Hole-In-One: Mel Bowman, a local senior golfer, recorded his fourth hole-in-one while playing a friendly match at Whispering Woods Golf Club. Bowman used his wedge to cover the 108 yards to the sixth hole.  Celebrating this fourth perfect shot with him were playing partners Art Fish, and Foster Prevat. 

Pinewild: The Men’s Golf Association held a “Peer Play” competition, on July 9,   on the Magnolia Course. The winners were:

White Tee Flight – Gross – Andy Wurst, 76.  Net – Fred Gabarra, 75.

Mixed Tee Flight – Gross - Chuck Marrale, 74.  Net – Terry Isaacs, 71.

Gold Flight Tee – Gross – Jim Moon, 75; Walt Blackwell, 80; Jim Pryor, 81.  Net – Johann, 74; Glenn Manich, 72; Pete Nehlsen, 72; Tim Moore, 74; Lee D’Onle, 75; Doug Harper, 75.

Red Flight Tee – Gross – Jim Young, 83.  Net – Dick Horky, 75.

Closest to the pin winners were- Jim Pryor on No. 3; Jim Young on No. 7; Steve Ross on No. 15; and Fred Gabarra on No 15.

The Women’s Golf Association played on July 14 in a Putting Ruler Game.  Points were earned according to how close your first putt was to the hole – and the winners were:

Flight 1 – Debra Smith, 72; Ginger Lash, 70; Marjory Leidy, 79; Carol Angus, 68.

Flight 2 – Gail Corgan, 75; Kay Rednour, 72; BJ Fulcher, 68 (MOC); Jean Brobst, 68 (MOC).

Flight 3 – Carol Kroes, 69 (MOC); Mary Vicenik, 69 (MOC); Jude Winkley, 67; Kay Marrale, 65.

Longleaf: The 18-Hole Women played an Individual Stableford competition with the following totals:

First – Ruthie Borrell, tied at 35, with Mary Olech and Sandi Fisher.  Fourth – Lynn Dunn, 34; Fifth – Ravelle Whitener, tied at 32, with Darlene Luppino and Becky Hallman.

The 9-Holers counted individual net scores on even holes and the winners were:  Betsy Hunter, 22; Deb Hogan, tied at 23, with Tanya Ikeda and Ann Doster.

Seven Lakes: The Women’s Golf Association played on July 14 and the game was called David and Goliah. Players added their gross scores on the four shortest holes and the five longest holes and subtracted one half of their 18-hole handicap.

The winners were: Cathleen Causey, 34; Phillippa Davidson, 35; Charlotte Kennedy, 36; Cheryl Bantle, 36; Karen Williamson, 36.

Knollwood: The Rainmakers played on July 13 in a Low Net Game plus a side game of closest to the pin on their second shot.

The winners: Flight 1 – Shirley Flaherty, 33; Peggy Jones, 35.  Flight 2 – Charlane Huff, 33; Susan Ray, 33, Linda Parke, 33.  Flight 3 – Colleen Conroy, 29; Barbara Woodruff, 34.

Carole Huber won the side game.

Sandblaster Golf was played on July 14 and the game was one best ball of the foursome with the following results:

First – Chuck Gallagher, Larry Kerns, Dick Baird, Blind Draw, 26.

Second – John Burns, Bob Berket, Richard Lawrenson, Blind Draw, 26.  Third - Art Gula, John Veasey, Paul Cottam, Derrick North, 28.

Beacon Ridge: The Beaconettes played on July 9 in a “Four Clubs and a Putter” team format. Two best net balls of the threesome counted for scoring.

The winners:  First – Barbara Brazer, Pat Price, Janet Moore, 65.  Second – Barbara Card, Nita Hartless, Terry Rudiensky, 67.

The 18-Hole Ladies played on July 14 in a two best balls of the team with the following winners: 

First – Sandy McDermot, Nita Hartless, Linda Dunning, 129.

Second – Mary Snead, Sarah Abbott, Clara Karnish, Mary Ellen Buckley, 133.

Midland: The Midland Ladies results for play on July 9, in a Low Gross-Low Net competition are as follows:

Gross – Beth Owens, 41; Linda Parke, 52; Colleen Conroy, 54. Net – Sara Conti, 41; Doris Stone, tied at 42, with Paula Hill.  Claudia Lindsey, 36.

Linda Piechota won the side game – closest to the pin on her second shot.

The Midland Ladies played on July 2 in a Leaderboard Game with the following winners:

Vicki Klicpera, -6; Char Lloyd, -4; Deb Presser, tied at -3, with Tracy Thomas, Paula Hill & Sara Conti. Pat Gannaway tied at -2, with Peggy Jones & Susan Ray. Linda Parke, tied at -1,  with Pat McMahon. 

The Midland Men played on July 14 in an Individual Stableford format and the winners were:

Flight 1 — Charles Gallagher, 18 points; Ken Pomeroy, 16 points.

Flight 2 — Richard Lawrenson, 18 points; Henry Fuhrmann & Derrick North tied at 17 points.

Ken Pomeroy won closest to the pin honors.

American Singles:  The Pinehurst Chapter played, on July 11, in the Dave Courtright Memorial at the Tillery Tradition Golf Club.  The format was foursome competition utilizing the Mutt and Jeff features.  The five longest holes and the five shortest holes were counted for scoring. The winners were:

First — Betty Hendrix, Mike Young, Donna DeCesare, Robert Doerr19 under par.

Second — Susan Thomee, Lynn Walker, Mike Roser, Scott Smith, 16 under par.

Third — Pam Adams, Jim Legg Jeannie McMann & Marcus Martin, tied at 15 under par, with Jamie Fisher, Cheryl Lancaster, Luna Wie, Ed DeWitt.

Fifth — Joy Hertel, Mike Campbell and Dan Gaynor, 12 under par.

Sixth — Phyllis Kenny, Ira Schugar, Debbie Tyler and Tom Carrier, 11 under par.

Debbie Tyler and Ira Schugar won closest to the pin honors.

Whispering Pines: The Women’s Golf Association played on July 7 in a Celebrate the Fourth of July game.  Play was individual with all net scores counting except on par 4 holes.

Flight 1 — Karen Hobbs, 29; Candie Robertson, 31; Isabelle Daley, 31; Renie Downs, 31.

Flight 2 — Gladys Wade, 27; Sandy Hallet, 30; Margaret Endrigat, 30.F

Flight 3 — Peggy Flygar, 26; Joy Hertel, 28; Carol Rossi, 28; Daryl Pierce, 28; Chris Mancuso, 28.

Flight 4 — Joyce Reitler, 27; Nancy Donley, 31; Pam Venet, 31.

They played on July 14 in a “Three 3 Blind Mice” game. The format was an individual game using gross score minus three worst holes.

Flight 1 — Karen Hobbs and Helen Gibbons tied at 64; Debbie McCormick and Candie Robertson tied at 66; Renie Downs, 67.

Flight 2 — Sue Brammer, 67; Margaret Endrigat, 70; Chris Mancuso, 72.

Flight 3 — Joy Hertel, 74; Peggy Flygar, 75; Pat Talcott, 76.

Flight 4 — Nancy Donley, 79; Anne Gerwig, 80.

The Men’s Golf Association played on July 8 in a game of 6-6-6 on July 8. The format is that each team counts one score on the first six holes, two on the next six holes and three on the last six holes.

Jim Downs, Richard Dodge and Chris Reitler, Dick Harris won with 116. Pat O’Malley, Joe Schmidt, Stewart Goodwin and Ron Mancuso were at 125.

The Ninettes played on July 13 on the back nine of the river Course in a game called “Predict Your Net Score.” The winners were Be Schilling, +3 (MOC); and Judy Loughlin, +3 (MOC).

Pinehurst: The Signature Ladies Golf Association played on July 8 in an ABCD Team game – two best balls on odd holes and one best ball on even holes for scoring. The results were:

First — Nancy New, Queeney Tang, Gloria Sectish, 90. Second — Lauren Leeker, Dianne Olmstead, Peggy Poole, Kelley Fiala, 92. Third — Jackie Nyberg, Tonya Brown, Sharon Wilson, Jane Lee, 95.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played on July 10 in an ABCD two best balls on holes 7 and 10 and one best ball on all others.  The results were:

First— Dianne Olmstead, Ro Kachel, Jimmie Hepner, 66. Second — Deborah Sizer, Queeney Tang, Franny Stewart, Janice Kuklok, 66. Third — Paula Zellers, Mickey Scarborough, Sigrid Gross, Anna Jones, 70.

The Chippers played on July 8 on Course No. 3, in a team game of Tee Hee Hee with the following winners: Ann Galle, Kathy Spangler, Martha Irvin, Jan Truemper, 32; Mary Bernel, Francine Smarrelli, Mary Anne Lynch, 33.

The Birdies played on July 13 on Course No. 3 and the game was two best ball, on yellow tees on odd holes and red tees on even holes. The results:

First — Barbara Derr, Gloria Sectish, Kerry Arnold, Cathy Hamblen, 119. Second — Donna Tanner, Marilyn Yesensky, Joan Ayersman, Linda Newman, 120. Third — Gail Ford, Aime Richards, Roxann Vann, Maureen Reeves.

The Men’s Golf Association played their two-day Member-Member Tournament on Tuesday, July 14 on Course No. 6 and Wednesday July 15 On Course No. 5. The winners:

First — Jay Carothers and John McNeill, 134. Second — Mike Robinson and Roger Johnson, 135. Third — John Pritchett and Anthony Rothwell, 136 (MOC). Fourth — John Vann and William Tomlin, 136 (MOC). Fifth — Rick Gagliardo & Ken Krell, 137 (MOC). Sixth — Mike McCarty & Larry Cracraft.

Pine Cone Cup, a two-day match play team tournament for members of the Birdies and the Women’s Golf Association. Competition was held on Monday, July 6 and Thursday, July 9.  Eighty-four women participated and the format was better ball on Course No. 1 and alternate shots on Course No. 5.

The Cardinal Team led the Blue Jays by eight points on day one.  The Cardinals maintained their lead to win 382.5 over the Blue Jays 355.5.

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