Three of professional bowling's top players of all time, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Norm Duke and Pete Weber, will compete next Thursday at the Sandhills Bowling Center, with a $25,000 top prize on the line.

Some of the top professional bowlers, past and present, will compete at the Sandhills Bowling Center in Pinehurst next week as a part of two events.

The first event runs from Monday to Wednesday as the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) hosts the PBA50 Granville Financial Open at the center. Bowling will take place all day for those events, with some of the sport’s current top players like Chris Barnes, Amleto Monacelli, Parker Bohn and Jason Couch competing. Also competing will be longtime PBA legends Walter Ray Williams Jr., Norm Duke and Pete Weber

The match play finish to the event will be on Wednesday.

The Battle of the G.O.A.T.s presented by Granville Financial will take place next Thursday, May 6, at 11 a.m. with the winner taking home a $25,000 prize, runner-up $15,000 and third place $10,000.

Williams, Duke and Weber will face off in the high-stakes bowling event.

Williams, Duke and Weber are widely considered three of the best bowlers in the history of the sport and are still active on the PBA50 Tour. Only recently did Williams and Weber announce their retirement from full-time competition on the PBA Tour. Between them, they have an astonishing 154 combined PBA and PBA50 national titles and 266 titles when including regional wins.

Blanchard "Bam" Granville, a long-time bowler and bowling fan, said he is organizing the event as a way to give back to three of bowling’s greats and offer them an opportunity to showcase their skills while playing for big money.

“I have been following these bowlers their whole career since I am an avid bowler and bowling fan,” Granville said. “As I was watching bowling on tv, I started noticing how Walter Ray, Pete and Norm still showed up from time to time – and of course to the enjoyment of all who watched. It amazed me along with everyone else how they were still winning after all these years.”

Williams, 61, has 39 standard titles and eight major titles to his credit on the PBA Tour. He is also tied for the most PBA50 Tour titles in history with 14, a mark he tied in 2019. He has been the PBA Tour’s player of the year a record seven times and has nearly $5 million in career earnings.

Duke, 57, is still at the top of his game and had one of his best PBA Tour seasons in years in 2019, winning two titles and being amongst the top 10 in season earnings. He has won 33 standard and seven major titles and amassed nearly $3.7 million in career earnings.

Weber, 58, is one of the PBA’s most iconic figures and has won more than $4 million in his career. He has 27 standard and 10 major titles to his credit. He and Williams are the only players to win 100 career combined national and regional titles.

The three bowling greats will play on Pinehurst No. 2 following the bowling match at 3:20 p.m. in a skins match.

Fans can attend the golf match for free, but tickets will be required to attend the bowling tournaments.

For more information on the events, call Tim Burns or Billy De Cicco at 910-295-9610.

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