The phrase “Make America Great Again” draws fire from every corner. Do those voices recognize what they are saying? What is wrong with wanting to make America great again?

Our citizens have paid a huge price defending our nation during war and national crisis. Were those sacrifices made in vain? Should all serving in our military, public safety and others protecting America hang their heads in shame for wanting our sovereign nation to be great? Who could be audacious enough to not want America to be great again?

It can only be a lack of allegiance to America. There are vocal anti-American voices capturing the spotlight. Voices whose allegiance lies apart from America. Voices whose objectives seek to destroy America.

America has always been the melting pot of the world. A nation who takes in all of the world’s poor huddled masses yearning to free. However, President Theodore Roosevelt noted that immigrants should be granted all the rights of citizenship “predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.”

As a soldier, I swore to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is sad when domestic enemies of America are as strong a threat as those living on foreign soils. Maybe the current anti-American sentiment should be a wake-up call to all of us.

Scott Middleton, Southern Pines

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Mark Hayes

We are a nation divided, the glue that binds us, and the only commonality we have, taxes and our Military.

ken leary

At what point historically was the USA “great”, and what were the conditions that existed which you suggest prevailed at that time? Was that greatness universally experienced? To answer your questions: “America” has no need to be “great again.” It needs to wake up and realize that there is a global world which has whittled away at the advantage we had post WW2, and in some cases (think China) surpassed us. They are not surpassing us because they are cheating, or stealing technology. They are just playing our capitalist game better and according to agreements made with firms who shipped our jobs to them. Trump’s irrelevant. A nasty little bump in the road. The USA’s long policy of dominating the rest of the world is over. Grow up. Get along. Learn to work and play with others. It seems the only option the USA trots out to seek the greatness apparently lost is to threaten others economically, or through violence. Trust me. We couldn’t defeat the Vietnamese, so you are not in your wildest fantasy going to defeat the Chinese. Unless of course we decide to blow up the world. Teddy Roosevelt in my opinion was a pompous derriere. Why would anyone want to “melt” all cultural differences out of people coming to the USA?

Peyton Cook

We did defeat the North Vietnamese on the battle. Even General Giap, the North Vietnam military leader attested to that. South Vietnam was overrun in 1975 after our Democrat run Congress cut off funding. The main culprits for our high casualties was the mistakes made by LBJ and McNamara at the very beginning.

ken leary

We got our butt handed to us by a determined, indigenous population. As well we should have. I'll grant we murdered a lot of Vietnamese. After all, we had all the weapons of mass destruction: planes, helicopters, big guns, mini guns, an insane president who carpet bombed after all was lost. All they had was determination and a desire to once and for all be rid of invading colonizers. I know the history Peyton. One of my friends now has CLL. Agent orange. People still dying. But you hang on to you fantasy of American exceptionalism if it comforts you Peyton.

Peyton Cook

In what ways have any of you been harmed by Trump? Has he raised your taxes, and interfered with your quality of living. He certainly has helped the working American workers by higher wages, lowest unemployment rates for minorities. He is making efforts to end the Europe and China taking economic advantage of the United States since WWII. He rightly has been critical of the NATO members not living up to their pledge to spend 2% on their military obligations. China has been taking advantage of an imbalance of trade for a long time, dumping cheap goods on us, which has stressed our manufacturing and agriculture. It’s about time someone is attempting to level the field. He is also working hard to get a handle on the immigration crisis with absolutely no assistance from Democrats. The situation is better because both Mexico and Guatemala have helped. But many on the Left have a visceral hatred because he defeated Hillary when she was supposed to.

Sally Larson

Scott, I think everyone would like America to be great, it's just the person who hijacked that phrase has changed the meaning.

Jim Tomashoff

Scott, please go back to sleep.

Dan Roman

The only thing that is going to make America great again is the end of the continuing horror show that is the administration of "Present embarassment Trump".

It is going to be some time before the damage can be repaired and our allies trust us again.

PS: even the original humans who migrated to North America across the ice bridge from what is now Siberia to what is now Alaska about 16,000 years ago were "something-Americans". We are all descended from a non-native heritage. That, in no small part, is what makes America great, not tin put wannabe dictators who think they are "the chosen one".

Mark Hayes

What allies ? Which allies did you serve with ?

Richard Wright

What exactly is the damage President Trump caused Dan? We are pretty much over Obama and the chaos he brought - $10T in new debt, class warfare, huge increases in welfare. You will live Dan.

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