Rowerdink and Dunham

John Rowerdink, left, served until recently as chairman of the Moore County Republican Party; Darlene Dunham is past president of the Moore County Democratic Women.

GOP Does Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

By Darlene Dunham

In the time I have spent penning these columns, I have tried to keep alive my belief in the two-party system. I have (mostly) kept my overt partisanship in check and have remained faithful to the notion that both parties, along with their respective presidents, and despite differences in ideology, will always put the welfare of America and Americans — ALL Americans — at the forefront of their policymaking.

Unfortunately, I no longer believe this.

And as a result, I now view the 2018 midterm elections as the most critical of my lifetime.

There are numerous reasons for this change of heart, but the past two years of witnessing a president demean himself, our country and his fellow Americans, through his derogatory words and actions was the catalyst.

This president lies constantly. He tells falsehoods and untruths that are repeatedly disproved. He has done incredible damage to the idea of an objective truth. Journalists and investigative reporters are attacked for trying to correct “Trump’s facts.” They are pilloried for informing the public about the reality of any given situation.

He demeans women. He is a bully. And he is a coward. He hides from those who oppose him. He calls Democrats who resist him and his ugly, mean-spirited vision for America “evil.”

I could fill a book with a list of why we need to elect those who will more effectively represent us and place a check on Trump’s — and the Republican-led Congress’ — worst impulses, but here are a few:

The leader of the world’s most powerful country reserves his harshest comments for our allies and his most lavish praise for the world’s dictators. He ignores advice from those who have vast experience in the handling of national security, foreign policy, immigration, environmental protection, social welfare, health care — the list is virtually endless. He fails to read his daily top secret briefings. He is woefully uninformed about the world and its myriad problems. And the Republican-dominated Congress fails to provide the necessary checks and balances this president requires.

The following quote epitomizes why these midterm elections are so critical: “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re most likely on the menu.” For the majority of Democrats, this sums up how we feel about our place in America today. So much of what we hold dear and sacred is under attack. We are forced to watch in horror as our country rips children from their parents’ arms in the name of cracking down on immigration. Affordable health care — which it turns out Americans truly love, particularly when it covers pre-existing conditions — is being dismembered, and our beautiful public lands have been opened up for development and oil exploration. Trump and Congress have orchestrated a massive transfer of wealth and are leaving us a monstrous deficit. If Democrats complain, we are branded un-American.

The firmly held beliefs that Democrats have about their country, its place in the world and its commitments to its citizens and its allies are under siege. The moral high ground America has traditionally occupied, the pacts that have consistently been honored between our most vulnerable citizens and its government, the treaties we have never walked away from, the clean air and water protections we need, are all on the “menu,” to be trod upon, ignored, revoked or rolled back.

Since the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, all three branches of government are now effectively controlled by one political party. Settled law — covering a multitude of important issues — may soon be overturned. Collectively, the senators who voted to approve this new justice represent less than half the country’s population. The majority are now governed by the minority.

The state of North Carolina is under siege as well. The Republican-led legislature appears to be as determined as the federal government to dismantle our rights and protections. Its repeated attempts at voter suppression have consistently been overturned by the courts. It recently inserted partisanship into previously nonpartisan judgeship races.

The Democratic candidate for Congress, Frank McNeill, is being forced to compete in an illegal and unconstitutional gerrymandered district. Our state candidates, Helen Probst Mills and Lowell Simon, have been disadvantaged, as well, due to the Republicans’ hyper-partisan power grab.

Their latest move, to change the state’s constitution via six horribly written, opaque ballot amendments, is further proof they will deploy any means, including subterfuge and deception, to mislead voters.

Fortunately Democrats are problem solvers and solution proponents.

They understand complexity and the interrelatedness of issues as well as the downstream consequences of current actions and decisions. Democrats believe in science, math and especially the lessons of history. America will once again be associated with morality, fairness, respect, inclusion and truthfulness when voters return Democrats to power. The contrast between the parties could not be more stark and the importance of this election cannot be overstated.

Darlene Dunham, past president of the Moore County Democratic Women, lives in Southern Pines.

Democrats Ready to Overturn Will of Voting Majority

By John Rowerdink

In the run-up to every election, both political parties talk about why that election is so important. This election is no exception. The purpose of this column is to discuss why this election is not only important for Republicans to vote but also for the future of America.

Our country is currently experiencing a period of outstanding economic success due to the pro-growth policies of President Trump and the Republicans in Congress. This is due to the elimination of excessive government regulations and tax reform passed by the Republicans and signed by President Trump. As a result of these policies, we’re seeing economic growth double that of the Obama years. Unemployment is at a historic low for people in all demographic groups, wages are up, earnings are up, and people all around the country are optimistic about the future. What a turnaround in less than two years!

If Democrats are elected to majorities in Congress, they have openly said they will reverse all of this. They will continue to resist the president at every turn. They will try to reverse the Trump agenda and nothing good will get done for the next two years. If you think that’s good for America, vote for Democrats or not at all.

In addition, Democrats have shown by their disgusting recent behavior that they do not deserve to lead the country. Since President Trump was elected in 2016, they’ve been in full-on resistance mode.

No positive agenda; just non-stop resistance.

The best recent example of this is the Democrats’ behavior during the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They turned what should be an important, dignified confirmation process into a total circus. Angry Democrats screaming and shouting from the gallery of the United States Senate, creating angry disruption. Protesters yelling and screaming at senators in the hallways and on elevators. Death threats. We looked like a third-world country.

Then, during the hearing that dealt with Dr. Christine Ford’s accusations, Democrats embarrassed themselves and our country while using and exploiting Dr. Ford, whom they claimed to support. What Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family is simply evil.

With no evidence, Democrats eviscerated a good man who has led an exemplary life. They destroyed his stellar reputation that he had built over a lifetime of service to our country. This is not politics, this is evil.

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other Democrats have encouraged this disgusting behavior, demanding that Democrats attack Republicans in their homes, in restaurants and in other public places. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has also encouraged this behavior, as has Hillary Clinton, who recently said Democrats will not be civil until they win.

Do you want these people running our country? If you want more of this, vote for Democrats in this election.

If elected to majorities in Congress, Democrats will try to impeach the president and they’re already discussing plans to impeach Justice Kavanaugh. Never mind that the evidence the Constitution requires for impeachment does not exist; they just want revenge.

An equally big concern is that most of the national media and members of the entrenched federal bureaucracy are actively colluding with the Democratic Party to overturn the will of the voters in the 2016 election. Their hatred for President Trump has no bounds and they think they are justified in doing this.

I expect the opposition party to be “the loyal opposition.” But there is nothing loyal about what the Democrats are doing.

Republicans are accustomed to the majority of the media leaning left. But the media today are overwhelmingly opposed to President Trump. Once-respected newspapers and television networks are now completely aligned with the Democratic Party and are no longer worthy of being called legitimate news organizations.

And then there is the “deep state,” partisan employees within the federal government.

The virulent anti-Trump text messages sent between high-level members of the FBI and the Justice Department are deeply alarming.

These people actually think they are empowered to overturn the will of the voters.

If these three forces — the Democratic Party, the media and the deep state — are able to work together to overturn the will of the voters, we’re in big trouble. When Republicans later do the same thing to a Democrat president and the pattern continues with other, future presidents, our system of government of, by and for the people is in jeopardy. Government elected by the people is fundamental to our system. Without that, our form of government will cease to exist.

So to keep our economy growing, to de-legitimize the Democrats’ uncivil behavior and to preserve government of, by and for the people, Republicans and unaffiliated voters are encouraged to vote Republican in this election.

I’ll say just final thing to motivate Republicans to vote: Nancy Pelosi.

John Rowerdink, who lives in Pinehurst, served until recently as chairman of the Moore County Republican Party.

(6) comments

Mark Hayes

I would have to reword that " Democrats are problem solvers and solution proponents ". More appropriate would be, Democrats are problem creators, and solution resisters. Will prove interesting how this latest caravan of " illegal " invaders will be welcomed by the Democrats, from the coverage being shown, most are male teens, and younger men. Many proudly displaying the Flags of their own country, and that again brings into question, if they are so proud, why are the abandoning their own country ? If they will not stay and defend and fight for change in their own, they certainly will not be of any contribution to ours. Why Democrats remain mute on the issue leaves questions, if these thousands are welcomed and given sanctuary, when will the next caravan arrive ? I would like to have Darlene Durham, a highly regarded Democrat give her take on this issue as it seems to be one being pretty well ignored by the more left leaning media. The cost of protecting our borders from " illegals " and the cost incurred by those that do successfully enter, give birth to one or more children, free of the cost that most Americans are not entitled, " anchor babies " who are given immediate citizenship, and all the entitlements that come with that status, this comes at a great cost to U.S. taxpayers, we have Veterans sleeping in the streets, American citizens still trying to recover from our hurricanes and tropical storms, our own citizens living in destitution. It just seem illogical to put so much effort in bringing " illegals " into this country when we have so many of our own American citizens in such desperate need.

Kent Misegades

George Washington warned us against organized political parties. Given the growth in unaffiliated voters, it appears many people would agree.

William Shaw

President Truman spoke these words a long time ago, and they are true today:
“Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home–but not for housing. They are strong for labor–but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor minimum wage–the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all–but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine–for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing–but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.”

John Rowerdink

What a shock is is that Harry Truman, a Democrat, would be critical of Republicans.
Actually, I'm quite an admirer of Harry Truman. I've read quite a bit about him and have visited his home and presidential library in Independence, MO. I would remind you that Harry Truman's Democratic Party was very different from today's. In today's political environment, it's very likely that Harry Truman would be a Republican.

Andrew Steidinger

to state the obvious -
1)If there are people "overwhelmingly opposed to President Trump" it might be for good reason (see Dunham column).
2) The "will of the voters" is represented by the popular vote of several million more for another candidate, a fact not lost on the media.
3) A Senate which refuses to consider the sitting president's nominee for a supreme court vacancy is not exactly co-operating with the executive branch.

Ed Pieczynski

Winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college is like winning the time of possession battle and losing the game by 20 points.

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