Dusty Rhoades’ column in the Dec 7 Pilot disturbed me. To say that the prosecutor in the Ferguson case “threw” the case or deliberately lost it for the state involves a level of cynicism that is difficult to take.

Certainly, the prosecutor could have gotten an indictment if he “wanted” to. And just as certainly, there were political pressures for him to do just that. But Mr. Wilson is not a ham sandwich, of popular grand jury lore.

Imagine for just a minute, even if you are as arrogant as Mr. Rhoades and are able to reach conclusions based on a superficial view of the evidence from newspapers and TV reports, that the prosecutor who did see all the evidence had a good-faith belief that the actions of Darren Wilson may have been justified.

A prosecutor represents the state in an adversarial system, but he is not a pure advocate and must believe that the evidence on review supports a criminal conviction. Can you imagine a prosecutor asking a jury to find beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of a criminal offense when the prosecutor himself has significant doubts?

But, understanding correctly the highly charged nature of this case, rather than deciding himself to not proceed further against Wilson, which prosecutors do all the time, he presented the case to a grand jury as a check on the use of his discretion.

Yes, doing so and presenting evidence on both sides was highly unusual. But viewed in this way, the prosecutor was hardly giving Wilson a “break,” and just maybe was trying to do justice in the best way he could.

I acknowledge that I don’t know where the truth lies, but I respect the process and don’t share the view that “justice” requires a particular result here.

William Muller, Pinehurst

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Mark Hayes

When your enemy is beheading people, high jacking jets to fly into a building killing 3000, with the after effects still killing the responders from toxins, lining people up an executing them, bombing our events, our embassy's , well it just seems fitting that they should undergo the severest of interrogations to extract whatever information they have, just short of executing them, they are not deserving of the benefit of the Geneva convention rules of war, just my opinion.

Richard Wright

Francis - The recent report released on the CIA was not Senate approved but approved by the Democrats and cost nearly $40m for what exactly? No Obama may have stopped the CIA EIT, Obama has authorized drone strikes that have killed innocent civilians. And yes US citizens, who although terrorists, do not forfeit their right to due process under US law. That is murder.

Ce Foote

LOL....look for the truth, really Frank? Keep telling your lies and soon you will believe them to be true! You wouldn't recognize the truth if it hit you between the eyes because you are delusional!
Muller's commentary is a waste of space.

Mark Hayes

As if you would know, stay on the porch where you belong Sunny.

Mark Hayes

Those that are still marching are the sheep raised by the likes of Al Sharpton, most have no idea about street life, they come from upper and middle class families that support them and pay their college tuitions, wanting to fit in, we saw this same behavior in the 60's, war protesters who had no clue about war other than they did not want to go, it seemed to give them comfort to protest as conscientious objectors rather than be looked upon for being the cowards they were. If the African American communities want to start blaming their own for the image that they are portrayed as then that would be a start in bringing about change, until then just keep reading the daily news and you will see why they are supposedly " profiled ",, arrest records and mug shots are available through WRAL site, it pretty well explains the current situation.

Jim Hart

Francis..i am very impressed with your knowledge of the socioeconomic status of so many people you don't know. How do you find out all this information that I am sure is all factual.....really amazing.

Mark Hayes

Not really amazing, you can do the same, just look for the truth.[wink]

Mark Hayes

If you can be charged with defamation of character for speaking what you see as the truth then maybe the prosecutor in Ferguson has grounds to file charges, seems he has taken a lashing from several here, may forward some of these comments regarding his ethics and reputation, I'm sure he does not read the Opinion section of the Pilot. It is very seldom you see a professional publically attack those in their own field, well now I know that to be not the case, I have seen it right here. Does that only apply to locals criticizing other locals or are there no bounds and all are fair game, how does that work?

Those still marching around doing the "hands up, don't shoot" are clueless. It has been thoroughly debunked. Parents of all 300lb 6"4" gentle giants should sit the little fellers down and discuss the pro's and con's of assaulting LEO's and attempting to take their guns.

Frank Staples

Careful, fatboy, he'll threaten you with a lawsuit...as he has me a couple of times for stating my opinion.

Jim Normandin

What else could one expect from an ultra-Liberal ambulance chaser?

Mark Hayes

I believe that the UN is demanding those involved with knowledge of CIA interrogation methods used be held accountable and brought to justice, Obama cannot lie his way out of this one and should be sitting right next to those accused if there is any justice left in this country, this is not such a laughable matter anymore and we can thank all involved for putting this country on the world stage, transparency of selected subject matter has turned uglier for Obama, much worse than he imagined, he thought we would be applauded for our openness, he was wrong on that one also. Hopefully he will be able to recruit these illegals as many of our own will be turned against joining the Military when they are being subjected to being prosecuted.

Jim Hart

Francis..regardless of the fact that your comments here have nothing to do with Mr. Rhodes column, I thing it is important to point out a fact that you apparently missed. The report on torture by the CIA was not authorized or done by the Administration, but rather the Senate Intelligence Committee. It began 5 1/2 years ago, less than six months after Obama took office. He had nothing to do with the report. And, why would he be prosecuted for these atrocities? He stopped them. Or do you have some top secret information that he also conducted them?

Mark Hayes

More surprising than the article you have commented on is the fact you succeeded in having the Pilot post it, you have openly criticized, and even called arrogant one of those who John protects from any unflattering remarks, not often will you read honest appraisals on the individual you mentioned, even this comment may have gone too far, a very thin skinned critic who lashes out at others with no restrictions.

Frank Staples

When you attack a cop and try to get his gun and the liberal part of America calls him an "unarmed teenager" do you really think that a jury trial would have been a good thing for this country??

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