Fred Zahner, far right, and his three grandsons, Jonathan Zahner, left, Andrew Mayhew and Parker Mayhew, take a picture on the 15th tee overlooking the par-5 hole at Southern Pines Golf Club on Tuesday. Zahner, a regular visitor to Pinehurst over the years, took his grandsons on a weeklong golf getaway to the area this week.

Fred Zahner has taken more than 70 golf trips to Pinehurst in the last five decades. His trips were like most excursions to the Sandhills for a golf getaway, involving marathon days playing multiple rounds of golf, and enjoyable evenings over drinks to unwind.

The trip he is on this week is a little different. Zahner’s playing partners are much younger than the PGA professionals and other golfers he took the trips with, and Arnold Palmers take the place of brews on the 19th hole. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Andrew Mayhew, left, Jonathan Zahner and Parker Mayhew take a picture before their round at Pine Needles Wednesday.


Parker Mayhew, left, Jonathan Zahner and Andrew Mayhew stand on the 10th tee of Pine Needles. The three cousins relished the trip with their grandfather, Fred Zahner, this week.

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