Holes-in-One: Mike Nall, a member at Midland CC recorded his hole-in-one May 16 on the second hole at Midland. Mike used his 9-iron to cover the 137 yards to the green. Celebrating with Mike were his playing partners Paul Strider and Emmett Callow.

Joe Mills, a member at Pinehurst, aced the 141-yard third hole on course No. 6 June 1. Joe used his 8-iron to cover the 141 yards to the green. Witnesses were Mark Boynton, Tony Embry and Sam Poole.

Roosevelt Jackson recorded his ace June 1 on the second hole at Whispering Woods. Roosevelt used his 9-iron to cover the 135 yards to the green. Playing in his foursome were Glen Taylor, James Sheffield and Don Bowers. High fives all around for this celebration.

Jim Curley recorded his hole-in-one during the Tin Whistles Parson Memorial Tournament. This was his second ace. Jim used his 9-iron to cover the 134 yards to the ninth green of course No. 1. Playing along with Jim were Rick Brownlee, Ray Hughes and Barry Lerman. Jim takes home a trophy awarded to a Tin Whistles member who scores an ace in a Tin Whistles event.

Mid South: Paul Jett Jr. won the men’s club championship with a two-day gross score of three-under-par 139. Keith Bishop carded 145 gross and Nick Carney 150 gross.

Net results: Curtis Hershman, 145; Chris Herron, 147; Rick Kavadas, 148.

Sherry Bowman won the woman’s division with a gross 165. Barb Syler carded gross 168.

Net results: Patty Camp, 152; Rita Roberts, 162.

Super senior division results: Richard Motter won with 161 gross; David Dix, 165; Craig Reaser, 165.

Net results: Al Wolejko, 151; Joe Berton, 152 and David Womble, 154.

Senior division results: Bob Hood, gross 157; Andy Vincent, 160; and Ron Rodd, 169.

Net results: Peter Clakeley, 153; Gerry Feeney, 153; Craig Crowe, 153.

Midland: The Men’s Golf Association played June 10 in a two-best balls of the foursome format.

Nine-hole results: Charles Gallagher, John McMahon, George Griffin, Art Gula, net 64; Ken Pomeroy, David Owens, Dick Baird, Derrick North, tied at 69, with Vern Elhart, Lee Riggins, Charles Childers, Richard Lawrenson.

Eighteen-hole results: Chris Pearson, John Burns, Chad Buckley, Ted Meyer, 131; Henry Castro, Bob Klicpera, Mitchell sharp, Emmett Callow, 133.

Charles Gallagher won closest to the pin for nine-holers. Emmett Callow won closest to the pin on the front nine and Chris Pearson won on the back nine for the 18-holers.

Pinehurst: The Men’s Golf Association played June 9 in a bookends game on course No. 6.

Overall results: Terry Lane, Philp Aruscavage, Dale Siemer, William Mountcastle, 140; Peter White, Jim Mikus, John McPhaul, Bill Womble, 145 (MOC); Bill Neal, Gary Gee, Toby Bakaysa, Gary Bourque, 145 (MOC).

Front results: Douglas Adams, Robert Van Laningham, Paul Mago, Dennis McCann, 70; Ronald Cordeau, Bill Bankovich, Jr., Mike Williams, 72 (MOC); Rick Gagliardo, Linn Shorb, Bill Lawson, Bill Clark, 72 (MOC).

Back results: Noel Wren, Robert Friedrichs, Bob Edens, 72; Robert Hilsby, III, Lonnie Wright, Mike Stevens, 73 (MOC); Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Page, 73 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played June 10 in a bookends game on course No. 5.

Overall results: Barry Lyons, John McNeill, Jay Carothers, Peter Gross, 139; Joel Shriberg, Charles Kachel, John Spangler, Robert Blackwell, 141 (MOC); Preston Hardage, Jon Chase, Anthony Viola, Woody Hough, 141 (MOC).

Front results: Paul Conover, Hal Schneider, Gregory Cross, 70. Larry Cox, William Case, Ray Martin, Gary Shannon, 72 (MOC). Jack Pritchard, John Bitting, Rick Eschman, Louis Mongelluzzo, 72 (MOC).

Back results: Larry Cracraft, Don Rectenwald, Rich Reinthaler, Mike McCarty, 69 (MOC); Mike Spinner, James Swain, Ernest Krutzsch, Philip Manhardt, 69 (MOC); Brian Fiala, William Andrews, James Voelkel, Guy Veni, 70.

The Chippers played on course No. 1 June 3 and the format was a team game of Cha,Cha,Cha.

Results: first – Debbie Dix, Amanda Buzhardt, Judy Davis, 54; second – April O’Connor, Patti Corbin, Helen Kirk, Patricia Smith, 55.

The Women’s Golf Association played June 4 on course No. 5 in a garbage can game — two best balls on all holes and drop two worst holes.

Results: first – Margit Elo, Martha Butler, Pilar Page, Carol Hannah, 114; second – Marti Rust, Vicki Haidet, Lisa Bomkamp, Paula Zellers, 118; third – Cathy Pierce, Mary Todd Peterson, Barbara Derr, Dianne Yelovich, 113; fourth – Donna Tanner, Sally Means, Rhonda Brooks, Trish Christian, 113.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played June 3 and the game was make your own foursome with two best balls on odd holes and one best balls on even holes.

Results: first – Janie White, Deborah Sizer, Donna Janasek, Jean Jordan, 93; second – Gail Ford, Pamela Carracino, Patricia Ironside, Emily Hansloher, 94; third – Lynn Penson, Paula Zellers, Queeney Tang, Franny Steward, 95.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played June 5 in an ABCD team Stableford game.

Results: first – Donna Tanner, Marilyn Yesensky, Bonnie Dingman, Judy Gemme, 132; second – Sharon Wilson, Roe Lyons, Roberta Kachel, Mary Pappas, 125; third – Deborah Sixer, Barbara Derr, Gloria Sectish, 124.

Joe Mills won the 57th Tin Whistles Parson Memorial Tournament June 6on Pinehurst No. 1, with a score of 70-65 taking home the trophy for 2020.

Terry Davis carded 77-65; Bill May 78-66; Jim Curley, 75-68; Ray Hughes, 78-68; Mark Valentinas, 78-68; Merle Lewis, 74-68.

The Silver Foils played June 9 in a one best ball of the foursome on course No. 1.

Results: first - Sarah Hargrove, Rita Weeks, Nancy Whalley, Joyce McWane, 58 (MOC); second – Joyce Harter, Elizabeth Strachan, Ann Galle, Bonnie Hanly, 58 (MOC); third – Tracy Nater, Diane Tate, Melody Eckhart, Sandy Smith, 59.

Longleaf: The Women’s Golf Association played June 4 in a game of one best ball on odd holes and two best balls on even holes.

Eighteen-holers results: Ruthie Borrell, Sandi Fischer, Lorraine Schwerein, 85 net; Alane Lennon, Susan Rouse, and Diane Steele, tied at 86, with Betty Bahler, Nancy Cherosnick and Jan Fisher.

The nine-holers played a game throwing out their three worst holes for an individual net score.

Results: first – Michelle Liveris, minus 4; second – Deb Hogan, minus 3; third – Kay Curlee and Betsy Hunter tied at minus 2.

Whispering Pines: The Ninettes played June 8 on the back nine of the River Course. The game was best ball using full handicaps for scoring. Judy Loughlin and Diane Stephans scored 30.

The Women’s Golf Association played June 9 in an odd ball game — only net scores on odd numbered holes counted for scoring.

Flight 1 results: Helen Gibbons, tied at 33, with Elke Phillingane; Candie Robertson, 34; Isabelle Daley, 35.

Flight 2 results: Debbie McCormick, 31; Daryl Pierce, 37; Janet Schultz, 37; Sharon Tate, 38.

Flight 3 results: Carol Rossi, 30; Joyce Reitler, 35; Anita Clap. 37.

The Men’s Golf Association played a quota game June 10. Gross scores were used with one point for a bogey, two for a par and three for a birdie.

Results: Jim Phillingane, Richard Dodge, Chris Reitler, Steward Goodwin, plus 7; Peter Pahk, George Venet, Peter Kwon, Jim O’Malley, plus 2.

Beacon Ridge: The 18-Hole Ladies played June 9 in a Stableford round competition.

Results: Nancy Cunningham, Nita Hartless, Mary Snead, net 68; Pat Land, Clara Karnish, Lindy DiBella, net 58; Linda Dunning, Sarah Abbott, Barbara Card, net 53.

Clara Karnish won the Beaconette Cup for June with a net 36. Competition was low net held June 4.

Cynthia Downs was second with net 38, Janet Moore was third with net 36 (green tees) and Nita Hartless took fourth with 39.

Pinewild: The Women’s Golf Association played a game of “the chosen one” a team event, where the net score was determined at the green.

Flight 1 results: Paula Montgomery, Karen Fitch, Freddy Mastandrea, Mary Lou Steere, 88; Judith Kelly, Marcia Krasicky, Doris Novak, Shirley Sellgren, 91; Grace Hill, Deedee Schmitt, Shirley Wake, Kay Rednour, 94.

Flight 2 results: Ann Leonard, Connie Heimann, Cathy Slocum, Barbara Adams, 83; Sue Jacobson, Mary Vicenik, Jan Behnke, Jean Weiler, 87; Carol Kroes, Terri Birkhauser, Sue Lambert, Nancy Butler, tied at 92, with Betty Mulvaney, Nancy Niedermaier, Katie Dahlberg, Jody Young.

Foxfire: The Women’s Golf League played its first McKenzie Cup, a low net championship tournament held June 3-4. Competition was on the Grey and Red Fox courses.

Rita Ward won first place with a total net score of 137. Barb Smart carded 138 and Jackie Martin 144.

The Women’s Golf League played June 10 in an individual best net game on the Grey Fox course.

Results: Sandy Burger, net 66; Sue Bachelder and Rita Ward tied at net 68; Leslie Frusco and Sonja Nelson tied at 71.

Knollwood: The Sandblasters played June 9 in a three-man one best-ball contest.

Results: Bob Burket, John Powell, blind draw, tied at 29, with Art Gula, John Mannion, Richard Lawrenson; Lee Riggins, Larry Kerns and Paul Cottam, 30.

Art Gula won low gross at 39 and Dick Baird won low net at 29.

The Ladies Golf Association played a low net game June 8.

Results: flight 1 – Shirley Flaherty, 33, Penny Higgins, 37; flight 2 – Barbara Brazer, 31, Lucky Levin, 37; flight 3 – Doris Stone, tied at 31, with Paula Hill; flight 4 – Colleen Conroy, 33, Dee Hancock, 35.

Seven Lakes: The Women’s Golf Association played June 9 and the game was “Lone Ranger” (colored ball with low net). Each player had to play the colored ball on at least four of the 18 holes. The holes could be selected in any manner and could even be consecutive holes. Scoring was determined by not losing the colored ball and also posting the best low team net score.

Results: first – Cheryl Bantle, Susan Clark, Colleen Watts, Phyllis Kenny, 67; second – Becky Parr, Shirley Flaherty, Kathleen Causey, Margaret Arning, 69.

Nancy O’Connell can be reached at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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