Hole-In-One: Bill (Pops) Pomplun recorded his 10th hole-in-one June 17 on Foxfire’s Red Fox Course. Bill used his 8-iron to cover the 136 yards to the green. Witnesses to this special event were his playing partners Jeff King, Glen Phillips and Bob Fowler. Congratulations greeted Bill from all in the Foxfire group.

Kelley Fiala, a member at Pinehurst, recorded her first hole-in-one June 24. Kelley used her “Callaway Heaven Wood” to cover the 124 yards to the 12th hole of course No. 9. It was the Signature Ladies Golf Association play day and witnessing this special shot were her playing partners Diane Tate, Roe Lyons and Franny Stewart.

Paul Conover, a member at Pinehurst, carded his first hole-in-one July 3 on the fifth hole of course No. 5.  Paul used his 6-iron to cover the 141 yards to the green. Paul is 73 years old and he was playing with his usual Friday group of Ed Renner, Bill Noggle and Jack Pritchard.

Found Golf Balls: John Misiaszek reports that $450 was donated to Monarch of North Carolina this month. Thanks goes to all the golfers who gave the “found” balls to John to send to the refurbisher. The proceeds from the sale of the balls is then donated to Monarch. So far this year $950 has been raised for Monarch.

Monarch is committed to supporting, educating and empowering people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness and substance use disorders to choose and achieve what is important to them.

Keep finding those lost balls; every refurbished ball adds to the continuation of this great program.

Go ahead — go ball hawking — clean out your garage and golf bag and call John at (910) 245-6595 — his team will gladly pick them up.

Foxfire: The Ladies Golf results for July 8 on the Grey Fox Course in a criers individual game.  Each players’ net score on every hole was recorded, then the three worst holes were subtracted.

Results: Rita Ward, 55. 2; Kim Spaulding, 58; Flo LaShomb and Ginny Siedler tied at 59; Connie Hochstetler, Sonja Nelson, Debbie Ramos, Judy Rankin, Pam Reyes, MJ Sheldon, Barb Smart all tied at 60.

Colin Dutton, the current Foxfire Club Champion and a member of the Foxfire Men’s Golf Association, played in the NC Junior Boys event at Maple Chase Course in Winston-Salem June 23-26.

His score of 68 on Tuesday earned him co-medalist in a field of 142. The top 64 went to match play where he won his first two matches (34 holes in one day) and advanced to the round of 16.  Colin lost in the round of 16. However it was a great showing for a 16-year-old. Colin plans to play a full schedule in the coming months. Foxfire members are immensely proud of Colin.

The Foxfire Play Day July 1 was a four-person team game called bookends, with the best two net scores of the team on holes one and nine and 10 and 18.

Results: Leslie Frusco, Sue Batchelder, Barb Price, Mary Schlehofer, 32; Rita Ward, Barb Smart, Kim Spaulding, Lucille Cardelle, 33.

Pinehurst: The Scramblers played June 22 in a two best balls of the foursome.

Results: Dick Haefele, Joe Kasko, Bill Noggle, Len Romanker, 115 (MOC); Rick Eschman, Don Bonner, Mike Stevens, Bob Nielsen, 115 (MOC); Peter Blick, Dave Kinney, Jim Brown, Tim Dwyer, 116 (MOC); Jim Haynes, Jerry Raugh, L. Mongoluzzo, Sam Constantini, 116 (MOC).

Dan Bryan won closest to the pin.

The Scramblers played June 29 in a two best balls on par-4 holes, one on par-3 holes and three on par-5 holes. Competition was on course No. 1.

Results: Jim Hayes, Dale Perdue, Gene Keegan, Dick Moore, 102; Jeff Hilton, Paul Conover, Richard Lawson, Bob Nielsen, 194 (MOC); Wayne Ricks, Bob Mosbrook, Mike Stevens, John Tomel, 104 (MOC); Dick Haefele, Don Bonner, Joe Sernak, Peter White, 105; Jack Pritchard, Jerry Raugh, Dana Dahlgren, Skip Kendrick, 107.

Terry Davidson won closest to the pin.

The Scramblers played July 6 in a two best ball format on course No. 3.

Results: Rick Eschman, Dave Kinney, Gene Keegan, Dick Moore, 115; Larry Cox, Don Bonner, Jack Laflin, Skip Kinnick, 120; Jack Pritchard, Paul Brennan, John Bitting, Peter White, 123; Paul Conover, Gary Gee, John Taylor, Pat Haggerty, 125.

Jerry Raugh won closest to the pin.

The Men’s Golf Association played July 7 on course No. 4 in a standard game.

Overall results: Daniel Delgarn, Stephen Errickson, John Zimmerman, Rick Page, 131; Ken Krell, Rick Gagliardo, Bill Clark, Linn Shorb; Mike Heishman, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield, 134.

Front-nine results: Mike Mauney, Lee Pisarski, Mike Caswell, Dave Kaylor, 64; Thomas Embrey, Ron Milam, Gene Horvath, Mark Janasek, 66; Dale Siemer, Kurtiss Cross, Terry Lane, Jim Truemper, 67.

Back-nine results: John Gunnison, Brian Fiala, Terry Davidson, William Andrews, 66; Noel Wren, Robert Friedrichs, Gerald Ayers, Bob Edens, 68; Peter White, Jim Mikus, Bill Womble, Jim Powell, 71.

The Men’s Golf Association played a four-ball two-man teams on course No. 1.

Flight 1 results: Robert Hilsby and Lonnie Wright, 63; Ron Hasbrouck and Joel Sweet, 65; Larry Cox and William Case, 66 (MOC); Murray Stern and Vince Gamble, 66 (MOC); Larry Cracraft and Richard Reinthaler, 67 (MOC). 

Flight 2 results: Rick Eschman and John Bitting, 63; Woody Hough and Paul Huston, 63; Jack Powitchko and Ed Duffy, 65; Duane Tanner and John Gerney, 66 (MOC); Paul Conover and Mike Griffith, 66 (MOC).

Flight 3 results: Peter Gross and Peter Durning, 63; Mark Bernel and Paul Hoban, 64; John Reeves and Jack Farrell, 65; Ronald Cordeau and Kevin Bogan, 66; Joe Sernak and Buddy Mannix, 76.

The Silver Foils played June 30 on course No. 3. For scoring purposes one par 3 on the front and back were thrown out.

Results: Sandy Smith, Jean Jordan, Janie White, Joyce McWane, 47; Joanne Valdes, Kay Monteith, Pat Anderson, Judy Gais, 50; Tracy Nater, Mary Scott Arnold, Sally Hargrove, Sigrid Gross, 51 (MOC).

The Silver Foils played July 7 in a one best ball on par 4s, two on par 3s and 5s.  Competition was on course No. 1.

Results: Sally Hargrove, Margo Rawlings, Mary Woodford, Flossie Parks, 90; Debbie Sizer, Jean Jordan, Debbie Hockman, Lorrie Allie, 93 (MOC); Barbara Lewis, Janie White, Ro Kachel, 93 (MOC).

Cherie Giudice carded an eagle on hole two, plus two birdies. Congratulations.

The Women’s Golf Association played July 2 on course No. 3 in a theme park competition (one best ball on red and yellow flags, two on white flags and one best ball on even holes and two on odd holes).

Results: Laura Stamm, Queeney Tang, Pilar Page, 89; June Eichele, Nell Neal, Tucky Hobbs, Barbara Derr, 90; Gloria Sectish, Bonnie Hanley, Janie Lynch, 91; Diana Staley, Marie Schneider, Bonnie Dingman, Ann Thomasson,92; Tricia Williamson, Darlind Davis, Tee Noggle, Franny Stewart, 93.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played July 2 in an ABCD, one best ball format.

Results: Sally Means, Sharon Wilson, Lisa Case, Patty Moore, 64 (MOC); Ellen Hamilton, Barbara Derr, Queeney Tang, Jean Jordan, 64 (MOC); Donna Tanner, Jane Wilkinson, Darcy Myers, June Eichele, 67.

The Signature Ladies Golf Association played July 3 in an ABCD teams game, with yellow tees, two best balls used for scoring.

Results: Rita Weeks, Barbara Derr, Darcy Myers, Janice Kuklok, 128; Lisa Bomkamp, Trish Christina, Ro Kachel, 137; Tricia Williamson, Jean Coble, Queeney Tang, Gretchen Nelms, 140.

The Chippers played July 6 in an individual competition with only par 4s counting for the score.

Results: Christine Carter, tied at 27 MOC for all, with Anne Derosa, Judy Davis, Mary Bernel, Tina Arno and Anne Hauser.

The Men’s Golf Association played June 30 in a progression on course No. 5.

Overall results: Wayne Ricks, Dan Bryant, William Noggle, Ed Guidice, 130 (MOC); Rick Gagliardo, Bill Clark, Linn Shorb, Bill Lawson, 130 (MOC); Ron Sundstrom, don Marchetti, Lee Pisarski, Mike Mauney, 130.

Front-nine results: Peter White, Jim Mikus, Bill Womble, John McPhaul, 64 (MOC); Philip Aruscavage, Kurtis Cross, Dale Siemer, Terry Lane, 64 (MOC); Mark Bernel, Sam Poole, Paul Hoban, 64 (MOC).

Back-nine results: Garrett Walsh, David Kinney, Rick Ensele, Joseph Kasko, 64; Dutch Briel, Jim Lucey, Sterling Stetson, Gary Petersen, 67 (MOC); Frank Trask, Peter Scully, Robert Dauenhauer, Paul Benfield, 67 (MOC).

The Men’s Golf Association played July 1 in a progression on course No. 6.

Overall results: Ron Hasbrouck, Joel Sweet, Joe Carter, Mark Softy, 133; Mark Janasek, William Andrews, Woody Hough, Gregory Cross, 135; Richard Haefele, Robert Fazio, jr.; Dennis Hyland, 137.

Front-nine results: John Gunnison, Terry Davidson, Brian Fiala, Jim Powell, 64; Barry Lyons, John McNeill, Peter Gross, 65; Pat Lynch, rob Verzera, John Arnold, Jerry Weston, 66.

Back-nine results: Kirk Lynch, Robert Tilton, Mike Griffith, Richard Lawson, 68; Alex Porter, Clive Becker-Jones, Don Torppa, Jack Wood, 70 (MOC); Michael Tencza, Skip Kendrick, Frank Hopper, Michael Jumper, 70.

The Chippers played June 24 on Pinehurst No. 5. The game was low net individual scores.

Results: Martha Irvin, 33; Judy Davis, 34; Josie Maniskas, 36 (MOC); Kathy Spangler, 36 (MOC); April O’Connor, 36 (MOC); Francine Smarrelli, 36 (MOC).

The Signature LGA played June 24 in an ABCD, two best balls on par 4s and one best ball on par 3s and 5s.

Results: Tricia Williamson, Peggy Poole, Pat Blank, Jean Jordan, 98 (MOC); Diane Tate, Roe Lyons, Franny Stewart, Kelley Fiala, 98; Sally Means, Cathy Pierce, Jane Lee, Betty Lynch, 98 (MOC).

The Signature LGA played June 26 in a Stableford game.

Results: flight 1 – Rita Weeks, 39 pts, Diane Tate, 37 pts; flight 2 – Lauren Leeker, 32 pts, Jane Wilkinson, 32 pts; flight 3 – Sigrid Gross, 36 pts, Franny Stewart, 35 pts.

The Birdies played June 29 and the game was two best balls on par 3s and one best ball on all others.

Results: first – Margit Elo, Joyce McWane, Carol Showalter, Linda Newman, 74 (MOC); second – Rita Weeks, Gloria Sectish, Catherine Renner, Estelle Menke, 74 (MOC); third – Pilar Page, Lynn Dawson, Mary Sweet, June Eichele, 74 (MOC); fourth – Donna Tanner, Blind Draw, Silvia Bisbe, Aurele Timken, 76.

Donna Tanner won closest to the pin honors.

Midland: The Midland Ladies played a leaderboard game and the winners were: Char Lloyd -4; Deb Presser, tied at -3, with Tracy Thomas, Paula Hill, Sara Conti; Pat Gannaway ,tied at -2,  with Peggy Jones, Susan Ray; Linda Parke and Pat McMahon tied at -1.

The Men’s Golf Association played July 1 in an individual net competition.

9-holers results: flight 1 – David Owens, 36, Jim Braunscheidel, 37; flight 2 – Richard Lawrenson, tied at 37, with Henry Fuhrmann.

18-holers results: flight 1 – Chris Pearson, 72, John Burns, 74; flight 2 – David St. Clair, 63, Emmett Callow, 74.

Jim Braunscheidel won closest to the pin for 9-holers and John Burns on for the 18-holers on the front nine and Mitchell Sharpe on the back nine.

The Men’s Golf association played June 24 in a Stableford game with the following winners: Chris Pearson, Art Gula, Ted Meyer, Emmett Callow, 128 pts; Bob Klicpera, Tim Smith, Chad Bucklleyu, blind draw, 126 pts. 

Chad Buckley won closest to the pin for the 18-holers and Jim Braunscheidel for the 9-holers.

The Midland Skinners played June 27 and Steve Presser a skin on the first hole and John Burns on the eighth.

Paul Cottam won low net at 29 and Henry Castro and Steve Presser tied at 32. Chuck Gallagher won closest to the pin on the sixth hole and Mitch Sharp on the seventh.

Knollwood:The Rainmakers played July 6 in a low gross, low net and low putts game.

Results: flight 1 – Peggy Jones, 40 gross, Beth Owens, 41 net, Penny Higgins, 10 putts; flight 2 – gross – Linda Parke, 47, net - Carole Huber, 48, putts – Doris Stone, 11; flight 3 – gross – Paula Hill, 50, net – Susan Rodgers, 53, putts – Joan Mangrum, 13.

The Rainmakers results for June 29 in a captain’s choice game are Penny Higgins, Judy Smith and Tracy Thomas, tied at 36, with Beth Owens, Linda Piechota, Paula Hill and Joan Mangrum.

Longleaf: The 18-Hole Ladies played a one best ball of the threesome contest on par-4 holes only.

Results: first – Ruthie Borrell, Ravelle Whitener, Roberta Williams, -7; second – Lynn Dunn, Sandi Fischer, Suzanne Schenkel, -6; third – Nancy Cherosnick, Mary Olech, Suzanne Schenkel (BD), tied at -5, with Ellen Leslie, Diane Steele, Darlene Luppino.

The 9-Holers played a Stableford competition and the winners were: Kay Curlee, 26; Ann Doster, 23; Emilie Simeon, 22.

American Singles: The Pinehurst Chapter played July 4 at Seven Lakes Golf Course in a red, white and blue tournament. The format was two best balls and anyone wearing red, white or blue got a traveling mulligan.

Results: first – Kathy Schlagel, Phyllis Kenny, Dan Gaynor and Robert Doerr, tied at 20 under par, with Tanya Young, Martez Norris, Debbie Tyler and Tom Hilton; third – Susan Thomee, Cheryl Lancaster, Jim Legg, Martin Marcus, tied at 17 under par, with Lois Smart, Mike Roche and Mike Young; fifth – Patty Booze, Margaret Young and Tom Carrier, 14 under par; sixth – Joy Hertel, Donna DeCesare, Bob Flesca and Mike Campbell, 12 under par; seventh – Kathy Slotter, Carole Skau, Ed DeWitt and Ron Smith at 11 under par.

Susan Thomee and Marcus Martin won closest to the pin honors.

The Pinehurst Chapter played June 28 at the Legacy Golf Course.The competition was foursome with two best balls, three best balls and one best ball repeating over 18 holes.

Results: first – Susan Thomee, Martez Norris, Jim Legg, Tom Carrier, 30 under par; second – Phyllis Kenny, Joy Hertel, Butch Lundgren, Marcus Martin, 25 under par; third – Bobbi Amato, Renee Miller, Mike Young, Dan Gaynor, 21 under par; fourth – Kim Schiffers, Margaret Young, Ira Schugar, Robert Doerr, 19 under par.

The Pinehurst Chapter played June 30 in a nine-and-tailgate at the CC of Whispering Pines on the River Course. The format was individual competition utilizing the Peoria Handicap System.

Results: Earl Quam, 32; Pat Koubek, 34; Mike Roche, 36; Mike Young 37; Nancy Vaitkevicius, 39.

Pat Koubek won closest to the pin for women and Mike Roche for the men.

Beacon Ridge: The 18-Holers played July 7 for their monthly Beacon Cup Round.

Sarah Abbott won the cup with net 72.  Mary Ellen Buckley carded net 73 and Nancy Cunningham net 74.

Barb Card won the Beaconette Cup, a monthly competition, with a net score of 33. Pat Price was second with 33 (MOC).  Nita Hartless carded net 35 and Barbara Brazer recorded net 34.

The Men’s Golf Association played their club and gold championships June 26-27.

Tim Pittman is the 2020 club champion, winning in a sudden death playoff having tied Joel Martin at 173. Tim sank a 10-foot putt to win. Joe Easley was third with 178.

Mike Karnish won the gold championship with a 166. Joe Mannuci and Randy Lambert tied for second with 183.

Net results: flight 1 – Joel Martin, 145, Randy Lambert, 157, Joe Easley, Marty Price and Ron Dunning each had 160; flight 2 – Joe Mannuci, 147, Stu Chase, 152, Max Picinich, 154, Vince Price, 158.

The 18-Hole Ladies played June 30 in a criers tournament, throwing out three worst holes.

Results: Mary Ellen Buckley, 50; Clara Karnish, 54; Mary Snead, 59; Barbara Card, 60; Lindy DiBella, 64; Nancy Cunningham, 65.

The Men’s Golf Association played July 1 where the two low net golfers qualify for a handicap tournament on October 21. Qualifiers were Daryl Emerson at 71 and Bill Baker at 72.

Results: flight 1 – Joel Martin, 73, Dick van Horne, 74; Tom Rudziensky, 75; flight 2 – Joe Mannuci, 71, Stu Chase, 72, Jan Pollnow, 73.

Closest to the pin winners were Bill Baker and Dick van Horne.

Seven Lakes: The Women’s Golf Association played July 7 in a team game called flags. The color of the flags determined how many net scores were counted for the team score.

Red flags = the best net score of the foursome; yellow flags = two best net scores of the foursome; white flags = the best three net scores of the foursome.

The winners were Becky Parr, Philippa Davidson, Kathy Goodman, Karen Williamson, 132.

The Women’s Golf Association played an individual game June 30 called “animals.”  The object was to keep the animals away by having the lowest animal points.  Players recorded points each time one of the following things occurred: gorilla = each out of bounds shots; snake = 3 or more putts; camel – each sand shot taken; frog = each time your ball goes into a penalty area; skunk – each time you “whiff.”

Results: Susan Clark and Becky Parr tied at one animal point each. Charlotte Kennedy and Joyce Charles tied at two animal points each.

Pinewild: The Women’s Golf Association played a game of sixes.

Results: flight 1 – Kit Simpson, Rita Danker, Sally Manich, Tallie Tuffnell, 126, Ellen Connors, April Zelinski, Marsha Krasicky, Jean Brobst, 133, Jean Grieshaber, Katrina Ellison, Laurie Fabian, Lorrie Larson, 134; flight 2 – Lydia Healey, Jean Lee, Linda Bell, Louise Pryor, 126, Wendy Schreiber, Jan Behnke, Jody Young, Liz Polston, 130, Pam Appleman, Bobbi Erdman, Sue Lambert, Sandra Schnare, 134 (MOC), Madeline Barry, Patty Hmel, Karen Teams, Cathy Slocum, (MOC).

The Women’s Golf Association played June 30 and the game was red/pink ball team contest.

Results: Grace Hill, Ruthann Porter, Jean Lee, blind draw, 69; Lori Ricker, Peggy Clark, Carol Kroes, Jody Young, 70; Laurie Fabian, Gail Corgan, Liz Polston, blind draw, tied at 72, with the teams of Debra Smith, Shirley Sellgren, Par Marki, Nancy Wurst and Katherine Pieczynski, Katrina Ellison, Barbara Gannett, Anita Brewer and Marcia Krasicky, Sally Manich, Mary Vicenick, Kathy McGushin.

Whispering Pines: The Ninettes played a tee to green contest July 6 on the back nine of the Pines Course with no handicap involvement. The winners were Be Schilling at 35 and Rachel High at 45.

The Men’s Golf Association played July 1 and the game was two best balls of the foursome.

Results: Pat O’Malley, Terry Mayer, Jerry Leary, Bob Fetters, 127; George Venet, Joe Schmidt, Bob Tate, Dick Harris, 128.

The Ninettes played June 29 with five “blind” holes picked at random when play was over for scoring. Competition was held on the River Course, one-half handicap was used.

Results: Alice Pardy, 22; Sandy O’Malley, 23.5.

The Women’s Golf Association played June 30 in a “Sandhills shuffle 20” team event.  The format was 10 best net scores from the front nine and 10 best net scores from the back nine.

Results: first - Joyce Reitler, Candi Robertson, Carol Rossi, 60; second – Renie Downs, Anne Gerwig, Sharon Tate, 61; third –Sue Brammer, Anita Clapp, Elke Phillingane, 62.

Mid-South: The club held its annual “4th of July step-aside scramble” on the Fourth. Each foursome would tee off, the best drive selected, and the player whose drive was selected would step aside – and the other three players would play into the hole. This format was used for all 18 holes.

Results: Ryan’s and Pierce’s, 53; Wagner and Burgin and Wagner and Wagner, 55; Hillier’s and Bolden’s 55; Alworth and Beck and Beck and Bishop 56; Burgin’s and Bunton and Burgin, 56; Jett’s and Hanlin’s, 56; Womble’s and Kozak’s 56.

The club’s member-member tournaments were held June 28-29.  Saturday’s front nine format was four ball and the back nine was a scramble. Sunday’s front nine was Pinehurst alternate shot and the back nine was a two person Stableford.

Results: women’s member-member (two-day totals) Debbie Dix and Sue Harris, 89 pts; Sherry Bowman and Debbie Bolden, 86 pts; Ann Beck and Cindy Motter, 85 pts.

Results: men’s member-member (two-day totals) flight 1 – Bob Hood and Ed Wittig, 99 points, Dave Ennis and Jerry Feeney, tied at 98 pts, with Tim Mueller and Robert Thompson; flight 2 – Craig Crowe and Steve Menendez, 102 pts, Glenn Camp and Rick Martello, 97 pts, Joe Berton and Chris Herron, 96 pts.

Contact Nancy O’Connell at apcnancy@rocketmail.com.

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