Whispering Pines: The Ninettes played June 1 in a “revert three holes to par” format. Play was on the front nine of the River Course. Two-thirds of each player’s handicap was used for scoring.

Flight 1: Be Schilling, 29.5, Linda Anderson, 35; flight 2 – Judy Loughlin, 34.

The Women’s Golf Association played a Cha-Cha-Cha team event June 2.  The format was one net best ball on par 5s, two on par 4s and three on par 3s.

Results: first – Peggy Flygar, Helen Gibbons, Sue Leary, Marsha Paff, 112; second – Sue Brammer, Margaret Endrigat, Jane Lankford, Anne Gerwig, 117; third – Candie Robertson, June Sweet, Judy Woodward, Sue Leary, tied at 119, with the teams of Mary Ann Blake, Anita Clapp, Elke Phillingane, Pat Talcott and Carol Carlson, Anne Gerwig, Jan Marshall, Daryl Pierce.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 3 and the game was a  Stableford format (one point for a bogey, two for a par, three for a birdie and four for an eagle).

Results: Jim Phillingane, Peter Kwon, Gerry Leary, Richard Harris, 140 pts; Larry Clapp, George Venet, Bill Saylor, Jim McDevitt, 138 pts.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played on Pinehurst course No. 5 May 31. The format was foursome competition at least two best balls with all birdies counting.

Results: Renee Miller, Cheryl Lancaster, Butch Lundgren, Tom Carrier, 15 under par; Debbie Webster, Bobbi Amato, Mike Young, 13 under par; Nancy Peterson, Mike Roche, Debbie Tyler, Robert Doerr, 12 under par; Margaret Hall, Martez Norris, Dan Gaynor, 10 under par; Nancy Vaitkevivius, Marcus Martin, Ric Spear, 9 under par; Phyllis Kenny, Patti Booze, Dave Myers, Paul Mago, 3 under par.

Patty Booze and Dave Myers won closest to the pin honors.

The Pinehurst Chapter played June 3 in a nine and dine and tailgate at Midland Country Club. The format was individual competition utilizing the Peoria Handicap System.

Results: Peggy Jordan, 29; Ray Druss tied at 31 with Earl Quam, Jim Legg, Nancy Peterson and Mike Roche.  Kathy Slotter, 33.

Closest to the pin were Nancy Peterson and Ed DeWitt.

Seven Lakes: Karen Williamson won the Women’s Golf Association’s June Cordial Cup with a net score of 71. The competition is an individual net score only game.

Flight 1 results: Marti Elliott, 72, Cheryl Bantle, 74, Leslie Springer, 75, Shirley Flaherty, 75; flight 2 – Joyce Charles, 72, Nancy Peterson, 74, Colleen Watts, 75.

Pinewild: The Women’s Golf Association played June 2 in an ABCD ringer style tournament.

Results: first - Debra Smith, Pam Appleman, Diana Harper, Nancy Butler, 55; second – Grace Hill, Wendy Schreiber, Bobbie Erdman, Susan Fassett, tied at 56, with Katherine Pieczynski, Ann Blayney, Carol Kroes, Barbara Adams; third – Karen Fitch, Jude Winkley, Mary Vicenik, Terri Birkhauser, tied at 57, with Donna Rotondo, Lydia Healy, Mary Schneider, Nancy Wurst and Diane Vosilus, Jean Brobst, Sue Jacobsen, Kathy Samchalk.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers results for June 1 in a low gross and low putts game are as follows: gross – flight 1 – Peggy Jones, 43, Shirley Flaherty, 43; flight 2 – Doris Stone, 48; flight 3 – Tracy Thomas, 50; flight 4 – Barbara Woodruff, 49; putts – Joan Mangrum, 13, Tina Burns, 14.

The Sandblasters played June 3 and the game was two best balls of the foursome.

Results: first – Henry Castro, Bob Burket, John Mannion, blind draw, 65; second – Art Gula, Mitch Sharp, Dave Owens, Richard Lawrenson, 66; third – Jim Braunscheidel, Kan Pomeroy, Larry Kerns, Lind, 70.

Beacon Ridge:  The Beaconettes played a team game May 28 and the scoring was the best net ball of the foursome on even holes.

Results: Jan Lindstrom, Nita Hartless, Barbara Card, Clara Karnish, 13 net; Barbara Brazer, Terry Rudziensky, Sunny Ross, Carol Dube, 14 net.

Mary Snead won the 18-hole Ladies monthly Beacon Cup June 2 with net 72.

Sandra McDermott and Nancy Cunningham tied at 74, Mary Card had 76 and Mary Ellen Buckley had 77.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 3 where the two low net golfers qualified for a handicap tournament Oct. 21.

Mark Lindstrom and Mike Karnish had 74 net.

Other results: flight 1 – Max Picinich, 72, Tim Pittman, 74, Joel Martin and Peter Wyckoff tied at 76, Ron Dunning, 77; flight 2 – Tom Snead, 71, Don Smith, Joe Mannuci, tied at 74, Ed Emery, 77.

Jerry Sienicki and Mike Karnish  won closest to the pin honors.

Midland: The Midland Skinners played May 30.

Brad Zeal one skin on hole No. 1.  Chris Pearson skins on holes No. 2 and 8.  John Burns one skin on No. 4.  Steve Presser skins on holes 7 and 9.

Art Gula won low net with 30, Chris Pearson was second with net 32 and Charles Childers and Chad Beckley tied at 34.  Henry Castro won closest to the pin on the third hole and Bob Klicpera on the sixth.

The Midland Men’s Golf Association played June 3 in an individual net game.

9-holers results: flight 1 - John McClain and Charles Gallagher, 33 net; flight 2 – John Mannion, 36 net, Henry Fuhrmann, 37 net.

18-holers results: flight 1 – Steve Presser, 72 net, Chris Pearson, 73 net; flight 2 – Chad Buckley and Emmett Callow tied at 79 net.

Jim Braunscheidel was closest to the pin for 9-holers and Melissa Green won on the front for the 18-holers and Bob Klicpera on the back.

Foxfire: The annual Foxfire Four-Ball Tournament was held in May.

The team of Bill Smart and Jerry Rooney ran the field defeating the team of Frank Miller and Glenn Schlehofer over 20 holes.

Pinehurst: The Silver Foils played May 26 on course No. 3 in a one best ball contest.

Results: first – Shirley Potter, Pat Ironside, Cheri Guidice, Pat Anderson, 55; second – Liz McClain, Paulette Clayton, Camilla Rothwell, Melory Eckhart, 56 (MOC); third – Tricia Williamson, Stephanie Pritchett, Rhonda Brooks, Lisa Case, 56 (MOC).

The Silver Foils played June 3 on course No. 1 and the game was low gross/low net.

Results: gross – Elizabeth Strachan, 80, Debbie Sizer, 82, Stephanie Pritchett, 85; net – Ro Kachel, 65, Tracy Nater, 66, Pat Anderson, 68.

The Tin Whistles played May 23 in a team quota game on Pinehurst No. 6.

Results: first – Judd White, Ed Renner, Eddie Sanderlin, Guy Veni, -2; second – Dale Perdue, Anthony Persico, Tony Rothwell, Jay Levy, -3; third – Frank Marois, Eric Eshelman, Michael Walker, Bruce Hockman, -6.

The Tin Whistles played May 30 on course No. 5 in a two best balls of the foursome format.

Results: first – Roy Jordan, Merle Lewis, Guy Veni 121; second – Mike Rospert, Jim Koch, Rick Brownlee, Dave Hampton, 131 (MOC); third – Bob Blackwell, Peter Gross, Bill Hauser, Gilbert Galle, 131 (MOC); fourth – Ernie Ferrell, Mark Janasek, Mike McKitrick, Bob Sizer, 131 (MOC).

The Birdies played a “move it forward game” from the yellow tees.

Results: first – Nell Neal, Joyce McWane, Kerry Arnold, Maureen Reeves, 99; second – Diane Negley, Sue Boynton, Jan Kuklok, Nancy McNally, 101; third – Donna Tanner, Franny Stewart, Jan Stewart, Anna Jones, 102; fourth – Jean Coble, Jeanie Daigre, Mary white, Sue Write, 104.

Closest to the pin on the fifth hole was Nell Neal.

The Chippers  played May 27 on course No. 1 and the game was minus 2/individual.

Results: Jane Rowen, minus 25; April O’Connor, minus 27 (MOC); Patricia Smith, minus 27 (MOC). Mary Ann Lynch, minus 28; Laurel MacLennan, 34.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 3 in a “5s the hard way” game on course No. 6.

Overall results: James Swain, Mike Spinner, Ernest Krutzsch, Philip Manhardt, 143; Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman, Louis Mongelluzzo, 145; Barry Lyons, Jay Carothers, Peter Gross, John McNeill, 146.

Front-nine results: Ron Hasbrouck, Joel Sweet, Pete Blick, Skip Angelo, 70; Mike McCarty, Larry Craft, Don Rectenwald, Gary Shannon, 72 (MOC); Bill May, Michael Tencza, John Bouldry, Peter Genthner, 72 (MOC).

Back-nine results: Patrick Haggerty, Hal Schneider, Guy Veni, 69; Paul Conover, Anthony Viola, Preston Hardage, 71; Dennis Sedivy, Aly Badawy, Vince Gamble, Peter Langworthy, 73.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 2 in a “5s the hard way” game on course No. 5.

Overall results: Rick Gagliardo, Linn Shorb, Bill Lawson, Bill Clark, 139; Philip Aruscavage, Tony Prestipino, Terry Lane, William Mountcastle, 140; Robert Hilsby III, Lonnie Wright, Mike Stevens, Jerry Horn, 141.

Front-nine results: Dutch Briel, Sterling Stetson, Stuart Vos, Stan Rohwedel, 71 (MOC); Garrett Walsh, Rick Ensele, Joseph Kasko, David Kinney, 71 (MOC); Mike Heishman, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield,72.

Back-nine results: Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Page, 71 (MOC); Thomas Embrey, Ron Milam, Gene Horvath, Dick Moore, 72 (MOC); Noel Wren, Gerald Ayers, bob Edens, Robert Friedrichs, 72 (MOC).

Contact Nancy O’Connell at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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