What have we learned from the “whistleblower” complaint against the President? Two things: Willful ignorance is rampant; and integrity in journalism is dead.

Even after both the full transcript of the call in question and the full complaint have been released for all to read, reporting on both is still parroting the demonstrably false talking points of the left.

A five-minute reading of the phone call transcript (along with the public comments of the president of Ukraine) proves to any sane person that there were no improper requests by the president and certainly no impeachable offenses. And, a five minute reading of the complaint uncovers that the anonymous “whistleblower” admits to no first-hand knowledge of the allegations he or she is making.

I use quotes around “whistleblower” because every allegation made is based on hearsay, therefore is unverifiable and indefensible (how convenient for the left).

There was a time that all forms of media valued their integrity and refused to report unsubstantiated information and would not be allowed to be used by a political party to advance confirmable lies.

Sadly, those days are gone, and so are the days when the public informed themselves with readily available information to form their opinions rather than allowing themselves to be brainwashed.

Scott McLeod, Carthage

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Sally Larson

Mark, no need to be vulgar. Try reading what I stated above again. You proved my point, people only hear and see what they want.

Mark Hayes

Sally, you are one of " those people ". I do read statements made by you, and they come at close intervals, most noticeable when they conflict with what you perceive is right and wrong. I did not intend to prove or disprove any point, I stated my opinion. You have a good day, and I will do the same.

ken leary

To be clear, the "left" cares little about this new episode of the reality Trump show mesmerizing the recent news cycle. The "left" cared very little about the whole RussiaGate fiasco except to point out that there was no solid evidence to support the interminable speculation. The approbation you suggest would be better directed toward the liberal democrats who are determined, with the help of the DNC and their corporate owners, to insure Trump gets a second term. That time you refer to as when the "media valued their integrity and refused to report unsubstantiated information", does that go back to Hearst?

Sally Larson

What I find interesting is how people only hear what they want to hear. There's no right/left here, there's the Constitutional oath our ELECTED officials have pledged to protect. The question is, are they doing their job or not? The other question is if Obama did anything like this would you also feel he didn't do anything wrong?

Dan Roman

McLeod is factually wrong:

1) What has been released is a memorandum of the contents of the conversation in question, NOT a word for word transcript;

2) The full content of the whistleblower complaint has NOT been released;

3) The fact that the complaint contains information from other than the whistleblower, "hearsay", is irrelevant and when McLeod calsl it unverifiable and indefensible is

nonsense given that:

A) Trump has verified the allegations in the whistleblower complaint as true,ie: he admits asking a favor of the President of Ukraine and

B) Hearsay is a third party statement recited by other than the one originally making the statement. Hearsay is inadmissable if but only if the statement is brought in to prove its truth, if the hearsay statement is brought in simply to demonstrate that the statement was made it is admissable as an exception to the hearsay rule.

This hearsay objection raised by McLeod is moot since Trump has admitted that he made the statement that McLeod characterizes as hearsay.

McLeod obviously doesn't know what he is talking about so his opinions make little sense.

Mark Hayes

Sally, since you mentioned Obama, well he could have taken a dump on our Flag and Democrats would have used it for a tablecloth, sat down and ate their dinner and none would have said a word. Nose blind to the stench they have themselves allowed to pervade from within their own corrupt party. This is the guilty, accusing the guilty in order to advance their own agenda.

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