Mid South: The annual men’s member-guest was held over the weekend of Sept. 7-8 and the format was nine-hole match play contests.

Overall champions were Andy Sandor and Jim Sandor.

Jones flight: first – Robert Thompson and Kevin Montgomery; second – Mike Hanlin and Lloyd Stephenson.

Snead flight: first – Eric Kniager and Kevin Doyle; second – Joe Hill and Tom Maskey.

Palmer flight: first – Marty Carpenter and Gary Cook; second – David Deaton and Tony Jackson.

Derr flight: first – Dave Akerson and George Pace; second – Ron Rodd and Rich Gower.

Player flight: first – Hugh Beckwith and Jeremy Rust; second – Jerry Parker and Matt Parker.

Stewart flight: first – Peter Clakeley and Chad Winklevoss; second – Jon Kearns and Ryan Sweeney.

Hogan flight: first – Andy Sandor and Jim Sandor; second – Joe Clair and Paul Shrum.

Nicklaus Flight: first – Mike Pierce and Michael Pierce; second – George Kress and Grady Strickland.

Beacon Ridge: The Men’s Golf Association played its monthly Ace of Aces qualifier Sept. 4 and the format was – two low net golfers qualify for a handicap tournament in October.

Phil Thingstad and Tim Pittman qualified with net 68s.

Flight 1 – Don Smith, 69, Max Picinich, net 74; flight 2 – Daryl Emerson, net 71, Peter Wyckoff and Jan Pollnow tied at 72.

Closest to the pin winners were Tim Pittman and Bruce Keyser.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers played Sept. 9 and the game was low net and low putts.

Results: flight 1 – Penny Higgins, net 27, Beth Owens, 14 putts; flight 2 – Doris Stone, net 36, Barbara Brazer, 15 putts; flight 3 – Dee Hancock, net 34, Joan Mangrum, 15 putts; flight 4 – Lynne Weaver, net 33, Mary Curl, 15 putts.

The Sandblaster results for Sept. 9 in a one best ball of the foursome game are as follows: first – Art Gula, Paul Cottam, Derrick North, blind draw, 23; second – Henry Castro, Larry Kearns, Jim Burrill, Joe Alden, 26; third – Tim Smith, Dave Owens, John Mannion, Dick Baird, 27.

Henry Castro won low gross with 38 and Jim Burrill and John Mannion tied at 29 for low net.  Jim Burrill won closest to the pin honors.

Midland: The Midland Skinners played Sept. 7 and the winners were Steve Presser on holes three and four, and Henry Castro on hole nine.

Bob Klicpera and Steve Presser tied for low net at 32. Steve Presser won closest to the pin.

The Men’s Golf Association played Sept. 11 in an ABCD 3,2,1 format for 18 holes.

18-holers: Henry Castro, Mitchell Sharpe, Don Burgess, Emmett Callow, net -32; Chad Bradley, Tim Smith, Ted Meyer, Blind Draw, tied at net -20.

9-holers: Jim Braunscheidel, John McMahon, Derrick North, Richard Lawrenson, net -15; David Owens, Bob Geller, James Burrill, Dick Baird, net -11.

Henry Castro won closest to the pin.

American Singles:  The Pinehurst Chapter played Sept. 10 in a nine-and-dine at Midland Country Club.  The format was individual competition utilizing the Peoria Handicap System.

Results: gross – Cheryl Lancaster, 41, Mike Young, 42, Norm Farnham, 46; net – Jim Legg, 27, Kathy Slotter, 30, Earl Quam, 31.

Alice Pardy and Nancy Peterson captured closest to the pin honors.

Whispering Pines: The Pinettes played Sept. 10 in a Red and Blue tournament. Scoring was one point on the front nine holes, one point on the back nine holes and one point for an overall win.

The Red and Blue teams tied at 10.5 points. To break the tie the chairman used the total points won by each team.

The Blue team garnered 65 points over the Red team’s 61 points.

Pinehurst: The Birdies played a “back to school” game on course No 9. The format was two best balls on all holes.

Results: first – Deb Hockman, Shirlee Sanderson, Sue Ferretti, Maureen Reeves, 127; second – Sue McDermott, Janet Dill, Mary Lou Seigfried, Vera Pelekoudas, 129; third – Roe Lyons, Aime Richards, Anne Pomichter, Myrna Spencer, 130 (MOC); fourth – Carol Hannah, Cathy Pierce, Terri Watt, Nancy McNally, 130 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played Sept. 11 on course No. 6 in an odds and even contest.

Overall results: first – Ron Hasbrouck, Aly Badawy, Charles Krouse, 90; second – Gerald Ayers, Bill Wheaton, Barry Lyons, John McNeill, 91 (MOC); third – John Grant, Richard Donald, Patrick Boyle, 91 (MOC).

Front nine: first – Jim Hilderbrand, Rob Verzera, John Arnold, Jerry Dunn, 43 (MOC); second – Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman, Louis Mongelluzzo, 43 (MOC); third – Anthony Rothwell, Jeff Smythe, Robert Rupel, Roger Johnson, 44.

Back nine: first – James Casey, Richard Means, Roger Saylor, Ken Brown, 45; second – Mark Janasek, Murray Stern, Dennis Sedivy, Stan Martin, 47 (MOC); third – Bill Hauser, Robert Blackwell, Bob Hepner, John Reeves, 47 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played Sept. 10 in an odds and even tournament on course No. 5.

Overall results: first – Thomas Embrey, Ron Milam, Gene Horvath, Dick Moore, 87; second – Ted Brawner, Ross Truemper, Craig Applequist, Mike Walker, 88 (MOC); third – William Noggle, Dan Bryant, Garth Laidlaw, Bob Hoffman, 88 (MOC).

Front nine: Wayne Ricks, Don Marchetti, Clifton Johnson, Ron Sundstrom, 39; second – Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Page, 42 (MOC); third – Doug Green, Howard Milligan, Jay Levy, Ken Pepper, 42 (MOC).

Back nine: first – Tony Prestipino, Howard Schwartz, Kurtiss Cross, William Mountcastle, 45 (MOC); second – Sterling Stetson, Dutch Briel, Stan Rohwedel, Gary Petersen, 45 (MOC); third – Bill Clark, Bill Lawson, Linn Shorb, Ken Krell, 49.

The Chippers played on course No. 5 in a game of low putts with the following results: Eleanor Gallagher, 14; Helen Kirk, tied at 16, with Patty McIlnay and Christine Carter; Nancy Bouldry, 17; Mary Bernel, 18.

The Silver Foils played Sept. 10 on the Cradle course and the format was a putter and one other club.

Results: first – Dianne Cole-Hall, Cathy Renner, Debbie Levy, Kathy Mondock, 24; second – Ellen Hamilton, Sandy Smith, Judi Avist, Paulette Clayton, 25; third – Jan Kuklok, Cathy Pierce, Silvia Bisbe, Donna Janasek, 26.

The Silver Foils played on course No. 3, in a one best ball of the foursome contest.

Results: Lulu Eichhorn, Joyce McWane, Gay Padgett, Lisa Akers, 57; Jean Conry, Twila Tuxbury, Donna Skidmore, Silvia Bisbe, 58; Jan Kuklok, Joan Yue, Debbie Sizer, Pat Ironside, 59.

Foxfire: The Foxfire Women played Sept. 11, in a game of fabulous 4s on the Red Fox Course. Kim Spaulding was first with 40 and Sue Bachelder and Sonja Nelson tied at 42.

The Foxfire Women’s Member-Guest day was played Sept. 6 on the Red Fox Course.

Flight 1: gross – Marianne Nugent, Jean Grieshaber, Barbara Smart, Brigitte Boles, 156; net – Leslie Frusco, Victoria Haidet, Sue Durham, Shirlee Sanderson, 132, Lucille Cardelle, Kathy Lishawa, Sandy Burger, Helen Gibbons, 134.

Flight 2: gross – Pam Reyes, Ann Lawson, Diane Cray, Dottie Guckin, 165; net – Rita Ward, Debbie McCormick, Sonja Nelson, Susan Williamson, 122, Ginny Siedler, Wanda Warner, Kim Spaulding, Debbie Pruitt, 122, Judy Dickerson, Pat Benson, Barbara Price, LaVerne Hess, 124, Judy Rankin, Jan Marshall, Flo LaShomb, Barbara Fulghum, 134.

Flight 3: gross – Sue Manley, Pam Venet, Kathy Samchalk, Pat Watterworth, 179; net – Pam Koos, Carol Rossi, Candace Howard, Mary Steffan, 123, MJ Sheldon, Lisa Richie, Debbie Ramos, Karen Teems, 125, Connie Hochstetler, Patrice Hanser, Helen Kirk, Susan Pikal, 129, Sue Sedlak, Chris Novak, Donna Morgan, Lois Smart, 135.

Closest to the pin on the fifth hole were Rita Ward with guest Kathy Lishawa; on the eighth Rita Ward and guest Jean Grieshaber; and on the 13th Donna Morgan and guest Brigitte Boles.

Barbara Smart and guest Kathy Samchalk won closest to the line on the sixth hole.

Pinewild: The Pinewild Ladies played a tune-up for the upcoming three-day Solheim Tournament. The game was six holes best ball of the twosome, six holes alternate shot and putts and six holes two person scramble.

Flight 1: Donna Rotondo and Paula Fitzpatrick, 61; Kit Simpson and Katrina Ellison, 61; Carol Pitzer and Deb Chuderewicz nine putts.

Flight 2: Jill Hemingway and Katherine Pieczynski, 64; Sue Smith and Ann Blayney, 69; Jill Hemingway and Katherine Pieczynski tied at 10 putts, with Sue Smith and Ann Blayney.

Flight 3: – BJ Fulcher and Lori Ricker, 67; Carol Angus and Ann Leonard, 70; BJ Fulcher and Lori Ricker 10 putts.

Flight 4: Carol Kroes and Sue Lambert, 66; Wendy Schreiber and Freddy Mastandrea, 68; Jan Behnke and Barbara Gannett, 10 putts.

Flight 5: Bobbi Erdman and Jean Lee, 67; Kathy Samchalk and Karen Teems, 70; Cathy Slocum and Nancy Niedermaier, 10 putts.

Contact Nancy O’Connell at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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