The Moore County Register of Deeds Office in Carthage has recorded the following property transfers valued at $50,000 or more.

July 9-13, 2018

Cates Building, Inc. and Diane Dellasandro to Andrew S. and Allie E. Brokhoff, Lot 61 P2 Summerfield at Arrowstone, McNeill Township, $330,000.

Andrew H. and Mariella N. Albright to Luke D. and Toni E. Zimmerman, Lot 383 U12 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $412,500.

James G. Muldoon Et al. to John F. and Cynthia K. Hilson, Lot 21 BL-W Royal Dornoch Golf Village, Mineral Springs Township, $2,150,000.

Tyler A. and April Rhyne to Christopher Weirtz and Jessica Pratapas, Lot 66 & PT Lot 67 Pine Needles McNeill Township, Exception, $241,000.

Elizabeth Morgan to Aaron M. Dannenberg and Stephanie E. Newton, Lot 307 P2 Skyline Manor, McNeill Township, $187,000.

Mark and Jordan Bare to Kirk D. and Aimee Von Zup, Lot 6040 S3 Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $334,000.

Theodore E. Sivley III Et al. to Rebecca and Ian Vredenburgh, 57.21 acres, Greenwood Township, $565,000.

Robert T. and Kathryn W. Hoadley to Kiam A. and Courtney B. Boerema, Lot 409 U12 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $245,000.

Tracy P. and Darlene M. Sheils to Victor H. III and Stacy L. Negron, Lot 342A S4 Whispering Pines, McNeill Township, $330,000.

James L. Young Jr. Et al. to Jared Petts, 2.33 acres & 1.646 acres Little River Township, $250,000.

Shelley Q. Martin and Douglas W. Hammond to Vicki L. and Terry W. Mayer, 0.69 acres, Sandhills Township, $231,500.

McKee Homes LLC to Nicholas and Kendra Olson, Lot 40 Mid South East End, $343,000.

Pamela W. McKelvey Et al. to Franklin A. and Jari J. Miller, Lot 164 P-II Foxfire Sandhills Township, $200,500.

Jeremiah A. Green to Katharine Roberts, Lot 17 & PT Lot 18 BL D&5 Southern Pines, $220,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville, LLC to Gideon N. and Lindsey L. Lovik, Lot 178 P4 Sinclair, $263,000.

Jeffrey Phillips to Edwards Wood Products, Inc., Timber Deed 28 acres Exception Map, $61,500.

Larry J. and Mary A. Crawford to Robert L. and Carol M. Hansen, Lot 4 Glen Moor Talamore, McNeill Township, $332,000.

Showcase Construcion Co. to Jeremy R. and Crystal O. Obst, Lot 219-B S2 Whispering Pines, $319,000.

Brennan H. Binger Et al. to Joseph and Hannah Altergott, Lot 4 P1 Sandy Springs, Sandhills Township, $268,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville, LLC to Graham and Georgina Purcell, Lot 7 P1 Caropines, $360,000.

Brian P. Rowan Et al. to Randy E. and Kayla L. Theisen, Lot 16R BL H&1 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $399,000.

Harvey H. and Frances Wolf to Combined Land Co., Inc., 1.79 acres Sandhills Township, $1,350,000.

DGH Management, LLC to Kahlil and Julie Ford, Lot 247 U3 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $210,000.

Matthew R. and Sara H. Carran to Brian P. and Jessica N. Rowan, 2.49 acres, McNeill Township, $559,000.

Samuel M. and Valerie M. Bradford to George W. and Marti L. Barr, Lot 101 P1 McLendon Hills, Mineral Springs Township, $455,000.

Lee A. and Brenda Henningsen to Ouimet Golf Cottage, LLC, Unit E Wedgewood Village at Pinehurst National, McNeill Township, $350,000.

Lin Properties, LLC to Mark A. and Ann M. Munas, Lot 2091 P-1A Pinehurst National Corporation, McNeill Township, $312,000.

Robert F. and Audrey M. Wille to Thomas F. Adams Et al., Lot 524 U16 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $242,000.

Cranes Creek, LLC to Gregory and Malee Stuckey, Lot 85 P1 Legacy Lakes, McNeill Township, $309,500.

Amy J. Sexauer to Tyler and Heather Van Horn, Lot 4 & Alley BL K&2 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $370,000.

Terrie Hoover and Dalvin D. Colbert to Tyler and Kirstey Smith, Lot 38 U9 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $252,000.

John D. Pritchett Et al. to William H. and Cornelia T. Neal, Lot 168 U1 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $336,000.

Donald C. and Margaretta O’Shea to David L. and Becky D. Ploeger, Lot 5113 Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $375,000.

Scott A. and Tammy N. Gallaher to Matthew J. and Kayla E. Boesch, Lot 263 S5 Bethesda Farm Sandhills Township, $270,000.

Jane I. Hutchins Et al. to Mitchell R. and Deborah I. Sharpe, Unit 307 Knollwood Village Townhouses, McNeill Township, $183,000.

Thomas W. Parker III to Jon B. and Megan V. Meyers, Lot 173 U2 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $445,000.

Douglas R. and Kari C. Holliday to Ryan Toal, Lot 26 BL B-7 Knollwood, $250,000.

MTGLQ Investors, LP Et al. to David and Terry Graham, PT Lot 107 Old Town Pinehurst, $310,000.

Ada M. and Stephanie Horner to Steven C. and Yesmi J. Reyes, 5.07 acres, Mineral Springs Township, $50,000.

Robert R. Martin and Jessica R. Foster to Legacy Home Construction, Inc., 10.3 acres, $82,500.

John Sheridan to Maria D. Sol and Maria Del Sol, Unit 18 Regime 1 S1 Colonial Pines, $139,000.

Alvin L. III and Layne B. McNeill to Brandon Wallace and Katana Lemelin, Tract, Minreal Springs Township, $170,000.

Discover Homes, LLC to Joshua F. and Allison W. Duplex, Lot 187 U8 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $235,000.

Bill Clark Homes of Fayetteville, LLC to Stephanie Riddle, Lot 23 Pinebluff, $260,500.

Douglas J. and Katie M. Staats to Adam and Beverly West Lot 22 P1 The Carolina, $291,000.

Juanita H. Fields Et al. to Pinnacle Development Design Build, LLC, Lots 6-9 BL F&1 Southern Pines, McNeill Township, $270,000.

Dabbs Brothers, LLC to Mario A. Contreras Sr., Lot 181 U6 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $295,000.

Heather S. Wallace to William and Jennie R. Wray, 9.73 acres & 0.99 acres Ritter Township, $285,000.

H&H Constructors of Fayetteville, LLC to Richard J. Finch Credit Shelter Trust and Richard J. Finch, Lot 6 P1 Caropines, $286,000.

Christopher W. and Jessica Childs to Kelly A. Mattes, Lot 1 Bradford Village, McNeill Township, $285,000.

Sonic Capital Partners, LLC to Kenneth R. Porcelli, Lot 88 S-5A Pinehurst National, $100,000.

Terry R. and Dianne B. Burrow to Jamie A. and Jennifer L. Boyd, Lot 5628 Hillendale Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $260,000.

Joseph A. Fanelli to Bryan and Tenille Shriver, Lot 515 P2 Newbury Ridge, McNeill Township, $445,000.

Emily A. Tobias Et al. to Matthew Battencourt, Commissioners Deed INT IN Tract, Sandhills Township, 18 SP 85, $96,500.

James J. and Dorothy A. Dean to Richard M. Wachter and Nancy J. Sparoni, Unit 101 Erin Hills Condo, Mineral Springs Township, $122,000.

Nicholas Pierce-Cloutier Et al. to David W. Moore, 0.55 acres, McNeill Township, $206,500.

Barbara B. Gibson Et al. to WCII I, LLC, Trustees Deed B2990/41 B3466/572 Lot 24 BL G&1 Southern Pines 18 SP 84, $300,000.

John and Geraldine McKeon to James D. Miller and Donald W. Evans, INT IN Unit 7 The Cottages at National Golf Club, $65,000.

Francisco A. and Liuginsa A. Rosa to NEI Global Relocation Company, Lot 25 P1 Glen Laurel, $257,500.

NEI Global Relocation Company to Matthew C. and Sarah Shough, Lot 25 P1 Glen Laurel, $252,000.

Thomas J. Harmicar and Amy M. Barnes to Charles B. and Lucia L. Simon, Lot 260 P2 Fairwoods on Seven Mineral Springs Township, $541,000.

Craig M. and Toni A. Johnson to Robert and Antonette Ross, Lot 6 P-3A Forest Ridge, Carthaage Township, $260,000.

Sandra J. Tremblay to Timothy A. and Susan K. Read, Lot 3089 Willowdale Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $177,500.

John M. and Peggy L. McCutchen to Clifton L. and Connie W. Baldwin, Lot 16 P2-B Morganwood Seven Lakes West, Mineral Springs Township, $159,000.

Vernon B. III and Virginia H. Mountcastle to Francis and Carolyn Grandinetti, Unit 34 P12 Camden Villas at Mid South Condo, McNeill Township, $378,000.

Tanya K. and Kase H. Brock to Joel and Dana M. Buelow, Lot 15 Heronsbrook, McNeill Township, $399,500.

Willow Oak Manor, LLC to Jerry T. III and Megan A. Brothers, 8.80 acres, Sandhills Township, Exception, $135,000.

Walker Station, LLC to Delores E. Nicely, Lot 34 Walker Station, Mineral Springs Township, $327,000.

Bruce T. and Donna L. Price to Jeffrey and Charlotte Chase, Lot 133 S9 P-III Whispering Pines, McNeill Township, $265,000.

Caviness & Cates Building and Development Company and Diane Dellasandro to Cates Building, Inc., Lot 63 P2 Summerfield at Arrowstone, $59,000.

Elizabeth D. and Michael S. Walker to Seth and Tera Womack, Unit 143 Linville Gardens Condo, Mineral Springs Township, $175,000.

Chester J. Turnage Et al. to Darrell L. and Teresa T. Cole, Tract, Mineral Springs Township, $76,000.

James C. Booth Et al. to Darrell L. and Teresa T. Cole, 7.90 acres, Carthage Township, $160,000.

John M. and Shannon J. Doss to Charles B. and Nathalie McCartney, Lot 390 S7 Woodlake Little River Township, $215,000.

Ernestine T. Scott Et al. to Panayota and Kim R. Clark, Tract, Sandhills Township, $155,000.

Larry and Christy McKenzie to Robert T. and Kathryn W. Hoadley, Lot 358 U1 P1 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $315,000.

Sean A. and Larissa P. O’Loughlin to Tony K. Silva, Lot 31 P-1A Caropines, McNeill Township, $310,000.

Guy S. Bean Et al. to James E. and Stephanie B. Raine, Lot 130 U12 P2 Pinehurst, Mineral Springs Township, $241,000.

Jeffrey P. and Tanya Olcsvary to Everth Ilagor-Zarco Et al., Lot 52 P3 Glen Laurel Sandhills Township, $195,000.

Roger D. and Teresa S. Duckworth to Terry R. and Dianne B. Burrow, Units C-6 & C-6A Foxfire Condo C Sandhills Township, $83,500.

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