Many parents second-guess the choices they make for their children — and parents of complex children may lack the self-assuredness needed to maintain a calm environment at home. Keeping the peace is hard enough under the best circumstances. But what happens when the daily schedules and structures you rely on are completely upended? 

Kelly Biltz, a Pinehurst mom who helps families and adults who struggle with an ADHD diagnosis via her own coaching business, Loving GrADDitude, is offering a solution to the unique challenges faced by parents of complex kids. 

Virtual "Stay Sane Strategy Sessions" will help you and your family work, play, live and learn all from your home. Learn more here.


Coming Soon: The Sanity School 

Later this year, Kelly hopes to offer sessions of The Sanity School: A parent training program designed to create confident parents, no matter where their child falls on the neurological spectrum. Designed by Impact ADHD Co-Founders Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, both mothers of children diagnosed with ADHD, this nationally award winning program helps parents take the coach approach to parenting.

“There’s an emotional reason why a child behaves the way they do, and there’s a way to help that child identify that emotion and manage their own reaction to it,” Kelly says. “Complex kids respond positively to the coach approach to parenting — the exact opposite of power and control, which does NOT work for behaviorally challenged children. The coach approach breeds resilience, self confidence, self control, more independence, and, most importantly, a peaceful and happy home.”

Sanity School Live covers six lessons that radically improve the lives of parents dealing with children with complex issues like ADHD, Anxiety, LD and related challenges. With this reality-based training, reinforced by coaching and support, parents can become more confident and calm, and their kids' behaviors can begin to improve.

Kelly will teach The Sanity School focusing on the following topics:

  • Six key challenge areas facing parents of complex kids
  • The parenting action model for handling ANY challenging situation
  • How to plan strategically using the “4 Critical Response Areas”
  • How to set realistic expectations
  • How to make systems and structures actually work
  • How to model self care to teach your child self management

With these six lessons, The Sanity School should help you and your child feel reconnected and less frustrated. You’ll better understand how to help them grow into a mature, responsible adult and experience less parent guilt. And, parents will get a chance to meet others who identify and relate with what they may be going through at home.

“While my one-on-one coaching is geared toward teenagers and families who struggle with the challenges of ADHD, The Sanity School is a parent program,” Kelly says.

An official diagnosis of your child or loved one is not required to participate in The Sanity School. Members of the military receive a discount, and spouses can come along for free.

In addition to being a certified trainer for The Sanity School, Kelly is also a member of Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), the ADHD Coaches Association (ACO), the IACT Center, and The ICF — all of which she pursued after her own son was diagnosed with ADHD. This month, you can see her speak online at The ADHD Toolbox 2; this summer, she’ll be featured on the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit.

Through her coaching practice, Loving GrADDitude, Kelly offers coaching sessions in person and/or virtually, meeting clients from her Pinehurst’s home office or front porch.

“The whole process is very client-driven, meaning the client decides on what to work on,” she says. “Clients who are coached see results, which is why I love it. The client creates the pace. They ultimately have the answers. It’s my job to get them there.”

If you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one with an ADHD diagnosis or related issues, find everything from blog posts to gift guides and quizzes at Kelly’s website,; or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

To learn more about The Sanity School, or register for the upcoming session, follow this link.

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I sure don’t recall these problems in the 60s. Our parents sent us outdoors and warned us not to reappear until dinner or dark, whichever came first. Life was simple and fun and never a dull moment. We sure slept well, too. Walking or riding a bike to school was common back when schools were small and near neighborhoods. No kid wanted to ride in a car with parents to school, either.

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