By now, we’ve all heard of the egregiously racist things spouted by L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling to his trophy girlfriend in a recorded phone conversation that was recently released to every media outlet, with the possible exception of the “Sesame Street News Flash.”

Immediately, right-wing media leapt into action, their crack investigative teams digging hard for the answer to the most important question of all: How do we turn this into an attack on the Democrats?

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The percentage of those who receive help and go on to better themselves is few, for the most part they receive the help and continue to ask, or demand more while they do nothing and spit out more children to maximize their benefits, if a census was to be taken it would reveal many of these recipients have been on the states and federal governments roster for years, decades, and have made no effort to do more than complain it is not enough, the majority are of one ethnic group, no longer would I call them minorities but have become the majority of those who live off others, many of these pro basketball players probably have relatives who are on programs, do you think they actually contribute, no they know it is a waste of money to try and help this segment of society, and many of these players who make millions will end up broke as they spend their short term high salaries on "stuff". Per capita they do produce more hard core criminals who complain of Police and Law Enforcement profiling but all one has to do is read the arrest record daily and match the face to the crime and that eliminates that profiling excuse, sorry just don't have it in me anymore to feel compassion for them, they have had plenty of time to achieve what so many others of their ethnic group has accomplished, success in their endeavours.

I do wish if they are going to take 2.5M from Sterling they would put it to good use. The initial stated plan to spend it on "anti discrimination and tolerance efforts" is a complete load of poo and a terrible waste of money. Would be far better to divide it among 5-10 "free clinics". That would be a way to benefit a lot of poor sick people many of who are minorities. Tolerance efforts? May as well flush it down the toilet.

Where does it state that racism is against the law, it is a personal choice, or should be, the NAACP sure has used their share of racially motivated activities to protest in our streets, this incident was nothing more than a botox blownup bimbo, who is a half breed that wanted to gain the attention, and it worked.

Trina Neal

No one has a monopoly on racism...

This sounds like I know you are but what am I sort of thing. I mean really?!? [sleeping]

Trina Neal

Pretty sure racists come in ALL colors and from EVERY party. [huh]

Mr Sterling is being punished for his thoughts. Whether or not you agree with his thoughts this should raise concern. Regardless, I am more concerned with the actions (not thoughts) of the idiots in Washington including but not limited to our imperial president. Have we hit 18T yet? Maybe DR could write a column on the potential looming financial disaster from this massive debt. Don't hold your breath though, neither his fingers (or his mind) are capable of putting out anything that paints BO in a bad light.

SH, again I ask be concerned for yourself, as I will do the same, your subject is of no importance to me.

And what about this so called "trophy girlfriend", I think Sterling needs to sue his eye doctor. That women is scary looking and I doubt she knows her way around a kitchen.

I guess this column was already in the can before the latest revelations on Benghazi were revealed. No matter though, when it comes to their man no proof will ever be proof enough. Strangely though I cautiously note even some of the msm seem to be getting into the act. Just sticking their pinky toe in the water but its a start.

Maybe next week Dusty can write an article on the recent comments by Bennie Thompson, D-MS.

Frank Staples

While I'm at it Dusty, I'm probably absolutely sure that you don't want me to start listing the myriad racist comments of Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and other bright stars in the liberal lineup hmmmm???? There's enough hatefulness on every side that there is really no reason for you to put it all on the GOP, now is there?? I'll expect a retraction of the GOP comment any minute now, ok?? 'Cause I know you don't want to be lumped in with the other liars on your side, now do you??

Frank Staples

Problem is Dusty, that I understand that this guy has never given any money whatsoever to a Conservative cause and I've heard that the NAACP gave him some kind of award last year, surely knowing his racist leanings. But what about his freedom of speech? Surely you, as a sometime lawyer and writer would be protesting this punishment? If freedom of speech covers the hate speech of the Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps klan is covered then this guy's would too?? I have no interest in it and haven't followed it but I would think it would be of interest to you to be sure that Sterling isn't trounced while allowing the Phelps klan to continue their hate speech??? C'mon Dusty, put your money where your mouth is!!

This article and the content are not a indictor as to the " journalistic standards" of the contributor, as he has no standards, an ambulance chasing lawyer who has been given a forum to spew his garbage and all with the consent of the editor, he reads this nonsense and has the power to control it, there must not be many Republicans paying for advertisement with the Pilot, that or they do not read the opinion section of the paper.

Sally Larson

Francis, why do you keep reading Dusty's column and persist in degrading him if you think he's such bad character? Try addressing the subject rather than attacking the writer, it's really bad behavior on your part. I think below in the rules of conduct #4 asks you not to be degrading to another individual.

SH59, be concerned for yourself and I will do the same, the individual you are defending has little respect for those he speaks of and I in turn have no respect for him, you would think a man with his education would learn to convey his messages without demeaning remarks, he could take a lesson from Bob Levy, although not always in agreement he always show a higher degree of intellectual balance when writing his articles, you show your lacking in character by defending this minion who finds the attention he gets gratifying, so don't upset yourself with worrying about your boy, he is very capable of defending himself.

Sally Larson

Francis, Dusty is not able to defend himself in this forum and I'm tired of hearing you attack the writer rather than the idea. It's interesting when Dusty writes something everyone agrees on no one remarks on it. The problem is people don't want to hear anything they don't agree with so they attack rather than have a conversation. Nothing in this world is only BLACK & WHITE...... if you have any intelligence then it's all our responsibility to learn to question and discuss topics, not stick our heads in our own little holes when we don't like what we're hearing.

Jim Davis

"I’m saying that an awful lot more racists seem to find a welcoming home in the GOP..." What a completely idiotic comment; even by your own questionable "journalistic" standards.

Sally Larson

You Go Dusty!!! Nobody knows what they're talking about any more. What a joke our politics are these days. It's pathetic and disheartening at the same time.

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