On May 20, 2000, at the NRA’s 129th convention, Charlton Heston held a Revolutionary War-era flintlock rifle above his head. Serving at the time as its president, the famous actor famously proclaimed that if the government wanted to confiscate his gun, they’d have to take it from his “cold, dead hands.”

The moment was obviously choreographed to exploit the iconic moment in the movie “The Ten Commandments” when Heston, as Moses, elevated his staff and parted the Red Sea, lending to gun rights a mystical, even divine, aura.

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Kent Misegades

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. I’m visit family in Germany while writing this. Murders are up, despite the lack of a right to gun ownership here. Criminals can always get guns. Or they use knives. Should Germans now ban knives? The cause of violent crime is not the availability of guns or knives but the decay of families and lack of morality, which comes only from God.

Sally Larson

You may be right Kent but that's not a solution to our societal misuse of guns. Guns do kill people and the people who use them don't have any training to do so. There are too many loopholes for people to buy guns. If you can't buy a gun legally then you shouldn't be able to buy one at a gun show.

Duane Barlow

This is a wonderful column which is very well researched and written. Thank you. I hope many others will read it and join the huge majority of Americans that believe it's far past time to implement more controls on firearms and stricter background checks.

Dan Kneller

I only wish people were as concerned about fentanyl poisoning deaths. It is killing twice as many people as guns in many cities.

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