The Moore County Register of Deeds Office in Carthage has recorded the following property transfers valued at $50,000 or more.

October 15-19, 2018

Sally A. Ward to Elizabeth Chapman, Lot 23 Building 6 U-D Pine Grove Village Garden Villas, McNeill Township, $129,500.

Iris B. Strother to Melvin D. and Chanda S. Strother, 18.4 acres & 2.00 acres Bensalem Township, $60,000.

Rebecca Marshall Et al. to Jamie Chisholm, 1.34 acres Ritter Township, $85,000.

Onsite Homes, LLC to Dorothy L. and James R. Johnson, Lot 522 P2 Newbury Ridge, McNeill Township, $425,500.

NACTX Holdings, LLC to Michael R. and Amy Armstrong, Lot 3433 Lakewood Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $585,000.

Samuel J. and Robin D. Storch to Benjamin E. and Lauren O. Cramer, 6.74 acres, McNeill Township, $370,000.

Juniper Ridge Partners, LLC to H & H Constructors of Fayetteville, LLC, Lots 52-54 P3 Juniper Ridge, Mineral Springs Township, $156,000.

Kevin J. Birch to Marion B. Jones Et al., Unit A Building 6 P-VI Pinehurst Manor Condo, McNeill Township, $114,000.

David A. and Ashley S. Cochran to Eric and Meagan Mitchell, Lot 478 U16 P2 Pinehurst, $316,000.

McKee Homes, LLC Et al. to Carla and Nathaniel Johnson, Tracts, $307,500.

John R. and Suda McNeill to Carlie D. Shipley and Lance M. Switzer, Lots 13-14 & PT Lot 15 BL E&6 Southern Pines, $285,500.

Pinnacle Development Design Build, LLC to Jacob F. and Renee T. Semerar, Lot 12 BL H&6 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $340,000.

Ellen M. and Timothy M. Cassidy to John C. II and T. Jae Ingoglia, Lot 37-B S1 Whispering Pines & 1365.3 sq. ft., McNeill Township, $228,000.

Richard C. Austin and Anita D. Williams to Tyler F. Chriscoe and Brianna N. Scott, Lot 6 Savannah Garden Carthage Township, $163,000.

Trevor L. McDonald to Elizabeth J. Dannenhauer, 0.05 acres & 0.47 acres, Sandhills Township, $168,000.

Hugh B. and Carol A. Mercer to Stephanie S. Browne, Unit 102 Building 1 Bretton Woods, Sandhills Township, $180,500.

Crystal Ridge Properties, LLC to Dawn B. Cazier, Lot 23 Southland, $172,500.

Matthew P. and Taya M. Carstensen to Bartholomew T. and Angela D. Meehan, Lot 120 P2 The Arboretum, McNeill Township, $280,000.

Michael J. Etowski to Margaret J. Fitzpatrick and John M. Baker, 11.15 acres Little River Township, $740,000.

Michael Bollinger Et al. to John R. and Suda G. McNeill, Lot 12 Bonnie Brook Sandhills Township, $330,000.

Robert E. and Marilyn Wirick to June Atkinson, Unit 127 Linville Garden Condo, Mineral Springs Township, $94,000.

Nationstar HECM Acqusition Trust 2018-2 Et al. to Breylin E. and Melissa L. Garske, Tract, Mineral Springs Township, $360,000.

Betty Davis to Richard D. Martinez, 20120 sq. ft. Mineral Springs Township, $160,000.

Scott W. and Tammy E. Pfannkuch to Kimberly B. McIlwain, Lot 6 U13 P2 Pinehurst, $153,500.

Zachary R. Carlson Et al. to Joseph E. Kellogg, Lot 827 S8 P1 Highland Trails Sandhills Township, $290,000.

Terry L. Michael Construction, LLC to Scott L. Chamberlin Et al., Lot 19 S1 Clarendon Gardens, Mineral Springs Township, $480,000.

Christopher G. and Amy D. Moore to Michael Barbera Et al., Lot 14 P-I Cabin Branch, $290,000.

McKee Homes, LLC Et al. to David M. Dement, Lot 4 Mid South East End, McNeill Township, $416,500.

James D. Kreger Jr. Et al. to Cerilyn V. and Richard J. Wall, Lot 123 U8 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $290,000.

Bernard A. and Amy H. Koscielniak to Joseph G. and Jane C. Rinaca, Lot 109 U11 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $85,000.

Ellen R. Ritter Et al. to James D. Kreger Jr. Et al., Unit 2101 Bretton Woods, Sandhills Township, $186,000.

Craig S. and Shannon D. Martin to Marica J. and Scott J. Crabtree, Lot 116-A P-I S-II The Cove Woodlake Cove Villas Little River Township, $70,000.

Matthew and Kathryn Fanning to Todd G. and Teresa G. Kenthack, Lot 1069 P-1C Mid South Club, McNeill Township, $449,000.

Wesley H. and Linda Danser to David C. and Melissa A. Probst, Lot 141 U16 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $232,000.

Blaine D. Rowland Et al. to Bank of America, N.A., Trustees Deed B3577/342 Lots 3170 & 5437-A Seven Lakes West 18 SP 140, $553,000.

Ian D. and Carole J. Havercroft to Maria A. Recalde, Devanshire Unit 102-C Little River Farm Condo Carthage Township, $60,000.

Lin B. and Herbert A. Hilton to Shizue and Kunio Nobuta, Lot 287R Golf Course No 7 Mineral Springs Township, $1,600,000.

Malcolm Wood to Robert L. and Eve M. Apted, Lot 146 U16 P2 Pinehurst, McNeill Township, $306,500.

James and Donna Polubinski to Intelligence by Design, USA, LLC, Lot 522 Echo South Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, $297,500.

Don and Tami Mayer to Kameron D. and Miranda K. Randall, Lot 998 Pinecone Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, $165,000.

Janell L. Canino Et al. to Graham M. and Elizabeth G. Hadley, Lot 230-B S4 Whispering Pines, McNeill Township, $287,000.

Anthony T. and Jennifer A. Thaxton to Charles R. and Robin L. Bossert, Lot 20 P3 Woodgreen Sandhills Township, $139,000.

Joseph E. and Rebecca E. Everhart to Thomas R. and Beth C. Hill, Lot 624 P1 Fairway Homes, McNeill Township, $320,000.

Dix M. Galyean to The Friends of The Aberdeen Library, Inc., 0.849 acres, Sandhills Township, $50,000.

DGH Management, LLC to Taylor T. Beach, Lot 744 Longleaf McNeill Township, $277,000.

Cordelia B. and Heidi K. Lewis to Justin W. and Kristina A. Dunn, 10.10 acres, Sandhills Township, $359,000.

Christopher G. and Tami M. Kirschner to James G. and Donna L. Polubinski, Lot 3001 Homestead Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $615,000.

Garland Mcpherson Et al. to Black Management, LLC, Lots 5-6 Alley & PT Sq. BL G&4 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $325,000.

Adriane C. and Ali Dehghan to Ravensbrook, LLC, 10 acres, $229,000.

Chadwick R. and Jennifer G. Whitley to Franklin W. Jr. and Alison S. Howey, Tracts, Exception, $199,000.

Cori H. Waldschmidt and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Beach Capital Partners, LLC and William Carter, Trustees Deed B4585/23 Lot 315 Blue Farm 18 SP 94, $178,000.

McKee Homes, LLC Et al. to Gary S. and Gayle E. Magee, Lot 25 P2 Eagle Point Cottgages, McNeill Township, $409,500.

Barbara Garcia to Richard and Deborah Iddings, Lot 21 P1 Foxfire, Mineral Springs Township, $215,000.

Barbara Harrington Et al. to Andrew F. and Kathryn E. Mish, Tract, McNeill Township, $345,000.

Christopher Valure to FCLJ Properties, LLC, Unit 103 Mellon Office Condo Biltmore Professional Center, Mineral Springs Township, $157,000.

Stephen Hunnewell and Jessica Woodland to Robert T. and Mylin B. Panek, Lot 16 P1 Cottages on May, $357,000.

Richard F. and Debby Graham to Donald D. and Tamara J. Mayer, Lot 2465 Dorset Seven Lakes, Mineral Springs Township, $211,000.

Kenneth M. and Cynthia Shamberger to Cheyne G. and Danniale A. Mencke, 3.074 acres Sheffield Township, $117,500.

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