Pinetop Tournament: Competition was held at Foxfire June 19. Results are below.

Flight 1: gross – Ellen Connors, Pinewild, 78; net – Carol Pitzer, Pinewild, 69, Helen Gibbons, Whispering Pines, 70.

Flight 2: gross – Sandy Burger, Whispering Pines, 83; net – Roni Hann, Seven Lakes, 69, Marianne Nugent, Foxfire, 70.

Flight 3: gross – Ginny Siedler, Foxfire, 86; net – Rita Roberts, MidSouth, 70, Leslie Frusco, Foxfire, 71.

Flight 4: gross – Judy Gais, Pinehurst and Marti Elliott, Seven Lakes tied at 93; net – Kathy Petz, Pinehurst, 73.

Flight 5: gross – Kim Spaulding, Foxfire, 93; net – Barb Smart, Foxfire and June Sweet, Whispering Pines, tied at 71, Talie Tuffnell, Pinewild and Linda Strohmenger, Seven Lakes, tied at 72.

Flight 6: gross – Sonja Nelson, Foxfire, 88; net – Sue Manley, Foxfire, 64, Aime Richards, Pinehurst, 68.

Flight 7: gross – Pam Venet, Whispering Pines, 91; net – Pam Jones, Whispering Pines, 66, Connie Hochstetler, Foxfire, 71.

Flight 8: gross – Flo Lashomb, Foxfire, 92; net – Sue Wagner, Whispering Pines, 64, Ann Beck MidSouth, 72.

Flight 9: gross – Kimi McDevitt, Whispering Pines, 102; net – Karen Teems, Pinewild and Jan Behnke, Pinewild, tied at 72, Linda Straczewski, Foxfire, 81.

Flight 10: gross – Mary Steffan, Whispering Pines, 102; net – Darlene Skinner, Pinehurst, 69, Nancy Peterson, Seven Lakes, 73.

Pinetop standings (year to date): Whispering Pines, 30; Foxfire, 25; Pinewild, 19; Seven Lakes, 17; Pinehurst, 16; MidSouth, 7.

Pinehurst: The Women’s Golf Association played June 20 on course No. 1. The game was 3-2-1 blastoff. Three best balls were needed for scoring on holes one to six, two on holes seven to 12 and one on holes 13 to 18.

Results: first – Trish Christina, Cathy Pierce, Marti Rust, Peggy Poole, 119; second – Gay Padgett, Tereece Little, Sue McDermott, 124 (MOC); third – Shirley Petersen, Vickki Briel, Sandra Monin, Barbara Tencza, 124 (MOC); fourth – Mary White, Lynn Dawson, Carol Hannah, 125.

Sue McDermott won low gross with 79.  Marti Rust made an eagle on the 18th hole.

Closest to the pin on the fifth hole was Aime Richards and on the ninth it was Lisa Bomkamp.

The Tin Whistles’ Parsons Memorial had a three-way tie for first and had a sudden-death playoff to determine the winner.

John Weiss is the champion and winner of the trophy, carding a 79-64.

The Tin Whistles played an away game June 20 at Mid South and the game was two best balls of the foursome.

Results: John Masotti, Mike McKitrick, Jim Koch, Dave Hampton, 123; Mike Rospert, Rich Holada, Barry Lerman, Bob Eater, 124; Marty Korte, Mark Boynton, Dick Blum, Joe Mills, 127; Mike Fusselbaugh, Mark Janasek, Joe DeRosa, John Taylor, 132 (MOC); Ron Sundstrom, Jack Wells, Jan Ludwig, Murray Williamson, 132.

The Men’s Golf Association played in an individual flight tournament on course No. 5.

Flight 1: gross – Blaine Riney, 30, Jim Ayersman, 29; net – John Vann, 40 (MOC), Don Harnum, 40 (MOC).

Flight 2: gross – Guy Veni, 27 (MOC), Paul Conover, 27 (MOC); net – Rick Eschman, 45, Mick Curran, 43.

Flight 3: gross – Michael Robinson, 23, Jack McCall, 19; net – Anthony Viola, 43, John Bouldry, 42.

The Men’s Golf Association  played June 25 in an individual flighted play on course No. 1.

Flight 1: gross – Stan Rohwedel, 31 (MOC), Dutch Briel, 31 (MOC); net – Wayne Ricks, 42, Gary Petersen, 39 (MOC).

Flight 2: gross – Robert Hilsby, III, 31, Mike Stevens, 26; net – William Mountcastle, 41, Ken Pepper, 40.

Flight 3: gross – Ronald Reynolds, 25, Ross Truemper, 20; net – David Kinney, 40 (MOC), John Zimmerman, 40 (MOC).

The Chippers played June 26 on course No. 6, in an individual game.  The format was even holes plus the ninth.

Results: Mary Bernel, 20; Judy Davis, 22 (MOC); Wanda Little, 22 (MOC).

The Silver Foils played June 25 on course No. 3 in a one best ball on odd holes and two on even holes.

Results: Jan Kuklok, Sigrid Gross, Judi Avist, Deb Hockman, 81; Joyce Harter, Rita Weeks, Dianne Cole-Hall, Cindy Motter, 83; Paulette Clayton, Donna Skidmore, Liz McClain, Lulu Eichhorn, 85.

The Birdies played June 25 on Pinehurst No. 5  and the format was one best ball of the foursome.

Results: Paula Zellers, Brenda Thomas, Barbara Tenza, Francine Smarrelli, 84; Quenney Tang, Pilar Page, Sue Ferretti, Vicki Hancock, 87; Rita Weeks, Linda Querec, Barbara Derr, Jane Asdal, 87.

Donna Tanner won closest to the pin on the sixth hole.

Pinewild: The Men’s Golf Association played a “peer play” event on June 6 on the Magnolia Course.

White/mixed tee flight results: gross – Bruce Fitzpatrick, 73, Bill Reynolds, 76; net – Gene Medlock, 67, Rocco Simone, 68.

Gold/red tee flight results: gross – Jim Moon, 77, Tom Clark,82, Tom Cecka, 84; net – Miles Baldwin, 66, Dave Dell’Aglio, 68, Jim Belford, 69, Denny DiDonato, 70, Bob Behnke, 70, Art Lannon, 70.

Closest to the pin on the third hole was Dave Dell’Aglio, on the seventh Bill Reynolds, on the 12th Mark Voetsch and on the 15th Bruce Fitzpatrick.

The Men’s Golf Association played a peer play event June 13th on the Magnolia Course.

White/mixed tee flight results: gross – Bruce Fitzpatrick, 73; net – Bruce Connors, 68, Tom Vicenik, 70.

Gold/red tee flight results: gross – Jim Moon, 76, Tom Clark, 80, Scott Parker, 80; net – Kevin Carroll, 65, Lee D’Onle, 66, Pat Mastandrea, 68, Bob Chuderewicz, 68, Tom Green, 68, Johann Rudzitis, 68, Bob Behnke, 68.

Closest to the pin on the third hole was Bill Kennedy, on the seventh Terry Collins, on the 12th Pat Mastandrea and Bruce Connors on the 15th.

The Women’s Golf Association played June 26 in a skins game.

Results: group 1 – Nancy Wurst, 7 skins; group 2 – Kathy Samchalk and  Patty Hmel, 7 each; group 3 – Ann Leonard, 10; group 4 – Mary Vicenik, 5; group 5 – Mary Lou Steere and Freddy Mastandrea, 9 each; group – Mary Schneider, 11 ; group 7 – Lori Ricker, 9; group 8 – Ann Blayney and Judith Kelley, 8 each; group 9 – DeeDee Schmidtt and Carol Angus, 7 skins each; group 10 – Grace Hill, 7; group 11 – Soonyoung Spadola, 11.

Whispering Pines: The Ninettes played June 24 on the back nine of the River Course. The game was a 7s and 5s contest.

Results: flight 1 – Mary Jakucyk had the most 5s; flight 2 – Margaret Pluff had the most 7s.

The Pinettes played June 25 in a team scramble.

Results: first – Carol Carlson, Barbara Fulghum, Daryl Pierce, Chris Mancuso, 2 points; second – Karen Hobbs, Candie Robertson, Carol Rossi, Nancy Kendrick, 1.5 points; flight 2 – Ann Gerwig, Millie Mills, Doris Lanning, Mary Steffan, 2 points; second – Wanda Parker, Kimi McDevitt, Joyce Reitler, 1.5 points.

Longleaf: The 18-Hole Ladies played June 20 and the game was one best ball of the threesome.

Results: first – Ellen Leslie tied at 49, with Darlene Luppino; second - Tanya Ikeda, tied at 56, with Larraine Schwerin, Judy Hotham, Nancy Evans, Inge Stipe and Lynn Dunn.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played at the Bayonet at Puppy Creek and the game was foursomes’ competition, two best balls with all birdies counting.

Results: first – Joy Hertel, Bob Flesca, Norm Farnham 35 under par; second – Susan Thomee, Cheryl Lancaster, Earl Quam, 32 under par; third – Nancy Peterson, Mike Young, Stephen Arnold, 31 under par; fourth – Bobbi Amato, Lynn Walker, Ira Schugar, Don Gaynor, tied at 30 under par, with Pat Hruska, Cheryl Luc, Roy Neal, Jim Legg; sixth – Kathy Slotter, Patty Booze, Butch Lundgren, Tom Carrier, 27 under par; seventh – Patty Allan, Renee Miller, Margaret Hall, Brian Harpster, 25 under par.

Pat Hruska won closest to the pin for the women and Steve Arnold for the men.

Midland: Susan Ray is the Midland Ladies 2019 Ringer Tournament Champion with a score of 24.  Second place was a tie at 30 with Penny Higgins, Paula Hill and Linda Piechota. Doris Stone was third with 31, Sue Geller was fourth with 33 and Beth Owens was fifth with 34.

The Skinners played June 22 and the winners were Brad Zeal on the second hole and Rick Burgin with an eagle on the ninth.

Art Gula won low net at 29, Denny Way had net 30 and Tony Leo net 31.  Charles Childers won closest to the pin.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 26 and the game was individual net.

18-holers: flight 1 – Harvey Koonce, 66, Steven Presser, 70; flight 2 – Paul Cottam and Ted Meyer tied at 66.

Nine-holers; flight 1 – Mike Lloyd, 33, Bob Geller and David Owens tied at 35; flight 2 – George Griffin, 31, Ron Flock, 33; flight 3 – Jim Aanrud, 33, Dick Baird and Richard Lawrenson tied at 35.

Don Burgess won closest to the pin.

Beacon Ridge: The Ladies played June 20 and the game was red/yellow/white flags.

Results: first – Pat Price, Terry Rudziensky, Georgia Pollnow, Leslie Springer, net 57; second – Sue Frank, Gail Deal, Sara Swicegood, net 62.

Sara Swicegood won closest to the pin on the 16th at 10-foot-7.

Foxfire: The Ladies Golf Association played June 26 and the game was one best net ball on all holes with one worst hole thrown out for scoring.

The team of Rita Ward, Judy Rankin, Sue Manley and Jackie Martin tied at 50, with Kim Spaulding, Lucille Cardelle, Barb Smart and Martha Marshall.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers results for June 24 in a game of low gross and low net are as follows: flight 1 – Peggy Jones, gross 40, Sara Conti, net 27; flight 2 – Doris Stone, gross 45, Barbara Grazer, 26; flight 3 – Lois Vollmer, gross 43, Mary Chapman, net 24; flight 4 – Sue Barry, gross 46, Barbara Woodruff, 27.

Sandblaster Golf results in a two best balls of the foursome contest are as follows: first – John Burns, Derrick Noth, Dick Baird, Chuck Crum, 52; second – Ken Pomeroy, Paul Cottam, Jim Aanrud, 56; third – Art Gula, John Mannion, Vick Kendall, Joe Alden, 60.

John Burns won low gross with 40.  Ron Flock won closest to the pin honors.

Seven Lakes: The Women’s Golf Association played July 25 in their annual member-guest tournament. The format was net score in a captain’s choice on the front nine and one net best ball of the twosome on the back nine.

Results: flight 1 – Becky Parr and Karen Fitch, 60, Debbie Presser and Peggy Jones, 65; flight 2 – Charlotte Kennedy and Rita Roberts, 60, Shirley Flaherty and Linda Piechota, 61; flight 3 – Kathleen Causey and Mary Ann Gerney, 65, Karen Williamson and Sara Swicegood, 67.

Roni Hann won closest to the line on the 17th and Elke Phillingane won longest putt on the 18th. Closest to the pin for members was Kathleen Causey and for guests it was Sandy Burger.

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