No. 9

Pinehurst No. 9 won the 2019 Interclub 2 Moore County competitions with a team total of 190 points. Members of the team are (from left) Bette Rycroft (co-captain), Pat Blank, Ro Kachel, Diane Tate, Peggy Poole, Jean Peters, Queeney Tang, Cathy Pierce, Jackie Nyberg, Cheri Guidice, Vicki Bowles and Bonnie Hanly (co-captain). Not shown are Lisa Bomkamp, Lorraine Challis, Dianne Olmstead and Patti Dellovade.

Holes-in-One: Freddy Mastandrea, a member at Pinewild, recorded her sixth hole-in-one Sept. 23 on the sixth hole of the Magnolia Course.  Freddy used her 5-wood for her uphill shot to cover the 130 yards to the green. Witnessing this perfect shot were Carol Angus, Ann Leonard and Pat Watterworth.

Gary Peterson, a member of the Pinehurst Men’s Golf Association, carded his fourth ace Oct. 1 on course No. 3.  Gary used his pitching wedge to cover the 89 yards to the eighth green. His playing partners were Sterling Stetson, Stan Rohwedel and Stuart Vos.

Barbara Smart, a member at Foxfire, recorded her hole-in-one at Mid South on the 11th hole playing in the final 2019 Pinetop Tournament.  Barbara used her 6-hybrid to cover the 109 yards to the green. Her playing partners were Deb Bolden, Mid South, Sue Sedlak, Foxfire, and Diane Cray, Foxfire.

Interclub 2: The final match was played Sept. 18 at Mid South  with the following results: Mid South, 42.5; Pinewild, 39.5; Pinehurst main club, 38; Pinehurst No. 9, 34; Pinehurst No. 7, 32.5; CC Whispering Pines, 29.5.

Pinehurst No. 9 is the Moore County 2019 season winner with a total of 190 points followed by Pinehurst main club, 184.5; Pinehurst No. 7, 183.5; Pinewild, 178.5; Mid South, 178; CC Whispering Pines, 165.5.

Pinetop: The final tournament was played at Mid South Oct. 1. Flight 1: gross – Donna Tanner, Pinehurst, 75; net – Ann Watkins, Pinehurst, 66, Barb Syler, Mid South, 69.

Flight 2: gross – Jackie Dominquez, Pinehurst, 79; net – Helen Gibbons, Whispering Pines, 70, Becky Parr, Seven Lakes, 72.

Flight 3: gross – Marjory Leidy, Pinewild, 86; net – Marsha Paff, Whispering Pines, 70, Rita Roberts, Mid South, 73.

Flight 4: gross – Peggy Clark, Pinewild, tied at 89, with Judy Dickerson, Foxfire; net – Nell Vincent, Mid South, tied at 72, with Nell Neal, Pinehurst, Chris Novak, Pinewild, 73.

Flight 5: gross – Sue Kress, Mid South, 91; net – Sue Manley, Foxfire, 70, Tee Noggle, Pinehurst, 72.

Flight 6: gross – Debbie Bolden, Mid South, 89; net – Margaret Endrigat, Whispering Pines, 71, Diane Cray, tied at 74, with Kim Spaulding, Foxfire.

Flight 7: gross – Frankie Marsh, Mid South, 98; net – Aime Richards, Pinehurst, tied at 76, with Sue Brammer, Whispering Pines, June Sweet, Whispering Pines, 77.

Flight 8: gross – Pat Talcott, Whispering Pines, 92; net – Silvia Bisbe, Pinehurst, 74, Rae Dennie, Seven Lakes, tied at 80, with Ann Beck, Mid South.

Flight 9: gross – Nancy Wurst, Pinewild, 104; net – Gail Clakeley, Mid South, 72; Karen Teems, Pinewild, 78.

Pinewild: The Women’s Golf Association played its annual “Solheim Cup” competition Sept. 23-24 and Sept. 26. 

The scoring was three-day two person teams.

Flight 1: gross - Donna Rotondo and Paula Fitzpatrick, 224; net – April Zielinski and Jean Grieshaber, 197, Peggy Clark and Carol Pitzer, 200.

Flight 2: gross – Katherine Pieczynski and Jill Hemingway, 247; net – Grace Hill and Marjory Leidy, 201, Katrina Ellison and Soonyoung Spadola, 206.

Flight 3: gross – Lori Ricker and BJ Fulcher, 254; net – Ann Leonard and Carol Angus, 207, Lorrie Larson and Jude Winkley, 215.

Flight 4: gross – Pat Watterworth and Freddy Mastandrea, 262; net - Helen Simms and Kathy McGushin, 200, Jean Weiler and Talie Tuffnell, 200.

Flight 5: gross – Carol Kroes and Sue Lambert, 273; net – Kathy Samchalk and Karen Teems, 197, Sue Jacobsen and Connie Heimann, 201.

The Women’s Golf Association played Oct. 1 on the Holly Course, in a game being ABCD pairings and two best balls net on holes that started with “T & F.”

Results: first – Judith Kelley, Lori Ricker, Mary Schneider, Jean Lee, 59; second – Grace Hill, Lorrie Larson, Carol Kroes, Katie Dahlberg, 60; third – Diane Vosilus, Katrina Ellison, Mary Vicenik, Cathy Slocum, 60.

The Pinewild Azalea League played Sept. 29 in a partners tournament with a “perfect pairs” theme on modified par-3 holes on the Holly Course.

Female/female results: Bertha Letty and Judy Pond, 30; Freddy Mastandrea and Libby Amundsen, 34; Karen Fogle and Lynn Williams, 35.

Male/female results: Louise and Bill Clifford, 31 (MOC); Sandy and Dan Garratt, 31 (MOC); Rita and Larry Burnat, 33.

Walt Blackwell was closest to the pin for “A” players on the first hole.  Ann Leonard won for the” B” players on the fourth hole.

The Pinewild Azalea League played Oct. 1 in a tickle me pink tournament to benefit FirstHealth Cancer Care.  Competition was on the Azalea Course.

Results: Freddy Mastandrea, Ann Horne, Karen Gilbert, Nancy Schmidt, 24 (MOC); Carol Coates, Gloria Bishop, Ann Blackwell, Dolores Flashman, 24 (MOC); Barbara Vincenti, Ann Vincenti, Mary Snead, Char Popson, 26.

Jan Carol won closest to the pin.

Pinehurst: Doug Green is the low gross champion for 2019 with a two-day total of 153. Rick Gagliardo is the 2019 net champion with a two-day score of 127.

Flight 1: net – Murray Stern, 132; Larry Cracraft, 134; John Harpole, 136; Bill Clark, 138; Mike Mauney, 139; John Grant, 140.

Flight 2: net – John McNeill, 131; Mike Spinner, 142 (MOC); Bill May, 142 (MOC); Paul Conover, 142 (MOC); Charles Krouse, 43; Bill Wheaton, 144 (MOC).

Flight 3: net – Jim Mikus, 134; Michael Robinson, 135 (MOC); Ron Sundstrom, 139 William Noggle, 142; Laurence Harter, 146; Joseph Kasko, 48.

The Men’s Golf Association played Oct. 1 on course No. 3, in a two best ball net contest.

Overall results: Robert Hilsby, Lonnie Wright, Jerry Horn, Mike Stevens, 112; Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Page, 115; Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield, Harvey Kettering, Roger Johnson, 116.

Front nine: Garrett Walsh, David Kinney, 48; Rick Gagliardo, Bill Clark, Bill Lawson, Ken Krell, 50; Gary Petersen, Sterling Stetson, Stan Rohwedel, Stuart Vos, 59.

Back nine: Ronald Reynolds, Laurence Harter, Don Torgersen, Joe Sernak, 62; Rick Ensele, Joseph Kasko, Jack Owens, Dick Moore, 66 (MOC); Bill Womble, John McPhaul, Peter White, Jim Mikus, 66 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played Oct. 2 on course No. 3, in a two best balls net contest.

Overall results: Mike Griffith, Tom Knorr, Anthony Viola, 117; Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman, Louis Mongelluzzo, 119; Donald Bonner, Ed Duffy, Charlie Williams, Jeffery Hilton, 120.

Front nine: John Bouldry, Guy Veni, Frank Hopper, Mike Fusselbaugh, 51; Ron Hasbrouck, Aly Badawy, Joel Sweet, Charles Krouse, 52; Bob Hepner, John Reeves, Gilbert Galle, Michael LaGraff, 53.

Back nine: John Hamblen, Peter Genthner, Robert Rupel, 60; Kirk Velett, Michael Romans, Murray Stern, 65; Michael Robinson, Barry Lyons, Peter Gross, 68.

The Women’s Golf Association played Sept. 26 on course No. 6 in a T.W.O game, with two best balls on holes beginning with T.W.O (one, two, three, 10, 12, and 13) and one best ball on all other holes.

Results: Debbie Sizer, Lisa Akers, Janie White, Barbara Lewis, 77;  Aime Richards, Tucky Hobbs, Kerry Arnold, Queentang, 79; Joyce Harter, Cindy Motter, Myrna Spencer, Silvia Bisbe, 80 (MOC); Jan Kuklok, Joan Yue, Dianna Makovitch, Judi Avist, 80 (MOC).

Closest to the pin on the seventh hole was Margit Elo and on 16 it was Jan Kuklok.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf Association played Sept. 20 on course No. 7, in an individual Stableford challenge.

Results: flight 1 – Donna Tanner, 36 points, Murrie Ives, 35 points; flight 2 – Marilyn Beatty 36 points, Jane Lee, 36 points.

The 7/9 Ladies Golf Association played Sept. 25 on course No. 9, in an ABCD team event. Scoring was one best ball/blind nine, with the golf shop picking the holes.

Results: Dianne Yelovich, Rita Weeks, June Eichele, Jean Jordan, 28 (MOC); Queeney Tang, Judy Gais, Joyce Harter, Susan LaGraff, 28 (MOC); Lucia Simon, Roe Lyons, Dot Kennihan, Franny Stewart, 28.

The Birdies played Sept. 30 on course No. 6, and the format was one best ball on holes one to six, two best balls on holes seven to 13 and one best ball on holes 13 to 18, with 90 percent of each player’s handicap used for scoring.

Overall results: Barbara Derr, Cathy Pierce, Chyrl Weber, Helen Kirk, 82; Donna Tanner, Tee Noggle, Cathy Hamblen, Tucky Hobbs, 84.

Nassau: front nine – Gail ford, Shirlee Sanderson, Janice Kuklok, Myrna Spencer, 39, Dianne Yelovich, Kerry Arnold, Silvia Bisbe, Christine Carter, 40; back nine – Sue McDermott, Nell Neal, Terri Watt, 44; Carol Mulcahy, 45, Leigh Eshelman, Nancy McNally, 45.

The Tin Whistles played Sept. 28 in their 91st Barber Memorial.  Competition was held on course No. 6. The format was individual low net.

Rick Brownlee shot an even par 72 for a low net of 65 and the honor of winning the trophy.

Net scores: Ron Kukluk, 66; John Weiss, 66; Terry Davis, 67; Murray Stern, 68; Roy Jordan, 69.

The Barber Memorial is the Tin Whistles oldest memorial tournament and is held in honor of James Barber. The tournament was started in 1928 by his estate with a $2,500 payment to the Tin Whistles to put in the bank and have the interest pay for the trophies and prizes each year ($2,500 in 1928 equals about $40,000 in 2019 dollars). James Barber built the Thistle Dhu house, as well as a classic house in Knollwood near Pine Needles.

Southern Pines: The ParSeekers played “count even holes only’ with 50 percent of each player’s handicap used for scoring.

Results: flight 1 – Elaine Workman and Kathy Waldron, net 35,   Dottie Guckin net 36, Jean McNeill net 37; flight 2 – Sandra Greiner, net 30, Shirley McIver, net 34, Louise Pierce, net 37.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers results for Sept. 30 in a captain’s choice team play event are as follows: first – Tina Burns, Sara Conti, Barbara Woodruff, 38; second – Shirley Flaherty, Doris Stone, Susan Rodgers, 39.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played Sept. 28 on Foxfire’s Red Fox Course.  The format was foursomes competition with one best ball on par 5s, two on par 3s and 3 on par 4s – all birdies counting.

Results: first – Susan Thomee, Betty Hendrix, Bob Flesca, Robert Doerr, 26 under par; second – Lois Smart, Debbie Tyler, Butch Lundgren, Tom Carrier, 25 under par; third – Cheryl Lancaster, Bobbi Amato, Ed DeWitt, Marcus Martin, 15 under par; fourth – Earl Quam, Charlie Davis, Donne DeCesare, Mike Young, 14 under par; fifth – Martez Norris, Norm Farnham, Jim Legg, Dan Gaynor, 12 under par.

Lois Smart won closest to the pin for women and Marcus Martin for the men.

Midland: The Midland Skinners played Sept. 29 and the winners were Chris Pearson on the second hole; Rick Burgin on the third and with an eagle on the seventh; and Mike Nall on the fifth.

Rick Burgin won low net with 29 whileDenny Way, Mike Nall and John Burns carded 30 net.

Seven Lakes: The Couples Championship Tournament was played Sept. 28.

Results: first – Steve Morrelli and Marti Elliott, net 65; second – Gordon Zeller and Kathy Goodman, net 66; third – Al Hann and Roni Hann net 68.

Longleaf: The Women’s Golf Association played Sept. 26 and the game was two best balls on par 3s and par 5s. The winners were the team of Nancy Cherosnick, with a career low of gross 79, Inge Stipe, Shelly Cotter and Darlene Luppino, 53.

Beacon Ridge: Mark Lindstrom is the 2019 club champion with a two-day gross score of 183. Tim Pittman was runner-up with a two-day total of 187.

Gold tee champion is Phil Thingstad with a two-day total of 167, 14 strokes over runner-up Ron Dunning.

For the Eighteen Hole Ladies, Dawn Shapiro with a net 71 is the October Beacon Cup winner.

In other results Lindy Dibella had a 67 (previous winner) and Barbara Card (previous winner) had a 70. Pat Land had 74 net.

Barbara Card won closest to the pin.

The Beaconettes had a “fun day” with their guest’s Sept. 26.  The winning team was Clara Karnish, Kathleen Deignan, Carolyn Sink and Linda Geiger with 37.

Nita Hartless won closest to the pin on the 16th hole.  Jan Moore was closest to the pumpkin – straightest drive- on the ninth fairway.

Whispering Pines: The Pinette Championship was played on the Pines Course Sept. 24 and Sept. 26.

Candie Robertson and Karen Hobbs were tied at 175 after 36 holes. Hobbs won on the second hole of a sudden death playoff. After they both parred the 18th hole and on the 17 th hole Hobbs birdied and Robertson had a par.

Other results: flight 1 – Isabelle Daley, 181; flight 2 – Marsha Paff, 188; flight 3 – Margret Endrigat, 196, Gladys Wade, 197, Pat Talcott, 207; flight 4 – Anne Jones, 211.

The Ninettes played Sept. 30 on the front nine of the Pines Course. 

The format was a game where the fifth hole was skipped and 10 was played instead. 

Full handicaps were used.

Results: flight 1 – Mary Jakucyk, 32; flight 2 – Judy Loughlin, 35.

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