It’s absolutely true that the recent DNC e-mail hack by Russian “state actors” revealed that Democratic National Committee staffers favored Hillary Clinton.

But, hey, Bernie Sanders and his supporters (like me) knew that going in. We knew the odds were stacked against us, just like they are any time anyone tries to change a hidebound, inherently cautious organization like the Democratic Party.

Frankly, political pessimist that I am, I’m amazed that the progressives in the Democratic Party have accomplished as much as they have, and believe me, they accomplished a lot.

They proved that you don’t have to run away from liberal values — the party platform reflects that. They proved that you can raise serious cash from small contributions, if you have a populist message that appeals to people other than millionaires and billionaires.

It is also true that ousted DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was awful as a party leader. I’ve been saying that for years. She should have been canned after the debacle of the 2014 midterms.

It’s true as well that giving Wasserman Schultz any position, even an “honorary” one with no staff, no budget, and no defined duties, sent a terrible message. The only thing Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have gotten was a coach class plane ticket back to Florida and a handshake, and I’m being generous with the handshake.

Hillary Clinton’s opponents are always looking for ammunition to use against her; she doesn’t have to back the ammo truck up to the RNC and offer to unload it for them.

But you know what? I’m voting for Clinton anyway, and so should you. Here are some reasons why.

First, the hackers who hit the DNC were almost certainly Russian. As one U.S. official told CBS News, they left “all kinds of fingerprints” on their work that were common to other hacks and attempted hacks by the Russian government. The Russians didn’t do the same to the Republicans.

Now, consider this: Do we want to elect as U.S. president the candidate whom Vladimir Putin prefers?

Tuesday, Comrade Trump even called on his new besties in the Russian intelligence services to find Hillary Clinton’s “missing” e-mails. He now claims he was joking — after denying that on Twitter for two days. Say what you like about Clinton (and I have), I don’t recall her ever inviting the Russians to commit cyber attacks on Americans, even in jest.

Then there’s the matter of the two parties’ conventions.

It may surprise you that, back in 1992, I was on the fence between voting Republican and Democrat. I thought Bush the Elder had made the right call in the first Gulf War, and I had my doubts about this Clinton guy. Two things knocked me off that fence: the Republican and Democratic conventions.

The Republican convention took the politics of resentment, suspicion, and divisiveness and cranked the volume to 11. Featured speakers included RNC Chairman Rich Bond, telling the attendees, “We are America; they are not America,” and Pat Buchanan railing about “culture war.” I quickly decided I wanted nothing to do with these people.

The Democrats, on the other hand, were uplifting, upbeat, and focused on the future. When their convention ended with a packed arena dancing to “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow,” I was sold.

And so it is again this year. The Republican Convention was one speaker after another delivering the message, “OMG! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEE!” and that only one man can save us — Fearless Leader Donald J. Trump.

That final speech, with Trump raging at us for 73 minutes under his own name in letters 20 feet high, proved once again that, for all the problems I might have with Hillary Clinton, this man can never be allowed to get his stubby little fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes or the Supreme Court.

As for the Democrats, they started off in such a fractious mood that Bernie Sanders supporters actually booed Bernie himself. But by the end, absolutely amazing speeches by, among others, First Lady Michelle Obama, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, and of course, Sanders himself had everyone cheering (and some of us wishing Booker or Mrs. Obama were running).

Then the convention pivoted to the kind of positive message that history has showed wins elections. We’ve seen it before: “Morning in America.” “A Shining City on a Hill.” “I believe in a place called Hope.” “Yes We Can.”

Now, we have “America is already great, America is already strong” and “Let’s be stronger together, and look forward with courage and confidence.”

For all my misgivings about Hillary Clinton, that’s a vision I can get behind a lot more than I can one of a grim, dystopian America that only an angry Russian-backed authoritarian can fix — if only we’ll give him absolute power.

No thanks, Comrade Trump.


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Mark Hayes

I believe the FBI should go after Comey, according to Hillary she was telling the truth, he was the one not being truthful. During her interview with Chris Wallace she contradicted much of what we heard from Comey. The appropriate authority to oversee the investigation on the FBI would, and should be the AG Lynch, I think her findings would be accepted as the truth with no political intervention. The FBI needs to be held accountable for their mishandling of this investigation which was created out of lies, innuendos, and politically motivated by the Republicans, only after all is resolved should we indict Putin for interfering with our election process when he alone hacked the DNC emails, it proved unfair to target one of our Presidential candidates, although no damage seems to occurred Democrats still see no harm in a few slanderous comments directed at one of their own, well he really was never one of them anyway, so no harm to the party. When this is all over, and soon it will be, one of those FBI agents is going to be writing a tell all book, but it will be held for release until 2020, or the reward for not writing that book may just prove more lucrative, politics and all.

ken leary

Peacock, you will find Chris Hedges' summary of Clinton's record less than complimentary; and Buster, I have no interest in Hillary whatsoever. To all you people out there who voted for Sarah Palin, and are now going to vote for Trump, you might want to review a few of her speeches.

Martin Samchalk

krl10, I see you are far to the left of Hillary. Good for you! Hillary is a corrupt, but you seem inclined to a much more socialist approach. You need to study where that approach leads. It is quite apparent.

Its striking that someone who is educated in the law, has spent his professional life as a lawyer could listen to the many damning things Director Comey said about Hillary regardless of the decision not to prosecute and still think she is fit for office. Especially when you consider Bills meeting with the AG 5 days prior. They just don't care. The ends justifies the means.

Peyton Cook

I wouldn't expect anything less. The left wing nuts ignore her very checkered career of absolutely zero major accomplishments and lieing and criminal activity.

Frank Staples

Very true, Pecook, and there was never any doubt about who the dusty road was going with...he loves radical liberals no matter how much crime and slime they bring with them.

Hillary has been in public life for a long, long time. Perhaps someone could regale us with some of the her great achievements that would make her worthy of the oval office?

I would encourage all who are still weighing the pros and cons of each to check out the movie Hillary's America. Still playing locally. Very well attended at the 645 showing yesterday. I give it 4 stars!

So you mean that DR is picking Hillary over Trump? What a cliffhanger that was.

ken leary

Google Robert Reich vs Chris Hedges - Careful tea people, this conversation may require some effort of thought.

Martin Samchalk

krl10 and Old Pilot, please research what the fees were that Hillary and Bill charged the DNC for their speeches last week and get back to us.

Dan Roman

Got to love the Trump crowd.
Proves P. T. Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute, never learn from their mistakes. Like lemmings....

Mark Hayes

OP...Coward, liar, and a fraud.

Frank Staples

The coward has spoken again...what say OP? You'd vote for a slick hilly who ran all the way into the terminal to evade the non-existent snipers? Given the chance I'd vote for the snipers! This woman is trailer trash, slime, dis-honest, a habitual liar, should I go on?

Bart Boudreaux

If you like same old Obama policies with a coming terrorist invasion Hillary should be your choice. If you like law and order and a safe and prosperous American vote Trump. And by the way Hillary has been in public office for 30 years and hasn't delivered anything concrete for America. She cares more for illegals and foreign countries than us.

Bart Boudreaux

A vote for Hillary is:

A vote for ISIS and bringing them to the US risking your family's lives
A vote for more military and cop killing
A vote for $30 trillion of debt
A vote for sending more American jobs overseas or losing them to illegals
A vote for Iranian nuclear weapons
A vote for carelessness in handling national secrets

Conrad Meyer

During her majesty's acceptance speech, could you separate the lies from the truths?

Seems to me she lies whenever her lips move. So did she lie or not?

Unfit for president.

You too can get 18 of her most favorite lies by purchasing the lyin hillary doll, at The Dustmeister ought to buy one of these for educational purposes.

And I predicted last week that Dusty would fawn all over her.

Bart Boudreaux

There's only one thing worse than being lied to its not being worth the truth. Never Hillary.....EVER.

Mark Hayes

Come up with some new material or Sherwood will be replacing you, your starting to put your audience to sleep, just like Bill reacted when Hillary had her big moment Thursday evening, I have seen more enthusiasm coming from a corpse then Bill showed during Hillary's acceptance speech. [sleeping][sleeping][yawn]

Bart Boudreaux

Bill and Biden both could barely fog a mirror. Go trump

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