper, Butch Lendgren, 106.

Closest to the pin honors were won by Pat Lynch and Joe Kasko.

The Scramblers played on July 20 in a two best ball format on Course No. 1 with the following winners:

Larry Cox, Mike Griffith, Peter White, Len Romanker, 135 (MOC); Jim Hayes, John Hamblen, Jeff Mengel. Dave Kinney, 135 (MOC);  Jack Pritchard, Paul Conover, Roland Carey, 131; and Rich Wilkins, Gene Keegan, Lou Mongelluzzo, Bill Noggle, 132.

Closest to the pin winner was Gene Keegan.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played on July 15 in an Individual Stableford game. The winners were:

Flight 1 — Barbara Derr, 36 points; Jackie Nybert, 33 points. Flight 2 — Queeney Tang, 37 points; Pat Blank, 36 points. Flight 3 — Gretchen Nelms, 33 points; Susan LaGraff, 33 points.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played on July 17 in an ABCD one best ball event. The winners were: Sharon Wilson, Jane Sargent Barton, Melody Eckhart and Susan LaGraff, 63; Roe Lyons, Joyce McWane, Judy Gais and Patti Dellovade, 65; Tonya Brown, Barbara Derr, Gloria Sectish and Janice Kuklok, 65.

The Chippers played on July 15 on Course No. 1 in an individual game of even holes, plus hole nine, with the following winners: Helen Kirk, 20; Carol Wyatt, 21 (MOC); Vicki Hancock, 21 (MOC); Mary Bernel, 21 (MOC); Ann Kastl, 22; and Christine Carter, 23.

The Men’s Golf Association played on July 21 in a Cha-Cha-Cha game on Course No 1. The winners were:

Overall — Bill Womble, Peter White and Jim Mikus, 122; Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson and Rick Page, 128; Robert Hilsby III, Lonnie Wright, Mike Stevens and Jerry Horn, 129.

Front Nine — Terry Lane, Dale Siemer, Philip Aruscavage and Tony Prestipino, 61; Gary Gee, Toby Bakaysa and Davy Kaylor, 62.

Back Nine — John Gunnison, William Andrews, Jim Powell and Terry Davidson, 68 (MOC); Mike Caswell, Mike Mauney, Lee Pisarski and John Harpole, 68 (MOC); Mike Heishman, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer and Paul Benfield, 70.

The Men’s Golf Association played on July 22 in a “Cha-Cha-Cha game on Course No. 3 and the winners were:

 Overall — First, Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman and Louis Mongelluzzo, 115; Second, Mike Spinner, Ernest Krutzsch, James Swain and Buddy Mannix, 119; Third, Charles Kachel, John Reeves and Michael LaGraff, 123.

Front Nine — First, Mike McCarty, Larry Cracraft, Brad Kahtz and Richard Reinthaler, 54; Second, John Wittenstrom, Robert Seigfried and Woody Hough, 57 (MOC); Third, Michael Robinson, Roger Johnson and John Grant, 57 (MOC).

Back Nine — First, Murray Stern, Vince Gamble, Aly Badawy and Peter Langworthy, 64; Second, Chuck Terrill, Robert Fazio Jr., Guy Veni and Richard Haefele, 66; Third, Joel Sweet, Joe Carter, Stan Martin and Pete Blick, 67.

The Tin Whistles played in their 42nd President’s Cup competition on July 18 on Course No. 1 with a field of 80 players.

Jim Davis and Troy Biegger led the field with a score of 61 followed by Bill Christina and Jim Curley, 62 (MOC); Eric Eshelman and Frank Marois, 62 (MOC); Ray Hughes and Barry Lerman, 63; Don Kinney and Mike McKitrick, 64; Cacki Jones and Mike Cobb, 65 (MOC); and Dale Perdue and Bob Asdal, 65 (MOC).

The Tin Whistles played on July 20 in an away tournament at Forest Creek on the North Course in a quota game. The winners were:

First — Terry Davis, Bill Longenecker, Denny McCann and Robin Baughman, -6; Second, Tim Hilgenberg, Mark Boynton, Bruce Hironimus and JJ Jackson, -9; Third, Parks Cobb, David Muir, Ken Brown and Richard Blum, -11; Gary Gee, Bill Christian, Skip Kendrick and Dave Kaylor, -14.

The Silver Foils played on July 22 on Course No. 3, and the game was two best balls on red tees on odd holes and yellow Tees on even holes.

The winners: First – Sandy Smith, Jean Conroy, Jackie Dominquez and blind draw, 122; Second – Rita Weeks, Lisa Case, Pat Anderson and Peggy Poole, 126; Third – Nancy Dorato, Karen Plankar, Sue Wright and Twila Tuxbury, tied at 128, with Melody Eckhart, Liz McClain, Paulette Clayton and Donna Skidmore.

The Silver Foils played on July 14, on Course No. 5, in the Red vs White match play pournament.

Teams were tied after 18 holes (247.5). The tie was broken on the No. 1 handicap hole at 10.5 Red to 17.5 White.

Members of the winning White team were Stephanie Pritchett, Rita Weeks, Dianne Cole-Hall, Camilla Rothwell, Debbie Sizer, Donna Janasek, Cathy Pierce, Joyce McWane, Lorrie Allie, Peggy Poole, Lisa Case, Donna Skidmore, Judy Gais, Jean Funderburg, Nancy Whalley, Twila Tuxbury, Tracy Nater, Cindy Motter, Lynn Delgarn, Joan Yue, Melodie Eckhart, All Galle, Kathy Mondock, Jan Persico, Susan LaGraff, Sally Hargrove, Marilyn Thomas and Kay Monteith.

American Singles: the Pinehurst Chapter played on July 16, at Talamore Golf Club. The format was an Assault on Par between foursomes, where only under par scores count.

Winner were: First - Bobbi Amato, Cheryl Lancaster, Jim Legg, Mike Young, 18 under par; Second - Pat Hruska, Kathy Slotter, Roy Neal and Ron Smith, 8 under par; Third - Phyllis Kenny, Nancy Peterson and Ed DeWitt, 8 under par; Fourth - Lynn Walker, Mike Roche and Ira Schugar, 6 under par.

Kathy Slotter and Jim Legg won closest to the pin honors.

American Singles the Pinehurst Chapter played on July 19 at Mid South Golf Club. The format was an Assault on Par, foursome competition, only net scores under par counted for scoring.

First - Bob Flesca, Debbie Tyler and Mike Young, 18 under par; Second - Joy Hertel, Bobbi Amato, Robert Doerr and Dan Gaynor, 13 under par. Fourth - Pat Koubek, Susan Thomee, Sarah Carter and Sonny Tu, 11 under par. Fifth - Phyllis Kenny, Donna DeCesare, Butch Lundgren and To Carrier, 9.3 under par; Sixth -Jamie Fisher, Sue Deutsch, Ira Schugar and Carroll Guest, 9 under par; Seventh - Martez Norris, Lynn Walker, Mike Roche and Marcus Martin, 8 under par.

Closest to the pin honors went to Debbie Tyler and Jamie Fisher.

American Singles the Pinehurst Chapter played on July 22 in a 9 and Tailgate at Midland Country Club. The format was individual competition utilizing the Peoria Handicap System. 

The winners were: Phyllis Kenny, 33; Nancy Jones,  36; Ray Druss, 37; Patty Allan, 37; DeWitt , 37; Pat Koubek, 38; Mike Young, 41; and Jim Legg, 42. Ray Druss and Pat Koubek won closest to the pin honors.

Pinewild: The Women’s Golf Association played a team game of Alphabet Soup with the following winners:

Flight 1 — Carol Pitzer, Diane Vosilus, Lorrie Larson and, Nancy Wurst, 135.  Flight 2  — Donna Rotondo, Kay Rednour, Katie Dahlberg and Judi Lee Smith, 136. Flight 2 — Karen Fitch, Katrina Ellison, Pat Marki, Jean Weiler, 134; and Linda Schneider, Judith Kelley, Jean Lee and Blind Draw, 137. Flight 3 — Grace Hill, Jean Brobst, Barb Gannett and Kathy Slocum, 125; Carol Angus, Marcia Krasicky, Bobbi Erdman and Linda Bell.

Closest to the pin winners were Grace Hill on No. 3 and Linda Bell on No. 7.

The Men’s Golf Association played on July 16 on the Magnolia Course in an ABCD contest. The format was one best ball on holes one to six, two on holes seven to 12 and three on holes 13 to 18. The winners were:

First – Joe Hegedus, Mike Glaspy, Jim McMahon and, Ron Joseph, -16; Second – Vince Gordon, Bob Chuderewicz, Dan Angus and Fred Hoffecker, -12; Third — Perry Spangler, Bill Leonard, Ed Rackowski and Art Lannon, -12.

Closes to the pin winners were Dan Angus on No. 3; Art Lannon, No. 7; Ed Rackowski, No. 12; and Vince Gordon, No. 15.

Beacon Ridge: The Beaconettes played a captain’s choice game from the green tees with the following winners: Sunny Ross, Jan Lindstrom and Carol Dube, 34; and Clara Karnish, Becky Graham and Nita Hartless, 37.

The 18-Holers played on July 21 in a game of two best balls on par-four holes only. The winners were:

Pat Land, tied at 39, with Mary Ellen Buckley; Barbara Card, 40; Clara Karnish, 40; Nita Hartless, 44; Sarah Abbott, 46; Sue Sikes, 48; Mary Snead, 49; and Nancy Cunningham, 54.

Longleaf: The Women 18 Holers played net best ball of the threesome on July 16 and the winners were: Lynn Dunn, Shelly Cotter, Darlene Luppino and Blind Draw, 61; and  Ellen Leslie, Becky Hall-man, Sandi Fischer, 63.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers played on July 20 and the game was team play with two low nets used for scoring. First – Shirley Flaherty, Sara Conti, Charlene Huff and Colleen Conroy, 56; Second – Doris Stone, Lucky Levin, Susan Rodgers and Paula Hill, 62.

Seven Lakes: Philippa Davidson is the Cordial Cup winner with a net 70 for July. Flight winners were:

First —Becky Parr, 74.  Roni Hann, tied at 77, with Marti Elliott. Second — Shirley Flaherty and Phyllis Kenney, 78; Shirley Flaherty and Phyllis Kenney, 78.; and Susan Clark, 79.

Midland: The Midland Ladies played on July 16 in a team Stableford event. The winners were:

First — Debbie Presser, Linda Parke, Paula Hill and Claudia Lindsey, tied at 55, with Penny Higgins, Doris Stone, Linda Piechota and blind draw; Third — Peggy Jones, Susie Ray, Christine Leo and Trish St. Clair, 52; Fourth – Sue Geller, Sara Conti, Char Lloyd and blind draw, 49.

Chris Pearson won the Men’s Golf Association 18-Hole Match Play championship for 2020. He defeated Chad Buckley 1-up.

Foxfire: The Women’s Golf Association played July 15, and the game was with a playing partner, play the front nine and record the bet net ball of the twosome, then play the same nine again and you can only improve your score hole by hole to determine the winning team.

First — Ginny Siedler and Kim Spaulding, 27; Second — Rita Ward and Barb Smart, 29 (MOC); Jackie Martin and Martha Marshall, 29.

The Women’s Golf Association played on the Red Fox Course on July 22 and the game was a net birdie gets a plus, a net par gets a zero and a net bogey (or worse) gets a minus. The winners were: Judy Rankin, plus 2; Jackie Martin, tied at minus 1 with Pam Reyes; Anita Clapp, tied at minus 2, with Ginny Siedler; Kim Spaulding, minus 3.

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